1868 Justice's of the Peace
From the New Zealand Gazette
G. F. Bowen, Governor.

Victoria, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britian and Ireland, Queen Defender of the Faith, and so forth; to our trusty and loving subjects,

"Know ye, that we have assigned you, and each and every of you, jointly and severally, to be our Justices of the Peace in our Colony of New Zealand and it's dependencies, to keep and cause to be kept all laws, ordinances, and statutes in force within our said Colony, for the punishing of offenders, the preservation of the peace, and for the quiet rule, welfare, and good government for our people in our said Colony; and to have, exercise, and discharge all the powers, authorities, and duties belonging or pertaining to the office of a Justice of the Peace in our said Colony.
     And therefore, we command you and each and every of you that to keep the peace and all laws, ordinances, and statutes, and all and singular other the premises you diligently apply yourselves, and that, at certain days and places duly appointed or to be appointed for these purposes, into the premises to make inquiery, and all and singular the premises hear and determine and perform and fulfil them, doing therein what to justice appertains, according to the law and custom of England and of our said Colony.
     And we command all our Sheriffs in our said Colony at certain days and places appointed or to be appointed, to be aiding by all lawful means in the performance and due execution of the premises.
     In testimony whereof, we have caused these our Letters to be made Patent, and the Seal of our Colony to be hereunto affixed."

Acland John Barton Arundel Mount Peel, Canterbury
Adams James Tokomairiro. Otago
A'Dean John Ruataniwha, Hawke's Bay
Alexander Alexander Wharerangi, Hawke's Bay
Allen John Oamaru
Allen John Picton
Allom Albert James Great Barrier Island, Auckland
Anderson James Napier
Anderson Edward Robert Mount Benger, Otago
Andrew John Chapman Wharehama, Wellington
Armstrong Harry Winton, Southland
Armstrong John Henry Tikorangi, Taranaki
Atkinson William Smith New Plymouth
Aubrey Harcourt Richard Whangarei, Auckland
Aylmer Justin Ross, Westland
Aynsley Hugh Percy Murray Heathcote, Canterbury
Baber James Remuera, Auckland
Back Alexander Christchurch
Baddeley Frederick Clinton Herman S. Huirangi, Taranaki
Ballie Alan Thames, Auckland
Baillie William Douglas Hall Picton
Baldwin William Waiahuna, Otago
Ball Thomas Mongonui
Balneavis Henry Colin Auckland
Bannatyne William McLoed Wellington
Barnicoat John Wallis Richmond, Nelson
Barstow Robert Clapham Russell, Auckland
Bathgate John Dunedin
Bartley Thomas Houghton Stoke's Point, Auckland
Barton Richard Upper Hutt, Wellington
Battersbee Edward Porirua Road, Wellington
Bealey Samuel Christchurch
Beamish Nathaniel Turakina, Wellington
Beaumont Richard Kaikoura, Marlbough
Beckham Thomas Auckland
Bedlington William Whangarei, Auckland
Beetham Richmond Queenstown, Otago
Beetham William Taita, Wellington
Beitt Henry Waimea East, Nelson
Bell Francis Dillon Dunedin
Bell James Port Albert, Auckland
Belfield Herbert Timaru
Bennett John Boyle Wellington
Bennett George Nelson
Beswick William Cockerill Timaru
Bidwell Charles Robert Wairarapa, Wellington
Biggs Reginald Newton Piverty Bay
Birch Josiah Kaiapoi, Canterbury
Birch Azin Salvator Waimarama, Hawke's Bay
Blackett John Nelson
