Under the Licensing Amendment Act, 1910, and the Barmaids Registration Act, 1912.

Many thanks to Anne Lemon for providing this list.

Abbott Marion C.
Ackermann Charlotte
Ackroyd Alice
Adams Annie Amelia
Adams Laura Margaret
Adamson Amy
Ahearn Nellie
Aitcheson Jean
Aitcheson Millie
Aitken Gladys A line is through this name
Aitken Una
Alger Constance
Allan Ruby Madeline Sophie
Allan Jane Elizabeth
Allan Margaret
Allan Nellie Philomena
Allen Ellen
Anderson Isabella
Anderson Mette
Anderson Teresa
Anderson Rose Colemia May
Arnal Catherine May
Arundel Emily
Arps Emily
Ashby Clara
Ashton Alvina Alma
Ashton Annie Elizabeth
Asquith Christina
August Lilly Edna
Ayers Elizabeth
Ayers Elizabeth Greymouth
Aynsley Caroline Eva Westport
Baker Connie
Baker May Ellen
Balemi Annie Catherine
Barlow Christina
Barnes Alice
Barrett Eleanor Elizabeth
Barrow Ethel May
Barry Katherine
Barry Susan Margaret
Bashford Margaret
Bass Margaret
Bassett Mary Ellen
Bastings Maggie
Bastings May Theresa
Bate Phyllis
Bates May Rosanna
Bateman Tessie
Baxter Catherine
Baxter Sara
Bayne Mary Ann
Beaman Annie
Bellett Mary Jane
Bennett Katherine Philomena
Bergin Annie
Bergin Margaret
Bergin Margaret Theresa
Bergin Mary
Berry Ivy Kate
Berryman Elizabeth Ann
Berton-Pullen Ivy
Bezar Kathleen Jane
Birch Amy Mabel
Bithell Elizabeth
Black Agnes Lily
Black Esther
Black May
Bond Marie
Borlase Selina Edna
Bowater Mabel Edith
Bowden Alice
Bowden Lydia
Bowden Ruth
Boyd Lily
Boyd Mary Ann Graham
Boyes Eveline Marion
Boyle Mary Cecilia
Bradley Mary
Braid Isabel
Brayne Emily
Breen Julia
Brennan Annie
Brennan Ellen Bridget
Brennan Margaret Mary
Brennan Mary
Briggs Sarah Teresa
Bright Elizabeth
Brooking Mabel Augusta
Brighouse Alice Jane
Brimble Florence Harriet
Brookman Ethel May
Brooks Margaret Jean
Brosnahan Emma
Brosnahan Kate
Brosnahan Kathleen
Broshahan Mary
Brosnahan Nora M. J.
Brosnan Annie E.
Brosnan Johanna Cecilia
Brown Clara Jane Mary
Brown Elizabeth Ann
Brown Helen
Brown Honora Emilie
Brown Jessie
Brown Sylvia Constance
Browne Julia
Buckeridge Minnie Now Waite
Buckley Gladys Florence
Bucknell Mollie
Budge Isabel Celia
Buick Alicia Mary
Buisson Mary Boux
Burgoyne Esther
Burke Nora
Burn May
Burns Florence
Burrows Harriet Susannah
Burton Edith
Butler Effie May
Butler Elizabeth
Butler Ellen Margaret
Butler Josephine
Byrne Annie
Cahill Delia
Cain Ethel May
Callister Mary
Callister Nellie
Cameron Nellie
Campbell Josephine
Campbell Marie Louise A line though this name
Campbell Myra
Carlin Margaret
Carlisle Louisa
Carpenter Amelia
Carr Louie
Carr Margaret Cecilia
Carroll Ellen
Carroll Margaret Ann
Carroll Nora
Carter Doris
Carter Ella Maud
Carthy Kathleen
Casey Julia
Casey Margaret Winifred
Casey Mary
Casey Nellie
Casserley Sarah
Casserley Sarah Frances
Catherall Elizabeth Mary
Catherall Jessie Lindley
Caufield Agnes
Caverley Mary ann
Chadwick Rebecca
Charlton Daisy A line though this name
Cheeseman Ella Myrtle
Cheeseman Ivy Cornelia
Christmann Rosa
Christmas Ruby Cecilia
Clare Bridget
Clare Marguerita
Clare Mary
Clare Muriel
Clark Olive
Clarkson Genevieve Ann
Cleveland Mabel B.
Clifford Ethel
Clunes Frances
Cochrane Isabella
Cochrane Mary
Cocking Florrence Emma
Coe Daisy May A line through this name
Coe Sadie
Coffey Lavinia
Coffey Margaret
Coker Sopia Cook
Coleby Margaret
Colligan Ellen E.
Collins Isabella
Collins Catherine
Collins May
Collins Margaret Ann
Collins Millicent
Colls Agnes Elizabeth
Colton Elizabeth
Comerford Annie A line through  this name
Comerford Catherine
Comport Amy
Condon Mary Acquinas
Connell Minnie
Connelly Julia Augusta
Connelly Kate
Connor Lily Watson
Connor Winifred
Constant Emma Sarah
Conway Delia
Conway Evaline
Conway Lena
Conway Julia
Cooper Ivy
Cooper May
Copeland Margaret Emily
Corbett Annie
Corbett Florence
Corcoran Amy May
Corcoran Margaret
Corcoran Mary
Corcoran Sarah Louisa
Cornwall Jessie
Cosgrove Jane
Costello Ann
Cotter Jane
Coughlan Annie
Cowley Elizabeth Jessie
Coy Mary
Coyle Dolly
Craig Clare
Crawell Ada Victoria
Crilly Ellen
Croawell Esther
Cronin Catherine
Crowe Mary Elizabeth
Crowley Annie
Crowley Elizabeth
Crowley Johanna
Crowley Katherine
Crowley Mary Ellen
Culhane Bridget Mary
Cullum Emily
Cunningham Ada
Cunninghan Florence Elizabeth
Curran Bridget
Curran Bridget
Currie Catherine Hunt
Curtain Teresa
Curtayne Mary
Curtin Ellen Frances