Dona Anita
Ship: 500 tons
Captain: Davis
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London - arrived Lyttelton (via Invercargill) Janurary 3rd 1865

Three previouse visits [to 1867] had been paid to New Zealand by the Dona Anita, and she had made fairly good passages, considering she was only a vessel of 500 tons. On July 14 1863, she arrived at Lyttelton, 105 days from the Downs. Up to the time of sighting Kergukien Island she had a comfortable passage, but after that the weather was so bad that Captain Smith said that in all his thirtyfive years at sea he had never seen worse. On this occasion the barque bought out 45 passengers. In 1865 she was again in Lyttelton, arriving on January 7th, this time under Captain Davis.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Cabin Passengers
Braake Miss
Roberts Miss
Steerage Passengers
Atkin Robert
Balfour W.
Bardley George
Batchelor Miss J.
Bedford Mrs (M. A)
4 children
Boys J. H.
Broadwood J. B.
Broadwood Miss
Crompton Stephen Clubley Shown on original as S E Crompton
Dodd W.
Gentles James
Gouldston E. C.
Hollowell Miss Lucy
McMichen George
Milligan Thomas
Newbury Mr J. S
3 children
Nottingham A.
Otway Edward
Philpott S. E.
Puny Miss E. S.
Simpson W.
Werner S.
White Charles
Williams Robert


CROMPTON Stephen Clubley:
Stephen Clubley Crompton, the eldest child of Richardson Crompton and his wife Hannah, nee Clubley, was christened at Flamborough, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on 28 October 1846. The UK 1851 census shows the family living at the 124 acre South Lea Farm, Flamborough. His father died on 24 August 1859. The 1861 census
shows that his mother, Hannah, was running the 130 acre Moon Farm, Flamborough. Sometime after 1861 Hannah married Richard Huddleston and four of her children emigrated to the Christchurch area of New Zealand. First Stephen Clubley Crompton (SE Crompton?). Later his fourth brother, James William Crompton, christened in Flamborough on 10 August 1854, arrived in Lyttelton on 9 December 1871 in the Zealandia and his
sister Emily Hyde Crompton, christened at Flamborough on 5 October 1855, on the Westland which departed London 21 November 1879. The ship on which his second brother, Thomas Richardson Crompton, christened in
Flamborough on 19 October 1848, and who died at Clarendon Farm, Winchester in the County of Geraldine on 19 March 1919, sailed has yet to be traced. Little is known of Stephen Clubley's life in New Zealand. However in
his will, (Probate 35687 Wellington) Stephen Clubley, who died on 15 July 1924, at Ashburton in the Provincial District of Christchurch, left UKP 45 in cash, UKP 110/5/0 cash in the possession of the Hospital Board, a hut' worth UKP 20 and a watch and chain valued at 6/-. The residue of his estate was left to his sister Emily Hyde Leurs of East Eyreton. There is no evidence of a wife or surviving children. This doesn't seem to be a great deal of wealth for someone who perhaps emigrated to New Zealand with such hope. Should anyone wish to contribute to the growing family tree of Stephen Clubley Crompton please contact Richard Crompton or view the family website at

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Lyttelton Times January 3rd 1865

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