Blakiston Charles Robert Christchurch
Blacklock John Invercargill
Bonar James Alexander Hokitika
Booth James Patea, Taranaki
Borton John Wakari, Otago
Bowen Charles Christoper Christchurch
Boys John Cowell Christchurch
Bradshaw James Benn Dunedin
Brandon Alfred de Bathe Wellington
Branigan St John Dunedin
Brathwaite James Butcher Napier
Brett de Renzie James Courtney Canterbury
Bridge Charles James Couthbridge, Canterbury
Brittan William Guise Halswell, Canterbury
Broad Charles Brighton, Nelson
Broad Lowther Arrowtown, Otago
Brodie George Dunedin
Brown Charles New Plymouth
Brown Charles Hunter Nelson
Brown John Thomas Mount Brown, Canterbury
Brown William Robert Edward Wellington
Brown John Evans Swannanoa by Eyreton, Canterbury
Browning Samuel Epsom, Auckland
Brunner Thomas Nelson
Brunton William Toe toes, Mataura, Otago
Buchanan Andrew Maniototo, Otago
Buller Walter Lawry Wanganui
Burnett George Whangarei, Auckland
Burnett James Nelson
Burns Arthur John Dunedin
Butler William Mongonui
Calder William Henderson Invercargill
Cameron John Wanganui
Campbell Francis Eastwood Wellington
Campbell Alexander Le Grand Motueka, Nelson
Campbell Micheal Scott Mesopotamia, Canterbury
Campbell James Hunter Waiapu
Campbell James Mataura, Otago
Campbell Robert Jnr Lindis, Otago
Canning John Davis Porangahau, Hawke's Bay
Carew Walter John Christchurch
Cargill John Dunedin
Cargill Edward Bowes Dunedin
Carkeek Stephen Wairarapa, Wellington
Carleton Hugh Salona, Bay of Islands
Carlyon Edward Augustus Ruataniwha, Hawke's Bay
Carlyon George Guavas Ruataniwha, Hawke's Bay
Carr Oswald Petani, Hawke's Bay
Carter Thomas Wairau, Marlbough
Carter John Chilton Lambton Napier
Carthew Edward New Plmouth
Cass Thomas Christchuch
Catchpool Edward Napier
Chalmers Nathaniel Moa Flat, Otago
Chalmers Gerit Alexander Miller's Flat, Otago
Chamberlin Charles Island of Pouni, Auckland
Chapman Alfred Edenham, Hawke's Bay
Chapman Charles William Dunedin
Chapman Robert Dunedin
Chilman Richard New Plymouth
Christy William Beresford Chambers Leeston, Canterbury
Chudleigh Edward Reginald Chatham Islands
Churton Henry Wanganui
Clapcott Henry Oamaru
Clare William Cambridge, Auckland
Clark Archibald Remuera, Auckland
Clarke George Waimate, Auckland
Clarke Henry Tacy Tauranga, Auckland
Clarke Marsden Waimate, Auckland
Clendon James Reddy Hokianga, Auckland
Clowes Thomas Arthur Simons Hill, Canterbury
Collins Richard Te Ori Ori, Wellington
Coope William Jesse Papakura Valley, Auckland
Cooper George Sisson Meanee, Hawle's Bay
Corbett Robert Telfer Tuakau, Auckland
Courage Frank Leithfield, Canterbury
Cowan Cuthbert Hokanani, Southland
Cox Alfred Geraldine, Canterbury
Crawford James Coutts Wellington
Croker Edward Lawrence, Otago
Crompton William Morgan New Plymouth
Crosby John Albury, Canterbury
Cumming George Imlach Patea, Taranaki
Cunningham Andrew Hunter Rangiora, Canterbury
Curl Samuel Rangitikei, Wellington
Curling John Napier
Curtis George Omata, Taranaki
Curtis Oswald Nelson
Cusack Samuel Athanasius Wellington
Cutfield George New Plymouth
Cuthbertson John Robert Waiau, Southland
Cutten William Henry Dunedin
Dacre Henry Okura, Auckland
Daldy William Crush Auckland
Dalrymple John Taylor Manawatu, Wellington
Daniel Henry Cooper Nelson
Deighton Samuel Wairoa, Hawkes Bay
Dewe John Tokomairiro, Otago
De Quincey Paul Frederick Howick, Auckland
Dick Thomas Dunedin
Dilworth James Remuera, Auckland
