Geraldine Paget
Ship: 1200 tons
Captain: Ogilvie
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr T B Hay
Sailed London September 18th 1874 - arrived Lyttelton December 27th 1874

The Geraldine Paget was a full-rigged ship of 1200 tons, built in Glasgow and owned by I. and C. Campbell. She came to New Zealand on two occasions only.  Her first voyage was to Lyttelton, arriving at the port on December 27, 1874, with 380 Government immigrants. She experienced light and variable winds to the Equator. After passing the Cape she had a good run of north-west winds, and sighted the snares on December 19, having made the Cape in 28 days. Thence she was delayed again with light northerly winds until arrival, the passage occupying one hundred days from port to port, or 87 days land to land. One of the immigrants, John White, while doing gymnastic feats on the jib guys shortly before reaching Lyttelton, fell into the sea and was drowned.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Geraldine Paget

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Little Mr
Manton Mr
389 assisted immigrants - yet to be located. Our thanks to Phillip McArthur for providing information on one of the femilies aboard.
Cottrell 27
Esther (nee Jarman)
Helen 4

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The Star December 28th 1874
Phillip McArthur