Edwin Fox
Ship: 836 tons
Captain: John Ellis Johnson
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Langley - Died during the voyage
Sailed London 28th January 1873 arrived Lyttelton June 27th 1873 via Canterbury

The Edwin Fox was a full-rigged ship of 836 tons, built to the order of the famous East India Company. In 1878 her rig was changed to a barque. About the year 1873 she was brought by the Shaw, Savill Company, and in that year she made her first tri to New Zealand, Lyttleton being her port of call. She arrived June 27, after a rather tedious passage of 114 days from Brest. Captain Johnston, reported that on the voyage there had been six deaths - Dr. Langley an A. B. killed when the Bay of Biscay was being crossed, three adults from fever, and one infant ( not noted in the surgeons report ). The ship was placed in quarantine as four of the deaths were from fever.
Source White Wings by Sir Henry Brett

Passengers for Otago

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Bailey Joseph 36 Notts Farm Labourer
Emma 36
Clara 16 Trans to s/w
Samuel 5
Martha 3
Bates Charles 38 Staffordshire Shepherd
Elizabeth 39
Joseph 14 Trans to s/m
John William 12 Trans to s/m
Charles 9
Mary 7
James 5
Sarah A. 3
Rosa 9 mths
Fitzpatrick James 18 Antrim Labourer
Ann 24
Infant Son Born on voyage  21st June
Forder Charles 41 Hants Carpenter
Harriet 35
George 10
Ada 9
Kate 8
Florence 6
Blanche 5
Charles 10 mths
Hyland Martin 40 Galway Farm Labourer
Bridget 35
Ann 11
Jeffries George 33 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Miriam 26
Charles A. 3
Parslow John 28 Glostershire Plumber
Left in Brest
Margaret 21
Perrin William Henry 29 Bucks Labourer
Mary Ann 29
Roberts Thomas 26 Cornwall Carpenter 
Died at sea 26th April
Mary J. 29
Albert Edward 4 mths
Colonial Nominated
Moore Robert 26 Isle of Man Fisherman
Eleanor 22
Infant Son Born on Voyage 7th March
Morgan Samuel 24 Staffordshire Collier
Elizabeth 24
Mary A. 2
Racheal 1
Infant Daughter Born on Voyage 14th May
Morgan Mary A. 42 Trans to s/w
Thomas 22 Trans to s/m
Sarah A. 16 Trans to s/w
Rosanna 14 trans to s/w
Ann 12 Trans to s/w
Edward 10 trans to s/m
Rodgers Daniel 25 Armagh Farm Servant
Ellen 24
Single Men
Bates Joseph 14 Staffordshire
John William 12
Bennett George A. 22 Sussex Farm Labourer  
Died at sea 24th May
Brasier Charles 26 Surrey Carpenter
Bristy Robert 30 Kent Carpenter
Donaldson James G. 22 Edinburgh Shepherd
Duggan Michael 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
Emerson Thomas 27 Durham Miner
Fletcher Charles 22 Wostershire Labourer
Harnett Thomas 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
Kingdom George Henry 32 Somerset Farm Labourer
Ongley Frederic 22 Sussex Gardener
Stewart John 33 Rosscommon Labourer
Colonial Nominated
Cosgrove John 40 Cavan Farm Labourer
Kane Thomas 25 Galway Farm Labourer
Lee James 15 Galway Labourer
McPhie John 24 Sterlingshire Labourer
Moore Philip 24 Isle of Man Labourer
Morgan Thomas 22 Staffordshire Collier
Nolan Patrick 19 Kerry Farm Labourer
Ryan Thomas 20 Queens Co. Labourer
Stewart Alexander 11 Lanarkshire
Single Women
Bailey Sarah 16 Notts Servant
Briggs Mary A. 30 Middlesex General Servant
Colebrook Lucy 30 Kent Cook
Courtenay Kate 20 Middlesex General Servant
Duggan Mary 23 Kerry General Servant
Jane 21 Kerry General Servant
Walch Ellen 20 Cork Servant
Welch Sarah 18 Surrey General Servant
Died at sea 19th June
Colonial Nominated
Artis Mary 38 Banffshire Housekeeper
Sarah Ann 16 Aberdeenshire Servant
Georgina 7
Mary E. 5
Cosgrove Jane 27 Cavan Housemaid
Dunsmore Elizabeth 29 Aryshire Seamstress
Allan 7
Fahy Mary Jane 18 Galway Servant
Hill Margaret 20 Antrim Servant
Kane Ann 26 Galway Servant
Lee Ellen 13 Galway
Nolan Bridget 20 Kerry Servant
McMaster Ellen 57 Ayrshire
Ellen 15 Ayrshire Cotton Winder
Morgan Mary A. 42 Staffordshire
Sarah A. 16
Rosanna 14
Ann 12
Edward 10
Stewart Mary 14 Lanarkshire
Stevens Helen 12 Edinburgh
Walsh Catherine 19 Galway Servant
Weir Rose Anna 55 Londonderry Housekeeper

