Our Note: This decree by and on behalf of her Majesty Queen Victoria may seem long-winded and convoluted but if you take the time to read it carefully, you will see exactly what the justice system of the day was all about. The English were once described as "stiff-upper-lipped". Perhaps one can see why after reading this document.


Secretary's Office
Wellington, January 31, 1848.

    HIS EXCELLENCY THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR has been pleased to direct that the following Commission, appointing Justices of the Peace for the Province of New Munster, and the List of Names thereunto annexed, been published for general information.
                                                  By his Excellency's Command,
                                                                       S. E. Grimstone,
                                                                                   Acting Secretary.

    VICTORIA, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, to Our trusty and loving subjects whose names are hereunto annexed, Greeting.

    KNOW YE, that we have assigned you, and each and every of you, jointly and severally, to be our Justices to keep our Peace in our Province of New Munster, in the Islands of New Zealand, and to keep and cause to be kept all ordinances and statutes for the preservation of the Peace, and for the quiet rule and government of our people, made in all and singular their articles in our said Province and its dependencies, according to the form and effect of the same, and to punish all persons offending against the said ordinances and statutes, or any of them, in the said Province and its dependencies; and to cause to come before you, or any or more of you, all those within the said Province of New Munster, who to any one or more, of our people, concerning their bodies, or the firing of their houses, shall have used threats, to find sufficient security for the Peace, or their good behaviour towards us and our people; and if they refuse to find such security, then them in our prisons, until they shall find such security, to cause to be safely kept. We have also assigned you, or either of you, with any one or more of such Justices as are hereby, or shall hereafter be duly commissioned by us in that behalf, to enquire the truth more fully by all lawful means by which the truth of the matter shall be better known, of all, of all and all manner of felonies, poisenings, trespasses, or extortions whatsoever, and of all singular other crimes and offences of which the Justices of our Peace may or ought lawfully to enquire, by whomsoever and after what manner soever in the said Province of New Munster done or perpetrated, or which shall happen to be done or attempted.

    AND also, of all those who in the aforesaid Province in companies against our Peace, in disturbance of our people, with armed force, have gone or rode, or hereafter shall presume to go or ride; and also, of all those who have there lain in wait, to maim, or cut, or kill our people. And also, of all the victuallers, and all and singular other persons, who in the abuse of weights or measures, or in the selling of victuals, against the form of the ordinances and statutes, or any of them therefore made for the common benefit of our said Province and our people thereof, have offended, or attempted, or hereafter shall presume in the said Province to offend or attempt. And also, all Sheriffs, constables, keepers of gaols, and other officers, who in the execution of their offices about the premises, or any of them, have unduly behaved themselves, or hereafter shall presume to behave themselves unduly, or have been or shall happen hereafter to be careless, remiss, or negligent in our aforesaid Province. And of all singular articles and circumstances, and all other things whatsoever that concern the premises, or any of them, by whomsoever, and after what manner soever, in our aforesaid Province done or perpetrated, or which hereafter shall happen to be done or attempted in what manner soever. And to inspect all Indictments whatsoever so before you, or any of you, with which Justice or Justices as aforesaid, taken or to be taken, or before others late our Justices of the Peace in the in the aforesaid Province, made or taken, and not yet determined; and to make and continue to processes thereupon against all and singular the persons so indicted, or who before you hereafter shall happen to be so indicted, until they can be taken, surrender themselves, or be outlawed. Provided always, that if a case of difficulty upon the determination of any of the premises before you, or any one or more of you shall happen to arise, then let judgement in no wise be given thereon before you, or any of you, unless in the presence of one of our Justices of the Supreme Court of the said Province.

    AND therefore, We command you, and each of you, and every one of you, that to keep the Peace, or ordinances and statutes, and all and singular other the premises, you diligently apply yourselves, and that at certain days and places duly appointed, or to be appointed for these purposes into the premises, ye make enquiries, and all and singular the premises hear, and determine and perform, and fulfil them in the aforesaid form, doing therein what to justice, appertains, according to the law and custom of England, saving to us the amerciaments and other things to us therefrom belonging. And we command our Sheriff of the said Province, at certain days and places duly appointed, or to be appointed, as aforesaid, to be abiding by all lawful means in the performance and due execution of the premises.

IN testimony whereof, we have caused these our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seal of our said Province to be hereunto fixed.

WITNESS, Our trusty and well-beloved Edward John Eyre, Esquire, Lieutenant-Governor in and over our Province of New Munster, at Government House, Wellington, in our said Province, this thirty-first day of January, in the eleventh year of Our Reign, and in the Year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and forty-eight.
                                                         Edward John Eyre
                                      By Command of His Excellency,
                                                                 S. E. Grimstone
                                                                         Acting Secretary.

List of Magistrates for New Munster January 31st 1848

Lieutenant-Colonel William Anson M'Cleverty Commanding the Troops New Munster
Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Emilius Gold Commanding 65th Regiment
Major James Patience 65th Regiment
Major Alfred Francis William Wyatt 65th Regiment
Major Charles Augustus Arney 58th Regiment
Captain George Freeman Murray 65th Regiment
Captain Andrew Hamilton Russell 58th Regiment
Henry St Hill, Esquire Sheriff and Resident Magistrate
Receiver The Honorable Henry W. Petre Colonial Treasurer and Receiver-General
Peter Dods Hogg, Esquire Collector of Customs
Robert Rodger Strang, Esquire Registrar General
Arthur Edward McDonogh, Esquire
David Stark Durie, Esquire Inspector of Police
Alfred Rowland Chetham Strode, Esquire Deputy Inspector of Police
Secretary Henry Tacey Kemp, Esquire Native Secretary
William Wakefield, Esquire Principle Agent of the New Zealand Company
Charles Clifford, Esquire
William Mein Smith, Esquire
William Swainson, Esquire F. R. S.
Edward Daniell, Esquire
Alexander McDonald, Esquire
Richard Baker, Esquire
William Hickson, Esquire
William Fitzherbert, Esquire
Alfred Ludlam, Esquire
Abraham Hort, Esquire
His Honor Matthew Richmond, Esquire Superintendent
Donald Sinclair, Esquire
Alfred Domett, Esquire
John Damforth Greenwood, Esquire
Francis Otterson, Esquire
Alexander McShane, Esquire
Hugh Martin, Esquire
James McKay, Esquire
David Sclanders, Esquire
George Duppa, Esquire
The Honorable Constantine Augustus Dillon
George White, Esquire
David Munro, Esquire
Edward William Stafford, Esquire
William Oldfield Cautley, Esquire
Francis Jollie, Esquire
Charles Bigg Wither, Esquire
Charles Thorp, Esquire
William Fox, Esquire
John Nixon, Esquire
Samuel King, Esquire
Moses Campbell, Esquire
George Rees, Esquire
John Watson, Esquire Resident Magistrate