De Lapasture Gerard Gustavus Ducarel (Count De Lapasture) Amuri, Auckland
Domett Alfred Wellington
Donald William Lyttelton
Dorset William Wairarapa, Wellington
Douglas James Frankton, Otago
Doulsin William Havelock, Marlborough
Dransfield Joe Wellington
Driver Henry Dunedin
Dudley Charles Kaiapoi, Canterbury
Duncan Richard John Wellington
Duncan John Russell Tongoio, Hawkes Bay
Dundas John Francis Invercargill
Durie David Stark Wanganui
Dutton James Roger Cobden, Nelson
Edwards Nathaniel Nelson
Edwards James Townsend Otaki, Wellington
East Alfred William Hamilton, Auckland
Eliott George Eliott Wellington
Ellis Andrew Jamieson Invercargill
Empson Charles Wairau, Marlborough
Enys John Davies West Coast Road, Canterbury
Everett Charles Bell Block, Taranaki
Eyes Wiliam Henry Netherfield, Marlborough
Farmer James Epson, Auckland
Farmer Robert Mangere, Auckland
Farrand William Bleckley Te Arai, Auckland
Fendall Walpole Cheshire Leithfield, Canterbury
Fenton Francis Dart Auckland
Fenton Harold Hyde Waiuku, Auckland
Ferard Bingham Arthur Napier
Feraud Jean Desire Clyde, Otago
Filleul William Gabriel Oamaru
Fitzgerald James Edward Wellington
Fitzgerald Gerard George Hokitika
Fitzgerald Michael Napier
Fitzherbert William Snr Hutt, Wellington
Fletcher James Freeman Turakina, Wellington
Flight Josiah New Plymouth
Forde Frederick Mangawai, Auckland
Fraser James Wairoa, Hawkes Bay
Fraser Malcolm Hokitika
Fraser Thomas Dunedin
Fraser William Earnscleugh, Otago
Fullarton Blair Pleasant Valley, Otago
Fulton Francis Crossley Dunedin
Fulton James West Taieri, Otago
Gaby Herbert Mahakipawa,  Marlborough
Gibbes Sir Samuel Osborne, Bart., Whangarei, Auckland
Gibbs William Totaranui, Nelson
Gibson Jabez Marriage Takaka, Nelson
Gibson Frederick Denham Lyttelton
Gibson Joshua Ross, Nelson
Gilchrist John Campbell Oamaru
Giles Joseph Westport
Gilfillan John Anderson Auckland
Gilfillan Henry Dunedin
Gillies John Lillie Tokomairiro, Otago
Gillow Edmund Westwood, nr Riverton, Southland
Gisborne William Wellington
Glassford James Glassford Gordon Blacks, Otago
Glasson John Papakura, Auckland
Gledhill Francis Ullathorne New Plymouth
Gleeson Michael Sherlock Hampden, Otago
Godfrey Henry Wairau, Marlborough
Goldsmith Henry Tauranga, Auckland
Gollan Donald Mangatarata, Hawke's Bay
Gooch Thomas Frederick Port Albert, Auckland
Good Thomas Urenui, Taranaki
Goodfellow William Otara, Auckland
Goodfellow Hugh Awamutu, Waikato
Gordon James Gillespie Kidnappers, Hawke's Bay
Gordon William Onehunga
Gordon William Pile Palmerston, Otago
Gorton Edward Wanganui
Gouland Henry Godfrey Nelson
Goulter Cyrus Wairau, Marlborough
Grace John Wainuiomata, Wellington
Graham Charles Christie Oamaru
Graham George Auckland
Graham Robert Ellerslie, Auckland
Graham William A. Tamahere, Waikato
Graham James Edwin Christchurch
Gray Ernest Hoon Hay, Christchurch
Gray Wilson Dunedin
Greenfield Alfred Nelson
Greenwood Graham Lord Motueka, Nelson
Greenwood John Danforth Nelson
Greenwood John jnr Motueka, Nelson
Greenstreet Charles Hawkin Ashburton, Canterbury
Grigg John Christchurch
Haggitt Bryan Cecil Dunedin
Halcombe Arthur William Follett Rangitiei, Wellington
Hall George Williamson Timaru
Hall John Wellington
Hall Thomas Williamson Timaru
Halse William New Plymouth
Halse Henry Wellington
Hamilton William John Warburton Christchurch
Hamilton Thomas Rice East Tamaki, Auckland
Hamilton James Hamilton's, Otago
