James Nicol Fleming
Ship: 1000 tons
: Logan
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr J Osborne
Sailed Greenock July 27th 1869 - arrived Otago October 25th 1869

Built in 1869, the James Nicol Fleming was a composite clipper of close on 1000 tons and was a sister ship to the Otago, built on exactly the same lines. She was an exceedingly fast ship and only twice in her career took more than the average 90 days for the passage from Glasgow to Otago. In 1879, owing to financial problems at the City of Glasgow Bank (which also involved one of the directors after whom she was named), her name was changed to Napier.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Steerage passengers (approximately 65) are not included here. A list for them has yet to be found.
We appreciate the help provided by Simon Potter and others in compiling this list.

Arrival of James Nicol Fleming
Diary of John Alexander Potter - found on site "New Zealand Bound"

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Herdman Miss
McBroom Mrs
McDowell (McDowall) Mr
Mrs Only mentioned in Potter journal. Possibly cooked for Cabin passengers.
McGregor Mr
2 children
Park Mr
Potter John Alexander Listed in the newspaper as Putten
Richman Miss
Thomson Mr
Walker Mr
Name Age County Occupation
Second Cabin and Assisted Passengers
Families & Children
Abercrombie Charles Edinburgh Farm Servant
Barclay David Lochmaben, Dumfries Farm Servant
McQueen Andrew S 141 Stolgross Street, Glasgow Farm Servant
Mary McMillan Died on board 20/10/1869
Melican Peter Newmarketon, Fergus Farm Servant
Wall John Holytown, Glasgow Farm Servant
Mary Ann
Single Men
Brien Deglan Yanghal Farm Servant
Brodie Robert Bay, Stronsay
Deblaire Thomas Yanghal Farm Servant
Forbes Alexander Abbey Asylum, Paisley Farm Servant
Grants William Allen Bank Street, Dunfirmline Farm Servant
Graw John Kippock Hill, Glasgow Farm Servant
Hardee George 177 Kistor Street, Bolton Farm Servant
Hyde Thomas Kinsalshey, Yanghal Farm Servant
Jamieson James 1 lawrie Street, Leith Farm Servant
Jardine James 21 College Street, Glasgow Farm Servant
Kearney Patrick Oranmore, Galway Farm Servant
Logan William 16 george Street, Paisley Farm Servant
McAller Patrick Tyrone Farm Servant
McGovern Thaddeus Ireland Farm Servant
McKay Hugh 236 Govan Road, Govan Farm Servant
McNaughton Walter Dunoon Farm Servant
McPherson George Abbey Asylum, Paisley Farm Servant
Muir James Stonykirk, Stranraer Farm Servant
Died on board 15/08/1869
Intus-susception of bowel
Murray Edmund Monatray, Yanghal Farm Servant
Oxley John 4 Nelson Street, Tipperary Farm Servant
Pamphrey William Birst Change Inn, Arbroath Farm Servant
Reid Leonard Hardie Castlebroath Farm Servant
Sauchan Michael Yanghal Farm Servant
Sim John Cabrach, Rhynie Farm Servant
Swanton Michael Monatray, Yanghal Farm Servant
Single Women
Anderson Mary Stornness Domestic Servant
Matron on board
Blane Hannah 3 portland Road, Kimarnock Farm Servant
Blyth Isabella 51 McNeil Street, Glasgow Domestic Servant
Campbell Janet 2 Lyle Street, Greenock Domestic Servant
Campbell Betsy 3 Church Street, St Stephens Domestic Servant
Cuddihay Margaret Lahrnet Post Office, Co. Clare Domestic Servant
Dunbar Jane Ann 25 High Street, Nairn Domestic Servant
Fletcher Margaret Nigg, Ross Domestic Servant
Gow Mary S 77 glasgow Street, Androssan Domestic Servant
Hall Nannie
Leyday Ellen Ennistymon Post Office, Co. Clare Domestic Servant
Lynch Ellen 17 Trongate, Glasgow Domestic Servant
McEwen Jane Warrickhill, Dreghorn Domestic Servant
Agnes Warrickhill, Dreghorn Domestic Servant
McDonald Annie p Colman Hill Street, Rothsay Domestic Servant
McDougall Mary 51 McNeil Street, Glasgow Domestic Servant
McKenzie Agnes 162 Brookstow Street, Glasgow Domestic Servant
Newton Jane 14 Willowbank Cres., Glasgow Farm Servant
Oxley Mary Tipperary, Ireland Domestic Servant
Pottinger Clementina 1 John Street, Edinburgh Domestic Servant
Ross Helen Largo, Fife Domestic Servant
Stalker Betsy Glenbarr, By Lochgilphan Domestic Servant
Stewart Agnes 40 Abotsford Place, Glasgow Domestic Servant
Stewart Elizabeth 29 Castler Street, Glasgow Domestic Servant
White Elizabeth Carlcaie farm, Ayr Farm Servant
Assisted through Cargills & McLean (Agents)
Atkin Mary
Barraclough J
Dimean Margaret
Farrar George
Fraser Alexander
Garthy Jessie
Mercer Charles
Passengers mentioned in the diary of John Alexander Potter (may be Second Cabin and Steerage)
Cameron Miss
Lees Mr
Neil Mr D } May be one and the same.
Neil Mr *
Smith Mr P
Waddell Mr
Short Shipped (registered on manifest but did not depart)
Cuddihy Margaret Adult
Lynch Ellen Adult

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Otago Gazette
October 1869
Otago Daily Times October 25th 1869