Ship: 1265 Tons
Captain: Tilly
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow 16th July 1874 - arrived Otago 14th October 1874

During the year 1874 the celebrated builder Robert Duncan built six remarkably fine ships - the Invercargill, Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Nelson and Dunedin - to the order of Patrick Henderson, for the New Zealand trade. They were all launched within six months, and the tonnage (1265), length, beam and depth were about the same. These ships were fitted with every modern convenience and comfort for first-class passengers and immigrants.....and they were some of the fastest sailors afloat. This is the maiden voyage of the Invercargill and she went on to make 26 voyages to the Colony. She was sold to Norway in 1905, renamed Verg and dissapeared while on route to Christiania. It is believed she did not carry sufficient ballast and capsized.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

NB: An 8 month old Ann Porteous is shown in the Surgeons report as having died on boad of Convulsions from Measels on August 8th 1874. She does not appear on the passenger list.

Credit for providing this passenger list goes to Dinah Dunavan whose ancestors were on the Invercargill.

Name Age Country Occupation
Families and Children
Aitken William 29 Lanark Tailor
Rebecca 27
Thomas 10
Peter 6
Aitken Mrs Helen 45 Stirlingshire
Helen 23 Domestic Servant
Andrew 11
Catherine 8
Anderson William 34 Lanark Labourer
Agnes 27
James 5
William 4
Andrew 1
Armit John 34 Fifeshire Ploughman
Ann 35
Annie 16
Andrew 11
Elizabeth 7
Robert 4
Alexander 2
Ballantyne Rob 36 Roxburgh Mason
Jane 42
Agnes 14
Walter 12
Margaret 9
Jane 6
Mary 4
Beaton Alex 24 Rosshire Fisherman
Jane 24
Beck John 43 Perthshire Farmer
Elizabeth 39
Jane 17
Joseph 15
John 13
James 7
Thomas 5
Berry James 36 Yorkshire Labourer
Elizabeth 33
Susannah 9
Annie 3
Fred 1
Caskey John  29 Edinburgh Farm Servant
Agnes 31
James 2
John 1 Died on board - 17/08/1874
Tubercular menengitis
Crawford Robert 28 Ayr Labourer
Margaret 28
John 6
William 3
Annie 6 months
Crosbie William 30 Roxburgh Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 32
George 10
Jane 8
Agnes 5
Jessie 3
William 1
Currie George 29 Lanark Labourer
Sarah 28
Jeanie 11
Hugh 5
Day Alex 27 Lanark Joiner
Helen 21
Donald Archibald 36 Lanark Farm Servant
Jane 39
Archibald 14
Ann 12
Margaret 10
Dow John 22 Renfrewshire Farm Servant
Mrs 20
Duff Mrs Ann 36 Lanark Domestic Servant
Peter 9
Angus 5
Duiguid Johnston 35 Aberdeen Labourer
Jane 36
William 2
Dully Mrs Jane 40 Lanark Tailoress
John William 13
James Alex 12
Earl Mary 30 Ayr Farm Servant
James 10
Elizabeth 5
John 1
Fraser John 40 Lanark Labourer
Catherine 46
Charles 15
Janet 13
Margaret 9
Duncan 6
Forsyth George 32 Linlithgow Farm Servant
Mrs 30
Samuel 9
Robert 8
Jane 4
Lavinia 2
Gallagher Charles 25 Lanark Blacksmith
Ellen 25
Mary 5
Ellen 3
Charles 2
Graham Mrs Helen 54 Lanark Domestic Servant
Mary 23 Domestic Servant
Helen 21 Domestic Servant
Jane 18 Domestic Servant
Annie 15 Domestic Servant
Gibb Mrs Helen 25 Lanark Mason
Agnes 3
Edward 1
Gilliand Charles 40
Helen 35
John 14
Agnes 12
Maria 7
Charles 5
Robert 2
Hennessy Michael 32 Ayr Labourer
Ann 30
Elizabeth 5
Sarah 2
Female child Born on board - 01/09/1874
Hunter James 13 Travelled with Caskey
William 8 Travelled with Caskey
Inglis Robert 33 Lanark Gardener
Agnes 31
Mary 7
Jessie 5
Ann 1
Irving George 28 Lanark Mason
Janet 28
George 1
Johnstone David 40 Wigtown Blacksmith
Elizabeth 33
Kirkwood Thomas 38 Lanark Farmer
Mrs 35
Mungo 14
Robert 9
Janet 9 months
Lumsden James 28 Berwick Joiner
Maggie 25
