Ship: 1069 Tons
Captain: E. Matthews
Superintendent: Dr Richardson
Sailed London 15th December 1858 - arrived Lyttelton 20th March 1859

The Mystery, a fine powerful ship of 1069 tons, sent out by the White Star Co., made three successful voyages to New Zealand with passengers and general cargo. On the first occasion she sailed into Lyttelton Harbour on March 20th, 1859, with the yellow flag flying. Captain Matthews reported having sailed from London on December 29th, 1858. Soon after clearing the land smallpox and scarlet fever broke out, and before reaching Lyttelton fifteen of the 300 immigrants on board had died and been buried at sea. The ship made a good run of 83 days, land to land, or 91 port to port. On arrival the ship was placed in quarantine.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Mystery

This passenger list was very kindly given to us by Kevin Violich.

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Scott Mr
Hudson William
Dobree Henry J.
Robertson Bertha
Welch J. H.
Second Cabin Passengers
Gurland Mr and Mrs
Amos Mr W.
Burnley Mr G.
Gould J.
Gillespie J. E.  and J. C.
Frame J.
Dawe J.
Cunningham J.
Blackand A.
Steerage Passengers
Families and Children
Ball Robert 35 Nottingham Blacksmith
Jane 31
Robert 5
Hilton 2
Briggs John 34 Yorkshire Quarryman Brother of Jane Milner
Hannah 32
Male child Born and died on board
Buttress P              Boatman
This family is listed in the newspaper but does not appear on the   passenger list.
4 children
Carter James 33 Labourer
Sarah Ann 30
Clark Richard 47 Surrey Labourer
Amy 37
Richard Henry 19 Trans to s/m
Mary Ann 16 Trans to s/w
John 14 Trans to s/m
Henry 11
George 10
Frederick 8
Alfred 8
Amy 6
Elizabeth 3
Jane 3 mths
Coton Bentley 24 Yorkshire Labourer
Sarah Jane 22
Emerson T Farm Servant
This family is listed inthe newspaper but is not on the passenger list.
Firmston Henry 25 England Carpenter
Susan 25
Henry 1 Died on board March 20th
Female child Born on board February 20th
Foster William 44 Chester Weaver
Sarah 49
Mary Ann 10
Grubb J Shepherd
This family appeares in the paper but is not on the passenger list.
3 Children
Hall Thomas 35 Yorkshire Joiner
Grace 34
Jane 13 Trans to s/w
Thomas 10
Jesse 8
Dorothy 3
Ann Elizabeth 1
Hargraves W Farm Servant
This family appeares in the paper but is not on the passenger list.
Harwood Saul 33 Hertfordshire Labourer
Rebecca 30
Alfred 7
Elizabeth 5
Emily 2
Jane 6 mths
Jones Richard 31 Middlesex Bookbinder
Martha 32
Henry M. 6
Maria 4
Female child Born on board February 6th
Keetley Joseph 38 Derby Smith
Alice M. A. 38
John H. 8
Elizabeth 7
Harriet 5
Sarah 3
Thomas 1
Lawrence Thomas         35 London Carpenter
Catherine 32
Henry 3
Walter 11 mths
Male child Born on board February 23rd
Leigh Zebulon 32 England Bricklayer
Mary Ann 33
John M. 3
Mary Ann 1
Ellen Jane Infant
McIntosh Kenneth 24 Morry ? Ploughman
Grace 21
Melbourne Mark 28 England Smith and Farrier
Emily 27
Ann Elizabeth 4
Thomas William 3
Mark Infant
Milner Thomas 40 Yorkshire Joiner
Jane 40
John 20 Trans to s/m
Frederick 7
Ezra 5
Mummery John 38 Surrey Labourer
Frances 29
Neild Joseph 29 Lancashire Hand Sawyer
Harriet 21
Hannah 3 mths
Oliver William 46 Cornwall Carpenter / Wheelwright
Patty W. 46
William Sweet 20 Trans to s/m
John Sweet 17 Trans to s/m
Pricilla 14 Trans to s/w
Elizabeth Sweet 12 Trans to s/w
Charles Sweet 10
Partridge Thomas 26 Stafford General Labourer
Mary 23
Raine Thomas 38 Durham Gardener
Harriet 36
Thomas 14 Trans to s/m
Julia 10
Margaret 8
Mary Ann 6
Harriet 3
William 8 weeks
Rowley Joseph 40 Worcester Labourer
Mary 42
John 20 Trans to s/m
Thomas 18 Trans to s/m
Mary Ann 16 Trans to s/w
Jane 11
Joseph 9
Emma 5
Matilda 10 mths
Elizabeth M. 10 mths Died on Board March 2nd
Thursfield Thomas B. 24 Durham Shipwright
Elizabeth 24
Robert 1
Wagner Martin 28 Germany Farm Labourer
Mary 24
Watson William 36 Cumberland Ag Labourer
Elizabeth 29
William 5
Ann Elizabeth 3
George 9 mths
Whitmore James 26 Glostershire Mechanic
Ann 30
Ellen 8
Henry 6
Sarah Jane 4 Died on board March 5th
William George 2 Died on board December 30th
Rose Amelia 2 weeks Died on board March 5th
Assisted Immigrants
Argent Jesse 49 Surrey Labourer
Harriet 49
Harriet 27 Trans to s/w
Blake Henry 26 Somerset Painter & Glazier
Mary Ann 28
Emma 4
Bowbyes Robert              27 Deal Boatman / Ag Labourer
Harriet 22
Bowles John J. 39 Kent Mariner
Elizabeth 30
Emily 7
Elizabeth Sarah 5
Burt Thomas 44 Sussex Farmer
Sarah 48
William 15 Trans to s/m
Ellen 13 Trans to s/w
George 11
John 9
Clayson Henry 22 Deal Mariner
Elizabeth Ann 20
William 6 weeks
Clegg Benjamin 32 Quarryman
Ann 30
Mary Hannah 5
Cory Morris           29 Deal Mariner
Elizabeth 29
Morris 10
Catherine 8
Ann 8
Henry 4
Crump William 22 Worcester Labourer
Eliza 23
Lucy 2
Erskine Robert 41 Middlesex Gardener
Sarah 35
John Henry 6
William 5
Harriet 3
James Brown 1
Feldwick John 44 Westminster Domestic servant / Gardener
Emma 34
Henry 14 Trans to s/m
John 13 Trans to s/m
Emma 11
Jane 9
Edwin 7
Ellen 5
Catherine 9 mths Died on Board January 20th
Gardener John 28 Kent Mariner
Lelylla ? 24
Mary 2
John James 4 mths
Groves John 35 Middlesex Labourer
Elizabeth 36
Jane 11
George 4
Henderson David 23 Forfar Ag Labourer
Christina 21
Heyward Neal 35 Kent Mariner
Susan 30
Harry 13
Thomas 6
Horniblow James 47 Worchester Carpenter
Notation found on passenger list:
Just as the ship is about to sail a case of small pox is discovered in this family and they are landed at Gravesend. The two elder children proceed by this ship. The parents will appear in next ship. Signed 13/12/58
Lucy 43
Elizabeth 19 Trans to s/w
Edwin 15 Trans to s/m
Emily 11
William Henry 9
Charles 7
Mary Ann 2 mths
Hunt I Joiner
This family appeares in the paper but is not on the passenger list.
5 Children
Hunt Jeremiah 22 Worcestershire Ag Labourer
Hannah 18
Hunt Stephen 25 Stafford Ag Labourer
Harriet 19
Susannah 4 mths Died on Board January 9th
Hurst John 30 Middlesex Clockmaker
Elizabeth 31
Elizabeth 6
John William 2
Jenkins Saul            28 Nottingham Carpenter
Mary Ann 26
Edward J. 10 mths
Johnston William 49 Aberdeen Blacksmith / Farmer
Anne 46
James 19 Trans to s/m
William 16 Trans to s/m
George 14 Trans to s/m
Catherine 10
Robert 7
Lea John 24 Warwick Bricklayer
Elizabeth 23
Lockhead James 31 Dunbarton Farm Servant
Jane R. 27
John 4
Robert R. 2
Jane Agnes 14 mths Died on Board January 7th
Female child Born on board February 20th
Martin Richard 29 England Woodman
Mary 39
Sarah 18 Trans to s/w
Richard 16 Trans to s/m
Frances 14 Trans to s/w
Mary Ann 9
Emma 7
William 4
George 1 Died on Board January 22nd
Morris Richard 28 Kent Mariner
Evena ? 24
Sarah Jane 2
Morton William F. 42 Oxfordshire Schoolmaster
Loveday 27
Emily Jane 8
Walter Scott 5
Eugene Pauld 2
Alice Annie 10 mths Died on board March 8th
Newton John  Henry 32 Deal Mariner
Jane 32
John Henry 7
Rachel A. 5
Isaac 3
William R. 1
Newton Edward 30 Kent Mariner
Sarah 27
Joseph Edward 4
James Henry 3
Henry 9 mths
Palsworth Henry 29 Leicester Labourer This family is crossed off on the passneger list.
Roberts William John          21 Deal Mariner
Harriet 19
Rogers Richard 38 Deal Mariner
Charlotte 29

