May Queen1872

May Queen
Barque: 736 tons
: Leslie
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 25th July 1872 - arrived Otago 25 October 1872

The May Queen was a pretty little barque, and very popular with passengers. Although only 736 tons register she made excellent passages to the several ports. After making sixteen voyages to New Zealand she came to grief at Lyttelton in 1888. She ran to Dunedin from 1871 until 1876, under charter to the Shaw Saville Company, and also made three voyages to Auckland, two to Lyttelton, two to Nelson and one to Napier. The may Queen was wrecked at Lyttelton in 1888, while in the command of Captain Colville, who made six voyages in the ship.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Brooks Samuel 30 Somersert Frm Labourer
Bessy 28
James 2
William 11 mths
Harris Matilda 52 Trans to s/w Travelling with Brooks
Brooks elizabeth 26 Trans to s/w
Duhie Jeremiah 29 Queenstown Labourer
Johanna 26
Mary 6
Johanna 4
Thomas 1
Duke George 47 Surrey Bricklayer
Pricilla 44
Pricilla 22 Trans to s/w
Sarah Amm 20 Trans to s/w
Emily 19 Trans to s/w
Mary 18 Trans to s/w
George 11
Agnes 9
William 7
Martha 3
Findlay Robert 46 Ayrshire Labourer
Emily 46
Findlayson Fuilay? 50 Ross Shepherd
Catherine 39
John 18 Trans to s/m
Catherine 16 Trans tos/w
Rebecca 14 Trans to s/w
Christina 12 Trans to s/w
William 10
Murdo 7
Jessie 5
Mary 3
Fox Hugh 30 Monaghan General Labourer
Jane B. 29
John 7
Hugh 5
Eliza 3
Jane 2
Hudson Thomas 44 Surrey Carpenter
Sarah 39
Sarah 20 Trans to s/w
Louisa 16 Trans to s/w
Rosa 9
Thomas 7
Annie 5
George 3
Kate 11 mths
McLennan Alexander 40 Ross Shepherd
Margaret 34
Donald 11
Alexander 9
James 7
Ann 5
Agnes 3
Watt Alexander 33 Forfar Farm Servant
Agnes 22
Isabella 4
Woods William 43 Galway Frmer
Ann 42
John 18 Trans to s/m
George 16 Trans to s/m
Catherine 13 Trans to s/w
Margaret 11
Anne 8
William 5
Single Men
Beauchop James 22 Clackmannon Plumber
Dawson Alexander 25 Aberdeen Ploughman
Edwards Benjamin 23 Salop Black Smith
Fahey Lawrence 25 Galway Farm Labourer
Findlay John 18 Ross Shepherd
Giffard Lawrence 17 Shetland Labourer
Grimes Thomas 20 Galway Labourer
Hobson Abraham 25 Kilkenny Labourer
Johnson Robert 19 Shetland Labourer
Kearney Michael 25 Galway Farm Labourer
Mason Alexander 19 Caithness Plumber
Mumford James 24 Surrey Baker
Munro James 36 Ayrshire Butcher
O'Brien Patrick 29 Galway Labourer
Philp William 21 Northampton Carpenter
Treloar Thomas 27 Somersertshire Labourer
Uttley William Henry 20 Lancashire Carpenter
Vincent Simeon 33 Wiltshire Labourer
Waldie William 44 Edinburgh Labourer
Watherston John 29 Berwick Shepherd
Woods John 18 Galway Labourer
George 16 Galway Labourer
Single Women
Beauchop Bertha 20 Clackmannon General Servant
Brooks Elizabeth 26 Somersert Servant
Bruton Frances 39 Queens Servant
Donahue Bridget 18 Galway Servant
Duke Pricilla 22 Surrey Servant
Sarah A. 20 Surrey Housemaid
Emily 19 Surrey Servant
Mary 18 Surrey Housemaid
Fahey Bridget 18 Galway Servant
Fairgreive Mary B. 18 Edinburgh Housemaid
Finlayson Catherine 16 Ross General Servant
Rebecca 14 Ross
Christina 12 Ross
Grey Jessie 27 Ross Servant
Harris Matilda 52 Somersetshire
Hudson Sarah 20 Surrey Servant
Louisa 16 Surrey Servant
Mair Jane 16 Lanark Nursery Maid
Millne Margaret 26 Morayshire Cook
Miskin Rosa 18 Kent Servant
Philp Mary Ann 44 Northampton
Elizabeth 17 Northampton Servant
Mary Ann 15 Northampton Servant
Grace 13 Northampton Servant
Philp Grace 46 Cornwall MATRON
Smith Lilias 21 Linlithgow Servant
Mary 17 Linlithgow Servant
Sunn Christian G. 19 Lanarck Servant
Woods Catherine 13 Galway

PHILP family:
Mary Ann Philp (aged 44) with her children, William (shown as single man), Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Grace were coming to join Samuel Philp, Mary Ann's husband.   He may have come earlier as a seaman, but worked in Dunedin as a plasterer. Grace Philp (aged 46) was coming to join her husband, John Philp, who had arrived several years earlier. John was also a plasterer. Mary Ann is the daughter of Joseph Emery and Ann Osborne, and the Philp brothers are sons of William Philp and Mary Tapp. Many of the descendants and ancestors of the Philp brothers are known.
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