William 19 Ploughman
Andrew 17
Alexander 11
Mathieson Kenneth 32 Rosshire Shepherd
Isabella 28
Ann 6
Angus 4
Donald 1
Female child Born on board - 16/09/1874
Meldrum Andrew 31 Aberdeen Baker
Helen 29
William 7
Norman 5
Margaret 4
Helen 2
McAulay Aulay 34 Lanark Farmer
Catherine 30
Donald 3
McCombie Mrs Marion 24 Lanark Domestic Servant
Marion 2
McGillivary Neil 23 Lanark Ploughman
Janet 25
McIver George 36 Rosshire Agricultural Labourer
Janet 36
John 14
Margaret 8
Ann 6
Donald 1
McKain Daniel 43 Ayr Ploughman
Janet 39
Margaret 16
Alexander 15
Andrew 13
James 10
William 7
Grace 5
Janet 2
Agnes 2 months
McKenzie Duncan 38 Lanark Joiner
Elizabeth 30
Duncan 19
McLean Robert 23 Lanark Miller
Mary 21
Catherine 18 months
Male child Born on board - 24/08/1874
McPherson John 60 Labourer
Elspeth 53
George 20 Farm Servant
Robert 18 Farm Servant
Elspeth 18 Domestic Servant
John 9
Jessie 6
McPherson William 36 Lanark Farm Servant
Elizabeth 26
Moir George 24 Aberdeen Warehouse
Moir Helen 22 Dressmaker
Moir Isaac 20 Carpenter
Moir James 12
Moir Henry 10
Moir Rodney 8
Morrison Arthur 27 Lanark Farm Servant
Margaret 25
Catherine 3
Mouat Magnus 29 Shetland Joiner
Mrs C 25
Napier Mrs Mary 39 Lanark Domestic Servant
Sarah 20 Domestic Servant
Paterson Adam 29 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Mrs 28
Robert 3
Rae Thomas 57 Caithness Shepherd
Isabella 57
Jane 24 Domestic Servant
Martha 23 Domestic Servant
Thomas 21 Shepherd
William 20 Shepherd
Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant
Ellen 15
Mary 12
Rankin William 24 Lanark Farm Servant
Margaret 24
Sarah 2
William 9 months
Rendall William 20 Orkney Farm Servant
Margaret 20
Ritchie Mrs 38 Lanark Cloth Finisher
George 18 Labourer
Elizabeth 16
Janet 14
Thomasina 11
Robertson Lawrence 52 Shetland Blacksmith
Georgina 47
Catherine 24
George 14
Mary Ann 11
Sinclair 9
Robertson Daniel 55 Rosshire Forester
Alex D 26 Assistant Forester
Jemima 15 Nurse
William 14
Robinson Joseph 36 Berwick Agricultural Labourer
Mrs 36
George 16
Joseph 10
Agnes 7
Catherine 4
Margaret 3
Rodger Norman 21 Lanark Labourer
Ellen 18
Ross Robert 25 Banff Farm Servant
Helen 23
Helen 1
Shand Robert 28 Banff Farm Servant
Helen 26
Helen 6
Robert 2
Female child Born on board - 03/10/1874
Sherrard Robert 38 Antrim Farm Labourer
Ann 36
Ann 9
Maggie 11
Robert 7
Smart Michael 44 Linlithgow Farm Labourer
Helen 40
Janet 15
Margaret 10
Mary 8
Helen 6
Jemima 3
John Infant Died on board - 17/08/1874
Sprightly Francis 44 Berwick Shoemaker
Mrs 36
Peter 17
Agnes 15
Stewart Robert 30 Lanark Joiner
Catherine 28 Died on board - 05/09/1874
Hysterical mania
Bertha 9
Annie 4
Margaret 2
Stewart Robert W. 29 Lanark Labourer
Amelia 25
Mina 5
Thomson David 49 Edinburgh Horse Shoer
Mrs 45
James 17
David 14
Henry 8
John 5
Walker Robert 42 Lanark Labourer
Mrs 42
John 17
Daniel 12
David 10
James 1 Died on board - 10/08/1874
Tubercular menengitis
Young Anthony 26
Elizabeth 26
Single Men
Adam William 21 Forfarshire Painter
Allan M.G. 21 Perthshire Farm Labourer
Andrew Joseph 19 Antrim Labourer
Arthur George J 18 Aberdeen Miller
Bennett Alex 23 Forfarshire Joiner
Brown Robert 18 Lanark Mason
Calder George 19 Stirlingshire Carpenter
Calder Joseph 23 Lanark Tailor
Callum Robert 24 Banff Ploughman
Charters William 21 Northumberland Ploughman
Cranston James 22 Linlithgow Agricultural Labourer
Connolly James 32 Antrim Farm Servant
Dalgarns George 27 Forfarshire Farm Servant
Dewar James 18 Linlithgow Farm Labourer
Dixon Samuel 20 Donegal Farm Labourer
Duncan Alex 24 Aberdeen Farm servant
Durning Owen 24 Lanark Shoemaker
Edwards David 23 Perthshire Gardener
Falconer James 22 Lanark Tinsmith
