Light Brigade
Ship: 1214 Tons
Captain: H. Evans
Surgeon Superintendent:

Sailed London 18th May 1868 - arrived Lyttelton 26th August 1868

Old hands will remember how the old Queen Street wharf and Britomart and the other heights used to be crowded with people when this beautifully modelled vessel used to sail into the Waitemata. In addition to the great beauty of her model and rig, the Light Brigade was interesting from the fact that she brought out a large number of troops during the Maori War. Of 1214 tons burden, she was bulit in 1855 at Boston, USA by that celebrated builder D McKay and when she left the launching ways her name was Ocean Telegraph. The Light Brigade four years later came out to Lyttelton, bringing several saloon passengers, including Mr G H Whitcombe, the founder of the firm of Whitcombe and Tombs. She also landed a large number of second and third-class passengers.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Instructions to Matrons of immigrant ships

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Campbell Charles 24 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Sarah 20
Hayes Andrew 51 Kings Farmer
Eliza 50
Maria 18 Trans to s/w
Burgess Eliza 9 Travelled with Hayes
Hayes Samuel 27 Kings Farmer
Mary 25
Ross Andrew 28 Ross Farm Labourer
Jessie 26
Elizabeth 4
Jane 2
Roundtree Alexander 29 Cavan Farmer
Jane 26
John 7
William 2
Whitford Thomas 51 Middlesex Printer
Susannah 48
Elizabeth 19 Trans to s/w
Thomas 16 Trans to s/m
Henry 14 Trans to s/m
George 12 Trans to s/m
Anne 6
Single Men
Evans Benjamin 28 Montgomeryshire Shepherd
Gordon William 23 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Mole Alfred 19 Worcestershire Farm Labourer
Pizzy Robert 40 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Robinson Beriah 50 Antrim Labourer
Beriah Jnr. 19 Antrim Labourer
William 17 Antrim Labourer
Ross John 21 Ross Gardener
Whitfield Thomas 16 Middlesex Labourer
Henry 14 Middlesex
George 12 Middlesex
Single Women
Anderson Ellen 20 Roscommon Nursemaid
Atkinson Eliza 22 Down Domestic Servant
Baird Agnes 21 Antrim Domestic Servant
Brockelbank Mary 25 Middlesex Cook
Brown Clara 34    Middlesex Domestic Servant
Butler Mary J. 18 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Died on board - 04/07/1868
Elizabeth 16 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Cade Elizabeth F. 24 Buckshire Cook
Cahill Eliza 15 Kerry Domestic Servant
Campbell Jane 19 Roscommon Domestic Servant
Carroll Ann 21 Suffolk Domestic Servant
Caufield Mary 24 Notts Milliner
Cawood Harriet 23 Warwickshire Cook or Waitress
Ceiler Mary 15 Kerry Domestic Servant
Clark Mary Ann 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Clark Elizabeth 25 Lincolnshire Domestic Servant
Connolly Rose Ann 28 Dublin Domestic Servant
Corrigan Fomina 30 Orkney Cook
Cox Sarah Jane 20 Herts School Teacher
Emma 18 Herts Domestic Servant
Mary 16 Herts Housemaid
Ann 14 Herts
Crawford Margaret 22 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Crossan Ellen 21 Down Domestic Servant
Agnes 18 Down Domestic Servant
Curry Margaret 17 Armagh Dressmaker
Custello Frances 22 Kerry Domestic Servant
Kate 26 Kerry Dairymaid
Daley Margaret 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Daley Catherine 25 Clare Domestic Servant
Dalton Kate 19 Limerick Domestic Servant
Mary J. 20 Limerick Domestic Servant
Davies Cecilia 27 Glamorganshire Domestic ervant
Day Emma 19 Somerset Domestic Servant
Erbst Rosa 21 Poland Domestic Servant
Fisher Frances J. 16 Somerset Domestic Servant
Gale Emma 18 Buckshire Domestic Servant
Gibbs Hannah 18 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Grant Margaret 26 Middlesex Ironer
George 3
Gratton Sarah 22 Roscommon Domestic Servant
Gordon Jane 19 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Gordon Mary 20 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Hayes Maria 18 Kings Farm Servant
Haymes Ruth 19 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Heating Mary Ann 22 Antrim Domestic Servant
Henderson Mary 19 Buckshire Parlourmaid
Hewitt Elizabeth 20 Armagh Domestic Servant
Hillen Margaret 23 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Hinde Jane 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Howes Eliza C. 22 Norfolk Domestic servant
James Anne 29 Pembrokeshire MATRON
Jaynes Louisa 21 Hereford Nurse
Johnson Julia 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Alice 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Kelly Ann 23 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Leslie Margaret 21 Edinburgh Domestic Servant
Lowe Emma 25 Stafford Cook
Massman Adolpheuie D. 15 Germany Domestic Servnt
McCabe Maria 25 Carlow Domestic Servant
Johanna 23 Carlow Domestic Servant
McCausland Eliza 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
McCurdy Ann 33 Antrim Domestic Servant
McFadden Jane 24 Cavan Domestic Servant
Menzies Isabella 28 Cumberland Domestic Servant
Miles Elizabeth 27 Monmouthshire Cook
Moffat Maargaret 19 Down Domestic Servant
Moore Jane 20 Antrim Domestic Servant
Neil Catherine 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Norton Mary E. 32 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Parsons Mary J. 22   Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Died on board
Pizzey Lucy 22 Suffolk Cook
Sarah 11 Suffolk
Lydia 9 Suffolk
Robinson Jemima 21 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Charlotte 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Sarah 15 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Sims Mary 26 Dorsetshire Domestic Servant
Somerville Eliza 21 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Ann 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Stewart Mary 21 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Sarah 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Stothers Anne E. 21 Down Domestic Servant
Stryen Annie 25 Yorkshire Nurse
Sweeny Ann 24 Donagal Domestic Servant
Trevorrow Ann 28 Cornwall Cook
Triggs Elizabeth 23 Hants Domestic Servant
Webb Mary Ann 30 Middlesex Cook
Watkins Ellen 26 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Whitfield Elizabeth 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant

