Captain: Strang

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow 28th December 1878 - arrived Port Chalmers 25th March 1879

A vessel that made some remarkable passages both from Glasgow and London to Port Chalmers, which was her only port of call in the colony, was the Shaw, Savill and Albion Co's Lyttelton, one of the last ships to be built for that line by the famous Robert Duncan, of Glasgow. Of the seven voyages she made out to New Zealand only once did she exceed 90 days. On her maiden trip in 1879 she ran out in 86 days, or 82 land to land.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett.

Name Age County Occupation Comments

Immigrants for the Mosgiel Manufacturing Company

Murray Christina 18 Selkirk Weaver
Tumbull John 44 Roxburgh Dyer 8.10.0 Paid in cash
Jessie 42
Dorothy 19
Walter 14
Elizabeth 11
Andrew 9
Janet 6
Robert 1
Younie Elizabeth 18 Morayshire Weaver
Nominated Persons
Alexander Charles 15 Monmouth Butchers Apprentice
Cunningham John 20 Galway Farm Labourer
McReynolds John 32 Londonderry Ploughman
Northley Mary A. (single) 46 Devonshire Housekeeper 14.7.6 Paid in cash
Emma 17 Devonshire Domestic Servant
Phillips Simon 25 Cornwall Labourer
Ellen 20
John H. 1
Not Nominated
O'Connor Honora 40 Waterford These people were left behind from the ship Wellington on account of the child having whooping cough. the rest of the family procedded in the Wellington
Thomas 6

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