Countess of Kintore
Ship: 737 tons
Captain: Charles Gibbs Petherbridge
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London June 25th 1870 - arrived Auckland October 4th 1870

The Countess was described as an Aberdeen clipper, built in 1866 by Duthie. She came out to the several ports under charter to the Shaw, Savill Co., and, as will be seen from her records, made some fast passages for a vessel of 700 tons. Keen efforts were being made in those days to acclimatise European birds in New Zealand, and several shipments were entrusted to the care of Captain Petherbridge (a well known Captian of the Countess), who took a personal interest in the matter. In 1870 he brought out in the Countess of Kintore 50 rooks, which were landed at Auckland in splendid condition. In 1876 thirteen salmon were brought out to Lyttelton by the Countess, which was then in command of Captain Norie.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Our sincere thanks to Bruce Goodman for this passenger list.

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Blythe Mr W R
Brown Mr A A
2 children
Morris Captain G B
Welch Mr F G
Second Cabin Passengers
Bach Mrs
Bell Samuel
Bell Charles
Bell Rebecca
Bennett B
Bennett William
Blackman John
Cook Thomas
Cook William
Dakley Henry
Fletcher Levi
Kinsella M.A.
McDonald J
McGuin Patrick
Merrett Francis
Young James

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 The Daily Southern Cross October 6th 1870