Handley John Wanganui
Hankinson Donald Te Anau, Otaago
Harman Richard James Strachan Christchurch
Hargreaves Joseph Kaipara, Auckland
Harington Philip Tauranga, Auckland
Harper Thomas Wanganui
Harper Charles Lake Coleridge, Canterbury
Harris John Hyde Dunedin
Harrison Henry Shafto Wangaehu, Wellington
Harsant Walter Raglan, Auckland
Hart George Opawa, Christchurch
Hart Robert Wellington
Hartland John Parnassus, Amuri, Nelson
Haselden Charles Te Arai, Auckland
Hassel James Oamaru
Haughton Charles Edward Arrowtown, Otago
Haultain Theodore Minet Wellington
Heale Theophilus Auckland
Heaphy Charles Auckland
Henderson Thomas Auckland
Herbert John Francis Lawrence, Otago
Hewson Charles George Otaki, Wellington
Hickson John Smith Mount Benger,Otago
Hickson William Wellington
Higgins Robert Luke Cust Valley, Canterbury
Hirst Thomas New Plymouth
Hodgkinson Samuel Otautau, Southland
Hoggard John Farr Wellington
Holmes Mathew Anderson's Bay, Otago
Holt James Wellington
Horne James Herbert Auckland
Horneman Frederick Wdward Motueka, Nelson
Huddleston Frederick Nelson
Hull Frances Holmes Mangawai, Auckland
Hulme Edward Dunedin
Humphries Edward Larwill New Plymouth
Hunter George Wellington
Hunter William Henry Porangahau, Hawke's Bay
Imlay Peter Wanganui
Ingles Alexander Wighton Kaikoura, Malborough
Ingles Henry Anthony Kaikoura, Malborough
Jackson William Rangiawhia, Auckland
Jackson John Hutt, Wellington
Jackson Freeman Wanganui
Johnson John Grant Whangarei, Auckland
Johnston John Wellington
Johnston William Dunedin
Johnston David Nelson
Jollie Edward Leeston, Canterbury
Jollie Francis Peel Forest, Canterbury
Jones Alfred Milton, Otago
Jones John Richard Matanika, Waikouaiti, Otago
Julius Edric Adolphus Waitaki, Otago
Kebble Thomas Wellington
Keddell Jackson Shortland, Auckland
Keene Charles Ruck Kaikoura, Marlbough
Keene George Ruck Kaikoura, Marlbough
Kelham James Hutt, Wellington
Kelling John Fedor Auguste Waimea East, Nelson
Kelling Charles Frederick Christian Nelson
Kelly John Manutahi, Taranaki
Kelly thomas New Plymouth
Kemp Henry Tacy Kerikeri, Auckland
Kempthorne Sampson Auckland
Kenderdine Thomas Brutton Auckland
Kenny Courtenay William Ayler Thomas Picton
Kenny William Henry Parnell, Auckland
Kennedy Alexander Auckland
Keogh Micheal Greymouth
Kerr Alexander Wellington
Kerr John Auckland
Kidd Thomas Alexander Auckland
King Henry New Plymouth
King Samuel Popham New Plymouth
King Thomas New Plymouth
Kinnersley Thomas Alfred Sneyd Westport
Kinross John Gibson Napier
Knight Charles Wellington
Lambert Charles Ruataniwha, Hawke's Bay
Lapham Edward S. Ross, Westland
Latter Edward Circuit Akaroa
Lavin John Mohaka, Hawke's Bay
Lawlor Daniel Shea Riverton, Southland
Lawlor Henry Charles Coromandel
Lean Alexander Christchurch
Lee George Leslie Rangiora, Canterbury
Lee Edward James Leeston, Canterbury
Lewis David Wellington
Levin Nathanial Wellington
Lightband George William Wales Twelve-mile Township, Nelson
Lloyd George Green Island, Otago
Lloyd Henry Wade, Auckland
Locke Samuel Napier
Logan William Reallie Ptahuhu, Auckland
Loughnan Robert Andrew Mount Pisa, Cromwell, Otago
Lowe William Anderson Manuherikia, otago
Ludbrook Samuel Bloomfield Bay of Islands
Ludham Alfred Hutt, Wellington
Lusk Robert Ballie Auckland
Lusk Daniel Henderson Mauku, Auckland
Luxmore Philip Bouverie Timaru
Lyon William Wellington
Lyon William Charles Cambridge, Auckland