Ship: 752 tons
Captain: Norie
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London February 2nd 1876 - arrived Lyttelton April 29th 1876

The Countess was described as an Aberdeen clipper, built in 1866 by Duthie. She came out to the several ports under charter to the Shaw, Savill Co., and, as will be seen from her records, made some fast passages for a vessel of 700 tons. Keen efforts were being made in those days to acclimatise European birds in New Zealand, and several shipments were entrusted to the care of Captain Petherbridge (a well known Captian of the Countess), who took a personal interest in the matter. In 1870 he brought out in the Countess of Kintore 50 rooks, which were landed at Auckland in splendid condition. In 1876 thirteen salmon were brought out to Lyttelton by the Countess, which was then in command of Captain Norie.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Countess of Kintore

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Allpress Jonathan 41 Cambridge Butcher
Emma 42
Charles 18 Trans to s/m
Emma 17 Trans to s/w
Pricilla 15 Trans to s/w
Clara 14 Trans to s/w
Caroline 11
Eva 9
Bardsdon Richard 45 Sussex Platelayer
Mary A. 45
Barnsdon William 25 Sussex Platelayer
Mary A. 23
Rose 4
Lucy 3
William 2 months
Condon Redmond 39 Limerick Gen. Labourer
Mary 36
Hogan Bridget 18 Trans to s/w  

Children have surname Hogan - probably children of wife's previous marriage?


Alice 17 Trans to s/w
Edmond 15 Trans to s/m
John 14 Trans to s/m
Thomas 12 Trans to s/m
Patrick 7
Mary 5
Margaret 2
Craig Hugh 36 Antrim Farmer
Bridget 38
James 16 Trans to s/m
Annie 14 Trans to s/w
John 12 Trans to s/m
Mary 6
Hugh 4
Francis William 21 Wilts Gardener
Hartley John 27 Yorks Carpenter
Matilda 27
Robert 7
Christopher 5
Isabella 1
Harriett 21
Henderson Joseph 28 Armagh Farm Labourer
Sarah 31
Mary 10
Henry 6
Higgins Thomas 28 Bedfordshire Brickmaker
Mary A 32
Thomas 6
Edward 4
Mary A 1
Hockey Walter 34 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Matilda 33
George 11
John 8
Walter 5
Kate 2
Arthur 7 months
Johnston Thomas 26 Antrim Farm Labourer
Jane 20
McDougall William 37 Lanark Painter &c
Catherine 35
Catherine 12 Trans to s/m
William 9
John 7
James 3
Isabella 1
McIvor John 25 Tyrone Ploughman
Isabelle 22
Moore John 31 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
Elizabeth J 24
Elizabeth A 2
Catherine M 3 months
Morley James 61 Sussex Store Keeper
Johanna 48
Nugent Francis 29 Tyrone Ploughman
Mary 27
Catherine 5
Ann 3
Joseph 9 months
Pinchbeck Edward 30 Lincoln Farm Labourer
Mary A. 28
Remsley George James 32 Middlesex Labourer
Sarah A. 31
Richards Nicholas 21 Cornwall Miner
Mary A. 21
Jane 4 months
Robinson William 40 Bucks Farm Labourer
Ann J. 30
Charles H. 9
Adelaide 5
Alice M. 6 months
Roche John 35 Kerry Farmer
Mary 35
John 18 Trans to s/m
Michael 14 Trans to s/m
Johanna 10
James 8
Daniel 6
Kate 6
Bridget 1
Roche Maurice 32 Limerick Farm Labourer
Mary A. 20
Sharrock John 33 Lancashire Miner
Elizabeth 29
James 11
Roger 9
John Henry 6
Rachael 9 months
Wilkins James 39 Stafford Farm Labourer
Rachel 36
Alfred 5
Sarah J. 3
James 1
Single Men
Allpress Charles 18 Cambridge Labourer
Armstrong Archibald 20 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Balls George 20 Beds Farm Labourer
Bell Robert 21 Lanark Joiner
Burke John 19 Galway Labourer
Carrick James 23 Armagh Farm Labourer
Casley Thomas 26 Cornwall Mason
Condon Edmond 15 Limerick
John 14
Thomas 12
Corner Robert 21 Armagh Farm Labourer
Craig James 16 Antrim Farmer
John 12       "
Craig Patrick 26 Antrim Farm Labourer
Craig John 23       " Farm Labourer
French Richard 25 Cornwall Farm Labourer
James 19
Thomas 17
Grimsley James 26 Armagh Farm Labourer
Halligan John 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Hangone William 21 Cornwall

