Classified Officers in the Customs Department

The following List of all Classified Officers in the Customs Department of New Zealand is published in accordance with the seventh section of "The Civil Service Act, 1866", and the ninth section of "The Appropriation Act, 1870"

Name Office Station Date of First Appointment
Andrews Henry Freeman Acting Collector Greymouth 10th Nov. 1853
Elles Andrew Jamieson Collector Invercargill 21st Jan. 1856
Hackworth James Collector Wellington 6th Aug. 1857
Hill Thomas Collector Dunedin 25th Oct. 1854
Johnston David Collector Nelson 5th Dec. 1849
McKellar Henry Scott Collector Auckland 1st Sept. 1853
Mills William Collector Lyttlelton & Christchurch 1st Oct. 1859
Patten Edward Collector Hokitika 1st Oct. 1859
Tabuteau Joseph Molière Collector Napier 16th Feb. 1857
Borrie John Landing Surveyor Dunedin 1st Jan. 1861
Brewer Henry William First Clerk Auckland 12th Jul 1859
Chilman Richard (a) Collector New Plymouth March 1841
Cooper Charles Edward (b) Sub-Collector Timaru 16th Oct. 1849
France William Chief Clerk Wellington 14th Oct. 1864
Glasgow William Thompson Sub-Inspector of Distilleries Dunedin 1st Dec. 1861
Harris George Frederick First Landing Waiter Wellington 1st April 1861
Heaps Wislon Inspector of Distilleries Wellington 20th April 1864
Hodge Charles James First Landing Waiter Lyttelton 1st March 1860
Johnson Robert Inspector of Steamers Lyttelton 4th Oct. 1861
Kempthorne Frederick First Clerk Wellington 1st April 1858
Limming George Charles Landing Waiter Hokitika 1st March 1854
McKellar Dugald First Clerk Lyttelton 1st Jan. 1859
Meikle Andrew Mitchell Landing Waiter Invercargill 1st March 1862
Monson John Robert Tide Surveyor Port Chalmers 1st July 1855
Munday William Sydney Collector Westport 1st Aug. 1859
Nancarrow Joseph Inspector of Steamers &c. Westport 1st Jan. 1863
Parker Thomas Windle Sub-Collector Oamaru 15th Aug. 1861
Rich Edwin Francis First Landing Waiter Napier 21st June 1862
Rodgerson William James Landing Waiter Nelson 1st Aug. 1857
Rose Alexander Landing Surveyor Auckland 17th Sept. 1858
Tennant John First Clerk Dunedin 1st May 1859
Wilmott John Landing Waiter Gremouth 5th Jan. 1859
Woon James Garland Collector Wanganui 21st Sept. 1858