Passengers for Canterbury
Im 15/41A

Name Age County Occupation
Brunsden Thomas 35 Berks Labourer
Ann 33
William 14 Trans to s/m
Caroline 12 Trans to s/w
Thomas 9
Anne 3
Albert 7 mths
Chapman Alfred 21 Surrey Farm Labourer
Sarah 21
Chinery Aaron 23 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Left in Brest
Julia 26
Rose 2
Emily 9 mths
Friel Daniel 27 Donegal Farm Labourer
Catherine 21
Infant Son Born on Voyage 19th April
Greene Daniel 38 Donegal Farmer
Mary 36
Gimmett Daniel 36 Buckshire Labourer
Anna 30
Nathan 11
George 8
Charles 6
Martha 4
William 9 mths
Rogers James 26 Armagh Farm Labourer
Left in Brest
Thompson William B. 34 Yorkshire Shepherd
Mary Jane 32
Widdowson Thomas 30 Notts Labourer
Ann 29
William T. 5
Henrietta E. 3
Georgina E. 10 mths
Colonial Nominated
Legge James Richard 35 Berkshire Labourer
Maria 34
Maria 17 Trans to s/w
Ellen A. 15 Trans to s/w
Frederick 13 Trans to s/m
Florence 9
Kate L. 7
Amy H. 4
George Edwin 2
Lomasney William 35 Cork Farm Labourer
Johanna 34 Ellen
Ellen 5
James 3
Johanna 1
Single Men
Bass William 23 Wexford Ploughman
Beale Thomas 23 Cornwall Labourer
Brown William J. 23 Donegal Ploughman
Left at Brest
Brunsden William 14 Berkshire
Burke William 23 Donegal Farm Labourer
Kennedy John 18 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Left at Brest
Kerr Andrew 22 Donegal Ploughman
Left at Brest
Crawford Robert 22 Donegal Ploughman
Lloyd Francis 22 Middlesex Bricklayer
Frederick 19 Middlesex Plumber
Walter 14 Middlesex
Orr John 25 Donegal Farm Labourer
Quin James 21 Down Farm Labourer
Left at Brest
Warburton George 12 Somerset
Wells William 22 Devon Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated
Berrigan Connor 13 Tipperary Left at Brest
Dunlop Robert 16 Ayrshire Miller
Greene James 19 Donegal Farm Labourer
Legge Frederick 13 Berkshire
Single Women
Bright Sarah 25 Devon Domestic Servant
Brunsden Caroline 12 Berks
Crawford Sarah Jane 23 Donegal Domestic Servant
Davison Margaret 21 Armagh Servant
Deane Margaret 20 Derry Housemaid
Rebecca 22 Derry Housemaid
Francis Annie 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Lloyd Emily 21 Middlesex Servant
Mary Ann 16
Orr Alice 22 Donegal Servant
Catherine 20 Donegal Servant
Stewart Selina 20 Somerset Housekeeper  MATRON
Blanche 6
Warburton Mary A. 19 Glamorganshire Servant
Warrell Helen 27 Donegal Household
White Elizabeth 38 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Emily 18 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Bessie 16 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Colonial Nominated
Berrigan Ellen 40 Tipperary Servant - Family  left at Brest
Bridget 15 Tipperary Servant  
Connor 13
Maria 12
Ellen 10
Cummings Catherine 18 Tipperary General Servant
Lizzie 16
Lucy 15
Margaret 9
Heelan Mary 15 Middlesex Servant
Legge Maria 17 Berkshire Housemaid
Ellen 15 Berkshire General Servant
Lloyd Margaret 24 Flintshire General Servant
Trestrain Martha 45 Middlesex
Stephen 11
James 9
William 6

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National Archives Reference IM15/41 & IM15/41A

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