Ship: 857 tons
Captain: Thomas Bishop
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Popham
Sailed London May 1st 1872 - arrived Wellington July 27th 1872

The Halcione, one of the first iron full-rigged ships built for the Shaw Savill Company, in 1869, completed twenty- six voyages to Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton, Nelson, Bluff, and Napier; and after making a good run of 89 days to Wellington Heads, on her eighteenth passage out, was totally wrecked. The Halcione was never a flyer, but she made more than average runs. In 1886 she made the Bluff in 87 days, under Captain Parker. She also ran to Wellington, under Captain Bishop on three occasions in 87 days. The ship was built specially for the New Zealand trade by Steele, of Greenock, her tonnage being 843. In 1888 the vessel's rig was changed to that of a barque.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Halcione

Name Age County Occupation/Comment
Cabin Passengers
Brown Carey T Esq
Miss K
Griffiths Mr
Hatwell Miss
Henderson Master F
Master W
Hould Miss
Lawson Mr
Miss F
Master W
McGregor Miss
Napier-Bell Mrs C
Robinson Mrs W G
Master W
Ware Mr
Paying Steerage Passengers
Families & Children
Burch Frederick
Deaman Mark
East Edward
Foster Samuel
Humphrey W
2 children
Webb George
2 children
Single Men
Bartlett Mr
Beck Mr
Boddy Mr
Carvill Mr
Davis Mr
Evitt Mr
Green Mr
Hedges Mr
Herbert Mr
Hitchcox Mr
Hobbing Mr
Hunt Mr
Jones Mr
Neson Mr
Penfold Mr
Reading Mr
Reynolds Mr
Thomson Mr
Walker Mr
Willburn Mr
Williams Mr
Single Women
Carver Miss
Penfold Miss
Assisted Steerage Passengers
Families & Children
Abec Jens P 32 Denmark
Christiane 33
Marie 5
Andreas 3
Female infant 9 months
Banks Richard 31 Hamptonshire Farm Labourer
Ellen jane 32
Esther M 7
Mary H 5
Elizabeth A 3
George 7 months
Bath Charles 22 Somerset Woodcarver
Louisa 22
Brodersen Rasmus 37 Denmark
Maren 43
Henrik 8
Christensen Peter Christian 31 Denmark
Johanna 27
Female 6 months
Christensen Niels C 29 Denmark
Magdalena 33
Mads Peter 6
Marriane 4
Crotaz Isaac 29 Middlesex Engineer
Elizabeth 30
Ebbett John 41 Cavan Farmer
Bound for Napier
Jane 40
Eliza 11
George 8
Stewart Jane 19 T/F to single women Travelled with Ebbett
Fear John 26 Kerry Cooper
Mary Ann 24
Margaret L 9 months
Frecklington William 42 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Mary 40
William 16 T/F to single men
John 14 T/F to single men
Hall Richard 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Jane 22
Hansen Anders 31 Denmark
Ane A 29
Ane K 8
Hansen Hans 32 Denmark
Ane C 29
Nielsine 3
Infant 6 months
Herlind Niels C 33 Denmark
Bodm 39
Hane 11¾
Niels 10
Jacobsen Thor K 27 Denmark
Christence C 34
Anders C 2
Dorothes 3 months
Janicke Carle 36 Denmark
Mrs 35
Jensen Mathias 34 Denmark
Karen M 34
Peter H 6
Ano J 3
Lawry Thomas 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Caroline 21
Lawson Anthen 34 Denmark
Ané   (Petersen) 31
Cecelia 8
Peter 6
Ether 4
Infant 3 months
Leaman Mark 24 Devonshire Navvy
Francis E 20
Mark J 9 months
Nielsen Hans 33 Denmark
Catherine 42
Lars 11
Marie 8
Karen 6
Infant 9 months
Pearson Peter 38 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Hannah 28
Mary A 11
William J 4
Alice 2
Infant Born on board
Prowse Richard 27 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Margaret 29
Stevens William 36 Sussex Navvy
Esther 31
Eliza A 13 T/F to single women
James G 8
Harriet M 5
Esther A 2
Whitehead Edward 29 Kent Dairyman
Hannah 19
Alfred E 4 months
Wittington John 27 Hamptonshire Labourer
Sarah 22
Williamson Henry 27 Cornwall Blacksmith
Bound for Picton
Martha 26
Mary A 2 One of these children died on board. Unsure which one
