Ship: 1264 tons
Captain: D Phillips
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London February 4th 1876 - arrived Otago April 29th 1876

Name Age Country Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Baugh Miss J C
Belle Mr
Chapman Mr
Daniels Mr
Pope Mr
Tomlinson Mr
Watson Mr
Second Class & Steerage Passengers
15 passengers in this section. We cannot find any names as yet but will continue to look.
Government Assisted Passengers
Archibald J 25 Antrim Farm Labourer
Cain William 21 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Cocks Henry 18 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Collins Joseph 18 Lincolnshire Labourer
Cooper Albert H 20 Berkshire Wheelwright
Daly Thomas 29 ? Farm Labourer
Dallison Charles 23 Hamptonshire Gasfitter
Earnshaw William 26 Lancashire Mechanic
Ecleton J J 30 Meath Constable
Ellis David 21 Staffordshire Tailor
Flynn Charles 19 Isle of Man Mechanic
Hack Charles 21 Surry Farm Labourer
Hammond Albert 19 Kent Farm Labourer
King Josiah 28 Bedfordshire Joiner
Lennon John 30 Longford Constable
McAvoy William 22 Queens County Constable
Mills John 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Page Thomas 28 Galway Constable
Payne William 25 Wiltshire Labourer
Prickett William 35 Lancashire Labourer
Quayle William 21 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Smith Edmund 22 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Sullivan Richard 29 Kilkenny Constable

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Otago Daily Times May 1st 1876