Duke of Portland

Duke of Portland
Ship: 533 tons
Captain: Alexander

Surgeon Superintndent:
Sailed London - arrived Lyttelton 21st October 1852

This is not a complete list and is Chief and Second Cabin only. There are an additional 70 in Intermediate and Steerage.

Chief Cabin Passengers
Abbott Mr
Croft Mr and Mrs
Fendall Mr
Harvey Captain and wife
Hooper Mr
Hunter Misses, two
Lister Miss
Mackie Rev. C. and wife
Mackie Misses N. and Eliza
Mackie Mr Charles N.
Mackie Master
Marsac Mr and Mrs
Quin Mr
Stanton Miss
Stutfield Mr
Whish Mr
Second Cabin Passengers
Beechey Mr
Bridger Mr
Fremlin Mr, Mrs and two children
Harman Mr E.
Moss Miss
Roworth Miss A.
Smelling Mr and Mrs
Smith Miss A.
Swinbourne Mr and Mrs

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Lyttelton Times 23rd October 1852

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