Farns Andrew 20 Lanark Fitter
Ferrier Robert 23 Edinburgh Farm Labourer
Fraser William 21 Lanark Joiner
Fraser William 22 Banff Farm Servant
Grahame Bernard 21 Armagh Farm Servant
Grant James 26 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Grant Alexander 23 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Grant James 20 Inverness Farm Servant
Harman John 24 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Harrison Thomas 19 Berwick Shepherd
Henderson Thomas 23 Linlithgow Agricultural Labourer
Hunter William 23 Armagh Farm Servant
Hutchinson James 20 Lanark Farm Labourer
Innes James 22 Banff Shepherd
Mawhinny W. C. 20 Antrim Farm Labourer
McAteer Charles 42 Donegal Ploughman
Died on board - 01/10/1874
Bronchitis & pulmonary collapse
John 28 Donegal Ploughman
Michael 21 Donegal Ploughman
McCallum Peter 36 Lanark Labourer
McKenzie William 20 Aberdeen Mason
McNair Archibald 21 Lanark Farm Servant
McVey william 22 Lanark Labourer
McVey John 20 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Middlemass Andrew 25 Berwick Ploughman
Mills John 27 Linlithgow Farm Labourer
Mudie David 18 Lanark Labourer
Murray Henry 21 Shetland Quarryman
Patson Duncan 21 Renfrewshire Farm Servant
Pedlow Henry G. 25 Lanark Farm Labourer
Rendall William 21 Orkney Farm Servant
Robb James 29 Kirkudbright Farm Servant
Robertson William 23 Ayr Carter
Robertson Magnus 20 Shetland Farm Labourer
Robertson Thomas 20 Shetland Ploughman
Ross Robert 20 Lanark Farm Labourer
Seatter Robert 21 Orkney Farm Servant
Shaw Archibald 25 Lanark Joiner
Shivas James 21 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Steed William 19 Banff Ploughman
Stewart John 22 Lanark Tailor
Sutherland David 24 Lanark Ploughman
Thomson Alex 21 Lanark Bricklayer
Thomson John 20 Orkney Farm Servant
Traill Peter 22 Orkney Mill Wright
Virtue George 26 Berwick Mason
Watt Alex 27 Inverness Blacksmith
Whyte James 33 Aberdeen Farmer
Wilson Andrew 19 Stirlingshire Painter
Young David 20 Lanark Farm Servant
Single Women
Adams Ellen 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
Black Jean 23 Lanark Domestic Servant
Campbell Bridget 25 Donegal Domestic Servant
Clacher Ann 19 Lanark Domestic Servant
Clavey Eliza 22 Derry Domestic Servant
Donald Margaret 28 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Dougal Mary 21 Derry Domestic Servant
Fraser Catherine 17 Inverness Domestic Servant
Gaston Martha 18 Armagh Domestic Servant
Gerighty Sarah 28 Lanark Domestic Servant
Herron Margaret 25 Ayr Domestic Servant
Keith Elsie 29 Kirkudbright Domestic Servant
Keith Mary 23 Kirkudbright Domestic Servant
Keith Isabella 20 Kirkudbright Domestic Servant
McAteer Unity 26 Donegal Domestic Servant
McCue Sarah 16 Lanark Domestic Servant
McKenzie Margaret 22 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
McKenzie Margaret 19 Inverness Domestic Servant
McLachlan My. 29 Lanark Domestic Servant
McLaren Robina 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
McVey Helen 17 Lanark Bookbinder
Mills Isabella 19 Lanark Domestic Servant
Millbank Mary 23 Lanark Domestic Servant
Miller Agnes 21 Glasgow Domestic Servant
Milton James 18 Banff Domestic Servant
Montague Esther 22 Donegal Domestic Servant
Montague Bridget 29 Don Domestic Servant
Munro Hughina 17 Lanark Nurse
Reid Georgiana 29 Lanark Domestic Servant
Richie Agnes 30 Forfarshire Domestic Servant
Ross Helen 25 Banff Domestic Servant
Simpson Isabella 22 Fifeshire Milliner
Stewart Margaret 24 Lanark Domestic Servant
Strawbridge Sarah 21 Derry Domestic Servant
Walker Margaret 28 Ayr Domestic Servant
West Caroline 22 Armagh Domestic Servant