William Henry 7 months
Yensen Nicolai 31 Denmark
Marie 31
Jens 4
Infant 3 months
Yorgensen Jens F 41 Denmark
Annette 38
Christian 11½
Emmanuel 10
Oscar 8
Julius 9 months
Single Men
Black Robert 21 Ross Warehousman & Telegraphist
Bound for Picton
Blackburn Anthony W 24 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Bond George 22 Essex Labourer
Blackburn Anthony W 24 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Crawford Ralph 32 Northamptonshire Shepherd
Bound for Picton
Devinish George 25 Devonshire Shepherd
Frecklington William 16 Lincolnshire
John 14 Lincolnshire
Hammon Daniel 20 Clare Labourer
Harrington Nathaniel 16 Kerry Labourer
Hewitt Alfred John 15 Middlesex Labourer
Jensen Hans 21 Denmark
Jepsen Jargen 26 Denmark
Johnson John 60 Gloucestershire Tinman
Jones Arthur 19 Cambridgeshire Gardener
James 16 Cambridgeshire Labourer
Keohane James 20 Cork Labourer
Bound for Auckland
John 22 Cork Labourer
Bound for Auckland
Loader Daniel 14 Middlesex Labourer
Mahoney John 20 Kerry Labourer
McLachlan Archibald 23 Butt Farm Labourer
McNamara John 26 Clare Labourer
Nielsen Rasmus 26 Denmark
Nielsen Jens 21 Denmark
O'Leary Timothy 23 Cork Labourer
Oliver Stephen 22 Roxburgh Labourer
Petersen Eskild 21 Denmark
Porteous Robert 28 Edinburgh Wood Turner
Rasmus Niels 23 Denmark
Scott William 21 Banff Gardener
Bound for Hawkes Bay
Smith John 20 Mayo Labourer
Charles C 18 Mayo Labourer
Snell Isaac 28 Cornwall Labourer
Sweeney James 19 Leitrim Labourer
Son of Elizabeth Sweeney
Tan James C Kent Labourer
Tomsen Yens M 22 Denmark
Walker George 27 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
William 23 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Webb Edgar R 28 Norfolkshire Shepherd
Wellburn John 25 Yorkshire Labourer
White George H M 22 Norfolkshire Carpenter
Bound for Napier
Wright Hahplia 31 Rutland Labourer
Wulff Nicolai F 26 Denmark
Yensen C Jens C 28 Denmark
Single Women
Beckett Anne 20 Middlesex Housemaid
Berjin Margaret 20 Kilkenny Housemaid
Bourne Harriett 20 Worcestershire General Servant
Bound for Napier
Bridle Hannah 24 Hamptonshire Cook
Calleson Maria 23 Denmark
Christina 6
Cunningham Rachel J 19 Devonshire Cook
Delaney Johanna 23 Kerry Dairymaid
Ellen 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Elderkin Matilda 18 Somerset MATRON on board
Griffith Mary 23 Lancashire General Servant
Hubbard Mary A 24 Dorsetshire General Servant
Johnstone H Anne 35 Denmark
Keohane Alice 15 Cork General Servant
Bound for Auckland
Lindey Maren J 33 Denmark
Loader Ann M 32 Wiltshire Laundress
Daniel 14 T/F to single men
Elizabeth A M 9
W Henry 6
Frederick George 2
Mahoney Ellen 22 Kerry General Servant
Nielsen Ane 25 Denmark
Nutteing Jane 21 Kent Cook
Oliver Maria M 47 Middlesex Cook
Rasmussen Maren 22 Denmark
Richardson Ellen R 22 Somerset General Servant
Bound for Napier
Ruddell Eliza 24 Armagh General Servant
Bound for Marlborough
Snell Elizabeth 19 Cornwall General Servant
Stevens Elizabeth A 13
Stewart Jane 19 Cavan General Servant
Sweeney Elizabeth 50 Leitrim
Thomas Bessie J 24 Cornwall Ladysmaid
Towers Christiana 15 Renfern General Servant
Wilson Catherine 20 Cork General Servant

Peter Christian Christensen, aged 31 from Denmark his wife Johanna (nee Larsen) aged 27 also from Denmark and their un-named infant female arrived in New Zealand on this sailing of the Halcione. All settled at Mauriceville in the northern Wairarapa. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Helen Miller


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Archives New Zealand IM15/12
The Wellington Independent July 29th 1872