Farm Labourer

Harris Samuel 26 Cavan Labourer
Henderson Thomas 21 Armagh Farm Labourer
Hukmoll ? John 26 Kent Stonemason
Elizabeth 24 Trans to s/w
Johnston George 24 Monaghan Farm Labourer
Kearns Hugh 21 Fermanagh Ploughman
John 30       "  Ploughman
Kelly James 25 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Kermode John 23 Isle of Man Miller
Loney William 23 Armagh Farm Labourer
McDonald William 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Mitchell Richard 21 Cornwall Mason
Mulholland James 18 Armagh Farm Labourer
Morarthy ? Daniel 20 Kerry Labourer
Much Heinrich 29 Germany Farmer
Newman Charles 20 Beds Farm Labourer
O'Conner John 20 Kerry Carpenter
Amelia 18 Trans to s/w
Purser James 21 Beds Farm Labourer
Reilly William 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Roche John 18 Kerry
Michael 15    "
Slattery James 19 Kerry Labourer
Ellen 18 Trans to s/w
Stokes Leonard 13 Antrim
Strong William 31 Down Farm Labourer
Talbot James 20 Kerry Labourer
Topping James 20 Down Farm Labourer
Andrew 18      " Farm Labourer
Tutt William 19 Wilts Gardener
Turkington William 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Wilson James 21 Armagh Farm Labourer
Single Women
Allpress Emma 19 Cambridge Servant
Pricilla 15          "      "
Clara 13          "
Campion Sophie 20 Kent Housemaid
Clark Elizabeth A. 44 Hereford Nurse
Condon Bridget 18 Limerick Servant
Alice 17         "       "
Craig Mary 28 Antrim Servant
Craig Annie 14 Antrim
Dunn Ellen 24 Fermanagh Servant  
Flynn Margaret 18 Kerry Dairymaid
French Eliza 51 Cornwall House Keepeer
Richard 25 Trans to s/m
James 19 Trans to s/m
Thomas 17 Trans to s/m
John 10
Harvey Grace 18 Cornwall Servant
Horgan Kate 9 Kerry
Bridget 6
Hucmoll? Elizabeth 24 Kent Cook
McAlister Nancy 23 Antrim Housemaid
McAlister Martha 25 Antrim Housemaid
McDougall Catherine 12 Lanark
McGregor Mary A. 15 Middlesex Servant
McPatrick Ester 20 Tyrone Dairymaid
Moore Ann 30 Isle of Man Servant
O'Conner Amelia 18 Kerry Housemaid
Morley Sophia 26 Hampshire Dressmaker
Margaret 17     " Teacher
George 11
Purss Rosalind 18 Surrey Nurse
Scanlon Mary 20 Kerry Servant
Slattery Ellen 18 Kerry Dairymaid
Stokes Emma 12 Antrim


JOHNSTON family:
Thomas JOHNSTON and Jane HUME arrived on the Countess of Kintore departing London February 2nd 1876 and arriving Lyttelton April 1876. Thomas JOHNSTON was born in 1853 in Crookedstone, Killead, County Antrim, Ireland. His wife, Jane HUME, was born in 1855 in Balloo, County Antrim, Ireland and they were married on November 16th   1875 by Rev W. H. Mervyn in the Church of Ireland, Killead, Co Antrim. Thomas’ father is listed as Daniel JOHNSTON and Jane’s father is listed as Alexander HUME. At the time of Thomas’ death on June 22nd 1930, they were both resident in Rakaia, Canterbury, New Zealand.  In his will, he makes his son, John Joseph, executor and bequeaths property to his grandson Stanley. Also mentioned on his death certificate are the living offspring of 2 daughters and 4 sons.  At this stage, I have traced a son John Joseph born in 1884 and a daughter Annie born August 20th 1885 in North Rakaia, Southbridge, New Zealand. Annie JOHNSTON married William Charles LEWIS on May 22nd 1908 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  They had 7 sons and 3 daughters.  I am descended through their eldest son William Thomas LEWIS who is my grandfather. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Michelle Rees.


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