AITKEN family:
Mrs Helen Aitken (nee Graham) - born November 1826, Grangemouth, Scotland.
Daughter - Helen Boyd Graham, born February 5th 1851, Grangemouth.
Son - Andrew Graham Aitken, born September 15th 1862, Grangemouth.
- Catherine Aitken, born October 17th 1865, Grangemouth.

Helen and family had suffered more than most before emigrating.   Helen was twice married, but lost both husbands in tragic circumstances.
-  With her first husband, William Graham (m.1848), she bore 4 children, two of which died in infancy and a third, Joan, was disabled from birth and died in 1871.   William committed suicide in 1859, leaving one daughter, Helen Boyd Graham.

- Helen Snr remarried to John Aitken in 1861 and had two further children, Andrew and Catherine, but John, a Merchant Seaman, drowned when his ship sank in the North Sea in 1867.
Shortly after the death of Joan, the family decided to emigrate, travelling with Helen’s Nephew, George Calder (details of whom are provided separately on this site), arriving in Otago on 14th October 1874. The Aitkens settled in Dunedin where Andrew died in 1887, Helen Snr in 1905, and daughter Kate in 1923. Elder daughter Helen Boyd Graham married William Brown from Linlithgowshire, Scotland in 1876 and had 7 children: Helen Graham Brown, b1877, d.1956 (Dunedin), William Graham Brown, b. Jan 1879, d. May 1879, Ann White Brown, b.1880, d.1961 (Dunedin), James Brown, b.1883, d.1951 (North Island), William Graham Brown, my Grandfather, b.1885, d.1936 (Glasgow), Andrew Aitken Brown, b.1887, d.1889, Andrew Brown, b.1892, d.1963 (Dunedin) and Helen Boyd died in 1917 and husband William in 1930. Son James moved to the North Island and raised a family while the rest of the surviving children remained in Dunedin with the exception of William Graham who returned to the UK to study at the London School of Art.  While there he travelled to Glasgow to visit relations, where he met and married Bessie Brand Calder in 1918. They had two children: William Brown, b.1920, d.1971, Archibald Graham Calder Brown, b.1924, d.1992, Archibald married Muriel Castle and had 4 children of which I am one. If you are connected to this family, have further information on descendants in New Zealand or Australia, or would like to know more about the family’s Scottish roots or descendants, please get in touch. with
Robert W Brown of Glasgow. 


George CALDER:
Nineteen year old George Calder arrived in Otago on October 14th 1874 from Glasgow on board the ship Invercargill.  Little is known of his early life in New Zealand until he married Elizabeth Melody (born 1862 in Co Clare, Ireland) in Invercargill on June 29th 1881. Elizabeth's parents were Michael Melliday and Elizabeth McMahon. (Elizabeth's maiden name is shown as Melody in her husbands papers and her fathers name, her maiden name, is shown as Melliday on her death certificate). Both George and Elizabeth moved to Australia shortly after as their four children were all born there. These children were; Alexander Graham, born in Armidale, NSW on April 8th 1882 Isabella Graham, born in Glenn Innes, NSW on January 21st 1884 Thomas, born in Sydney on November 6th 1885 Elizabeth, born On September 14th 1887- died May 9th 1889, aged 19 months.
Elizabeth snr died shortly after the death of her daughter Elizabeth on December 20th 1889. Her husband George survived until 1930 and married again in 1899. Their first son, Alexander, married his cousin Isabella Graham Calder in Scotland at the cessation of World War One in September 1918, and returned to Australia where they had three children. These children were;
George born February 18th 1920 - died November 1943 (killed in action in PNG) Stillborn child born and died April 1921 Archibald born September 27th 1922 Archibald's mother, Isabella, died shortly after his birth on October 2nd 1922. Archibald is my father. I am unable to find records of George and Elizabeth's journey from NZ to Australia, as well as any trace of Elizabeth and her parents arriving in NZ from Ireland, or whether they had any other children, stayed in NZ or even came to Australia following their daughter. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Brian Calder.


If you have any connection with this family please contact Dinah Dunavan.


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