1856 Justice's of the Peace
From the New Zealand Gazette

Colonial Secretary's Office
Auckland, December 20th 1856

His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to direct that the following Commissions appointing Justices of the Peace for the Colony of New Zealand and for the provices of Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Nelson, Canterbury and Otago, be published for general information.

By His Excellency's command,
E. W. Stafford

Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland, Queen Defender of the Faith,  to our trusty and loving subjects,

Colonel Robert Henry Wynyard C.B 58th Regiment Commanding the Forces of New Zealand
Colonel William Anson McCleverty
Alfred Domett, Esq.
Matthew Richmond, Esq.
William Swainson, Esq.
Daniel Wakefield, Esq.
Alexander Shepherd, Esq.
Colonel Charles Emilius Gold 65th Regiment
Francis Dillon Bell, Esq.
Stephen Carkeek, Esq.
William Mein Smith, Esq.
George Cutfield, Esq.
William Oldfield Cautley, Esq.
William Gisbourne, Esq.
William Halse, Esq.
James Campbell, Esq.
Donald McLean, Esq.
William Young, Esq.
Thomas Beckham, Esq.
Henry St. Hill, Esq.
John Jermyn Symonds, Esq.
William Bertram White, Esq.
James Reddy Clendon, Esq.
David Stark Durie, Esq.
Charles Henry Montressor Smith, Esq.
Alfred Rowland Chetham Strode, Esq.
John Watson, Esq.
Josiah Flight, Esq.
George Sisson Cooper, Esq.
Robert Rodger Strang, Esq.
Lieut. Colonel Alfred Francis William Wyatt 65th Regiment
Thomas Henry Smith, Esq.
Lieut. Colonel James Patience 65th Regiment
Major George Freeman Murray 65th Regiment
Oliver Barker D'Arcy, Esq.
Duncan Bazalgate, Esq.
Thomas Houghton Bartley, Esq.
Charles Clifford, Esq.
Daniel Pollen, Esq.
John Grant Johnston, Esq.
Charles Knight, Esq.
Herbert Samuel Wardell, Esq.
Henry John Tancred, Esq.
John Poynter, Esq.
William John Warburton Hamilton, Esq.
Archibald Watson Shand, Esq.
Witness our trusty and well-beloved Colonel Thomas Gore Brown, Companion of the Most Honorable Order of the Bath, Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over the Colony of New Zealand at Goverment House, at Auckland, this twentieth day of December, in the twentieth  year of our reign, and in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty- six.
                                                                                                                 Thomas Gore Browne,

By His Excellency's command,

E. W. Stafford

God Save The Queen

Printed under the authority of the New Zealand Government, by George Didsbury, Government Printer, Wellington