Anne was born on May 30th 1838 at Knightston Lake, Tenby, South Wales the eldest daughter of Thomas JAMES and Hannah PARRY died Hamilton, New Zealand 30 March 1897, buried Tamahere Cemetery. Not much is known of Annes' early life at Knightston Farm. Census for 1841, 1851, 1861 have her still living at Knightston Lake Farm. She must have had a good education (possibly New Hedges School) to obtain such a good position as a teacher in a school for young ladies organized by Lady Kinnaird for the daughters of women who had been nurses in the Crimean War. In early 1868 a request was sent by James RAYNES to his sister Margaret
THORNE to "ask Anne if she would come to New Zealand and marry him". The answer was yes. James was born in Horningsham, Wiltshire, 20 June 1834,  his father was a deerkeeper at Longleat Park, from there James moved to Tenby where his brother John had established a bakery, and it was here that he met Anne. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1865, sailing on the clipper ship Caduceus. He was Private in the 4th Waikato Militia and had been granted 50 acres of land, as a military settler, at Kirikiriroa, Hamilton. On the 18th of May 1868 from London the ship Light Brigade sailed ..... several saloon passengers and a large number of second and third class passengers, destination Lyttleton, Province of Canterbury N.Z.  The passenger list reads Anne JAMES, age 29 from Pembrokeshire - Matron to ship for single women. Free passage - Five pounds to be paid, if duties are satisfactorily performed. Arrived Lyttleton 26 August 1868. She sailed on to Auckland and was then conveyed by horse & dray to Drury. There she was met by Captain Angus CAMPBELL  of the paddle steamer  Bluenose and brought up the river to Hamilton where she married James RAYNES in the Congregational Church, 29 Sept 1868. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Beth.

Anne's full story, researched and written by her Grandaughter Zillah Annie MOSS nee RAYNES (Beth's  Mother) can be read as an essay at the Manuscripts and Archives Section, Alexander Turnbull Library - MS Papers 4280:63.


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