Ship: 610 tons
Captain: William Chivas
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr William Purdie
Sailed Greenock September 11th 1849 - arrived Otago December 26th 1849

Name Age Occupation Comments
Chief Cabin Passengers
Ferguson Mr 25 Gentleman
McAdam Caroline 39 Spinster
Oatts Henry 30 Gentleman Bound for Wellington
Ann 25
Ann 4
Maurice 10 months
Pillans Francis S 38 Gentleman
Purdie Dr William 52 Surgeon on board
Mrs 36
Jessie Don 9
Henry Wright 6
John William Mitchell 7
Jane 3
David Robertson 2
Elizabeth Rose 2 months
Todd Alexander 46 Accountant
Mrs 37
Cornelius 16
James 14
Jessie 8
Archibald 6
Alexander 3
William 2
Fore Cabin Passengers
Bell A H 35 Spinster
Blackie William 35 Shipmaster
Jane 36
William 11
John 9
Mary Jane 6
Jessie 4
Catherine 2 months
Clemison Plumpton 29 Gentleman
McDoig Andrew 21 Farmer
McDougal Thomas 21 Farmer
McGibbon John 40 Grocer
Mrs 30
Thomas 9
Jessie 6
Jeanie 3
John 5 months
McGibbon Margaret 24 Not related to the above McGibbon's
Paid Steerage
Beattie Margaret 67 Widow
Mary 13 Child of above
Gilchrist Isabella 34 Widow
Hall Margaret 30
Harrison Peter 45 Gentleman
Martha 25
Harriet 6
Joseph 5
Edward 4
William 2
Clorinda 5 months
McGregor David 21
Magdalin 21
Paterson Mary 42
Janet 30
Patterson Mary 18
Roseanna 14
Jessie 12
Peter 7
Agnes 5
Edward 3
Florence 6 months
Perkins Mrs Senior 67 Widow
Perkins George 42 Gentleman
Katherine 40
William 16
James 11
John 10
Charles 9
Catherine 6
Clorinda 4 months
Proudfoot Jane 25 Widow? Died on board 07/10/1849
Smellie William 42 Gentleman
Assisted Steerage
Aitchison William 16 Groom
Barr John 47 Mason
Mrs 48
Jean 22 Servant
Beaton Malcolm 25 Ploughman
Berrie Janet 24 Servant
Bissett William 22 Mason
Agnes 17
Boyd John 35 Shepherd
Alan 29 Shepherd
Cameron David 24 Ploughman
Carle John 24
Elizabeth 28
James 3
Dick Mary 18 Servant
Duncan John 39 Gardener
Mrs 37
Henry 8
John 6
William 2
Duncan George 23 Shepherd
Elspeth 20
Duncan John 20 Labourer
Duncan Agnes 14 Servant
Gebbie Alexander 46 Agriculturalist
Isabella 38
Gebbie James 32 Gardener
Mrs 33
James 3
Jeannie 1 Died on board
John 3 months
Grant Alexander 28 Shepherd
Kirkland John 34 Ploughman
Margaret 26 Died on board
William 2
Agnes 5 months Died on board
Lumsden Andrew 26 Blacksmith
Jane 30
McDonald John 24 Ploughman
McIndoe Ann 17 Servant
McLachlan Donald 32 Shepherd
Catherine 20 Ships Carpenter
McLachlan Duncan 26
McLay Thomas John 29 Ploughman
Margaret 28
John 8
James 6
Jessie 4
Mary 2
McMaster Allan 22 Ploughman
Jane 22
McMillan Angus 31 Shoemaker
Margaret 19
McMillan Janet 33 Sister of Angus
McNeil Alexander 26 Blacksmith
Mary 24 Died on board
Ann 5 Died on board
James 2
Mary 4 months
McNeil James 46 Ploughman
Ann 48
James 22
George Buchanan 18
John 13
Robert 11
McNeil Margaret 34 Servant
Miller David 18 Millwright
Nicholson John 29 Shepherd
Donald 23 Ploughman
Sinclair Georgina 28 Servant
Grace Inglis 25 Servant
Smith Alexander 31
Jane 27
Stephen John 20 Joiner
Stephen John 20 Butcher
Mary 18
Stewart Alexander 36 Labourer
Isabella 38
Torrence Margaret 21 Servant
Isabella Watson 14 Servant
Wright James 27 Labourer
Mary 33
William PURDIE, M D:
William was born on August 31st 1797 at Airdrie, Lanarkshire in Scotland to John Purdie and Margaret (nee Bell). In 1823 he started his apprentiship in medicine under Dr Walter Rankin of Airdrie and cycled 10 miles each way to Glasgow University to pursue his studies. Subsequently he moved to Edinburgh where he qualified in Surgery in 1825. He continued his studies and finally graduated as Doctor of Medicine at Glasgow in 1834. After completing his degree, he obtained a position of Ship’s Doctor on the whaler Elizabeth of Hull to gain further experience. During this time, in an attempt to save a man from killing himself with drink, he agreed that if the man would stop drinking he would too. From this time he became a staunch teetotaller, never having another drink, although he was not not totally opposed to it. He married Elizabeth Millar Robertson at Cannongate in Edinburgh where he had set up his practice. Elizabeth and William had several children, two of whom died in their youth. During his time in practice, a severe Cholera epidemic broke out in Cannongate. William was subsequently officially recognised for his services during this period. He became a Burgess and Freeman of Cannongate. As well as being very religious man who was deeply involved in the spiritual needs of the poorer classes, he was very interested in horticulture and became a member of the Caledonian Horticultural Society. These interests remained with him all his life. In 1849 he brought his family to New Zealand, on the Mooltan, he being the Ship’s Surgeon. During the voyage, cholera broke out but for all the 180 lives on board, emigrants, other passengers and crew, he only lost 9 lives to cholera.  Others did die from other causes, including his own infant child from heat exhaustion. On their arrival in New Zealand, he purchased the only house then, north of what is now the Octagon in Dunedin and devoted his life to public service along with his practice. During this time he was the first Vice President of the Otago Horticultural Society, now the Agricultural and Pastoral Association. He served as a Magistrate and on Local Bodies. Until his church was founded he was a loyal adherent of the First Church Dunedin and when built Know Church, but being a Baptist, he never took office in the Presbyterian Churches, although he took services for them in Port Chalmers. When the first Baptist Church was founded, he was one of the promoters of the church and he along with his family became foundation members. William, along with Thomas Dick, formed a partnership for the purchase of Run 304, Cottesbrook Station out of Middlemarch which they sold in 1866 and one of William's, Henry Wight Purdie, managed the Run. Henry subsequently took up Dentistry and married Thomas Dick’s eldest daughter, Eliza Mary Dick. William Purdie died a very sick and spent man, on 30 June 1876. He was survived by his wife and family. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Del Purdie.

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