Allen John Collector Picton 29th Feb. 1860
Atkinson Alfred Ware-house Keeper Hokitika 1st July 1865
Aubrey Harcourt Richard Collector Wangarei 1st Aug 1848
Bailey Benjamin Officer in Charge Riverton June 1855
Barleyman John Officer in Charge Wairau 17th Feb. 1859
Bertrand James Robert Landing Waiter Westport 16th Nov. 1863
Brewer Henry Newson Sub-Collector Onehunga 30th Aug. 1858
Bromley William Warehouse Keeper Wellington 2nd June 1862
Burgess Alexander Clerk & Landing Waiter Wanganui 1st May 1861
Caldwell William Landing Waiter Dundin 1st Jan. 1863
Carter Richard Clerk & Warehouse Keeper Napier 1st Aug. 1865
Chamberlain Charles  W. S. Clerk Greymouth 1st June 1864
Chitty John Landing Waiter Wellington 14th Feb. 1863
Cook Robert Clifford Landing Waiter Wellington 10th Sept. 1860
Farquhar Henry Blunt First Clerk Nelson April 1854
Grant William Nelmes Clerk Wellington 24th Dec. 1862
Grey William John Landing Waiter Hokitika 1st July 1865
Hart Andrew Clerk and Landing Waiter Timaru 25th Jan. 1865
Hart James Tyeth Clerk Dunedin 11th Nov. 1861
Hewson Richard Landing Waiter Auckland 1st Oct 1854
Howe James Onesimus Landing Waiter Hokitika 1st Nov. 1861
Jackman Samuel James Gauger Dunedin 10th June 1863
Johnson John Hill Warehouse Keeper Auckland 11th Dec. 1865
Johnston David Jnr. Clerk Auckland 1st Jan. 1860
Judd Andrew (c) Landing Waiter Auckland 22nd Oct. 1855
Knight Herbert Thomas H. Clerk Auckland 21st Dec. 1865
Laing Edward Binney Officer in Charge Russell 5th June 1862
Laing William Landing Waiter Dunedin 20th Jan. 1862
La Nauze Robert Joseph Clerk Dunedin 4th July 1861
Lundon David Sub-Collector Thames 1st Feb. 1863
Macarthur John Clerk & Warehouse Keeper Invercargill 1st April 1863
McDonnell Randal Thomas Locker Dunedin 1st March 1865
McIntosh James McKenzie Landing Waiter Dunedin 3rd Aug. 1865
Miller Frederick Tide Surveyor Auckland 1st Oct. 1864
Mills John Clerk Lyttelton & Christchurch 20th Aug. 1861
Mitchell George Broad Landing Waiter Lyttelton & Christchurch 1st Oct. 1861
Moss William Alfred Landing Waiter Greymouth 1st May 1864
Muir Alexander Tide Surveyor Wellington 1st Jan. 1864
O'Toole Christopher de S. (d) Sub-Collector Bluff 14th Sept. 1858
Pasley Edward William Landing Waiter Nelson 12 Jan. 1864
Patieson Edward William Acting Sub-collector Mongonui 1st June 1866
Robertson James Landing Waiter Dunedin 5th Oct 1861
Slater Joseph Landing Waiter Dunedin 1st Oct. 1861
Thomas William Esdaile Sub-Collector Chatham Islands 16th April 1863
Thompson Robert Landing Waiter Oamaru 1st Dec. 1862
Tizard Edward Fawconer Sub-Collector Okarita 5th July 1862
Townsend William Officer in Charge Akaroa 1st July 1862
Von Sturmer Spencer Wm. Officer in Charge Hokianga 17th April1862
Wakefield Edward Warehouse Keeper Dunedin 1st May 1865
Ward Charles Warehouse Keeper Lyttelton 1st May 1846
Warde Charles Tide Surveyor Lyttelton 1st Aug. 1862
Whitehorn William Officer in Charge Havelock 4th June 1864
Williams Henry Woodward e) Clerk Commissioner's Office Wellington 28th Dec. 1859
Williams Samuel John Landing Waiter Auckland 22nd Nov. 1861
Wilson Lewis Henry Balfour Clerk (Marine) Wellington 1st July 1867
Atkinson Robert Clerk Auckland 13th April 1863
Atkyns Mensdorffe C. W. Locker Auckland 1st Aug. 1864
Barnard Willam Henry Locker Wellington 1st June 1857
Blundell William Alfred Locker Wellington 3rd Sept. 1865
Bowen Edward Raines C. Clerk Hokitika 1st Oct. 1869
Brodie David Andrson (f) Clerk Auckland 1st Nov. 1865
Brown Stephen Pain Locker Auckland 1st Sept. 1854
Bull Edward Locker Auckland 12th May 1854
Cheeseman Alfred Maurice Clerk Auckland 1st July 1862
Chilman Edward Locker Dunedin 18th July 1862
Clarke John Locker Dunedin 1st July 1863
Coates Augustus John Ligar Clerk Auckland 1st Sept 1867
Day David Locker Lyttelton and Christchurch 1st April 1864
Elliott Alfred Clerk Nelson 1st Sept. 1867
Feilder Edward Locker Greymouth 7th Aug. 1865
Frazer David Locker Nelson 1st may 1867
Goodall Joseph Officer in charge Kaikoura 1st Feb. 1865
Gore Charles Locker Wellington 1st Sept. 1869
Gunn Donald Locker Hokitika 3rd March 1864
Halse John Henry Clerk Commissioners Office Wellington 1st Feb. 1867
Heddell Peter Tide Waiter Lyttelton 1st April 1864
Hill Francis John Locker Nelson 25th Nov. 1861
Locket Jonas Locker Wanganui 1st April 1859
Logie Alexander William Locker Dunedin 21st Aug. 1862
Mason William Locker Auckland 1st Jan. 1864
McDowell Atkinson Locker Lyttelton & Christchurch 3rd Nov. 1863
McPherson Donald Grant Locker Dunedin 1st Dec. 1864
Meech William Tide Waiter Nelson 1st March 1863
Norton James Clerk Thames 1st Nov. 1870
Oldfield Arthur Joseph Clerk Westport 2nd Aug. 1867
Plimmer John Alfred Locker Lyttelton 18th Aug. 1864
Provis John Locker New Plymouth 1st July 1864
Rice John Mulholland Locker Hokitika 2nd Aug. 1867
Rouse Alfred William Tide Waiter Lyttelton 1st April 1864
Sibbald William Clerk Dunedin 13th Sept. 1869
Snow Rochfort Clerk Dunedin 12 Dec. 1868
Stewart Alexander Locker Dunedin 1st Aug. 1863
Tait Andrew Tide Waiter Auckland 25th Oct. 1858
Thomas George Whyte Landing Waiter Napier 1st July 1865
Thomson George Landing Waiter Invercargill 27th Dec. 1863
Watson Robert Locker Dunedin 1st Jan. 1863
Wilson William Wallace Locker Auckland 1st Jan. 1858
(a) Out of service, March 1846 to September 1853 - 7 years and 6 months
(b ) Out of service, April 1850 to 13th January 1852 - 1 year and 9 months and 9th March 1859 to 1st May 1861 - 2 years and 2 months. Total 3 years and 11 months.
(c) Out of service, 28th February 1857 to 17th January 1861 - 3 years and 11 months and from 16th October 1862 to 1st July 1867 - 4 years and 9 months. Total 8 years and 7 months.
(d) Out of service 30th September 1860 to 1st December 1861 - 1 year and 2 months
(e) Out of service 31st August 1865 to 31st October 1866 - 1 year and 2 months
(f) Out of service 30th September 1868 to 2nd February 1869 - 4 months