Barque: 567 tons
Captain: Thomson
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London September 5th 1862 - arrived Lyttelton January 7th 1863

The Derwentwater, a barque of 522 tons (sic), built at Sunderland in 1852, was one of the first vessels chartered by the Shaw Savill Co., for New Zealand, and under Captain Thompson she brought out a large number of immigrants during the 'sixties. ....the barque was again put on the berth for Lyttelton. She sailed on the 5th September, 1862, and arrived on the 7th January, 1863, 123 days from Gravesend, with over 100 passengers. On this occasion she brought out a fine four-oared racing gig for the Christchurch Rowing Club, built by Wylie, of London. This boat had belonged to a celebrated crew who had the previous year gained all the prizes on the South Coast of England, and many of the regattas on the Continent.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Mannering Mr
Mathias Mr
Randolph Mr
Walker Mr
Watson Mr J A
Woodward Mr C
Second Cabin Passengers
5 in Second Cabin


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The Lyttelton Times January 7th 1863