Notations below which appeared alongside childrens names. There is no indication as to date written or their meaning.

Ellen 8 Married Cooper. Sailor
Charlotte 6 In service Mrs Bradfield
William 4 With Captain Thompson
Henry 2 At home?
Alfred 3 mths Shown as dead on passenger list but not in newspapaer.
Shaw Joseph 45 England Wheelwright
Ann 41
Edward 24 Trans to s/m
David 20 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 17 Trans to s/w
Ann 13 Trans to s/w
Mary 10
Thomas 8
James 6
Alfred 3
Smith Alfred 25 Worwick Labourer
Mary 27
Sarah 3
Luis 1
Smith Henry 48 Middlesex Town Cabman
Fanny 48
Hector 17 Trans to s/m
Verroll William 26 Sussex Carpenter
Ruth 36
Ruth L. 7
Naomi 5
William 4
Alfred 3
Emily 16 mths Died on board March 11th
Wilds John 32 Kent Mariner
Esther 26
Wyman Thomas 43 Kent Mariner
Jane 42
Thomas 17 Trans to s/m
Jane 15 Trans to s/w
Catherine 13 Trans to s/w
Fanny 10
James 8
John 6
Charles 4 Deceased
Susan 1
Single Men
Allen J J Labourer In newspaper not on passenger list.
Bedford George 15 Farm Labourer
Cawkwell William           50 Surrey Cabinetmaker
Joseph 8
Eales Thomas 20 Devon Brass Fitter
Feldwick Henry 14 Westminster General Labourer
John 12 Westminster General Labourer
Ford E Cooper and Sawyer
In newspaper not on passenger list.
Kite H Coachbuilder
In newspaper not on passenger list.
Marin Richard 16 England General Labourer
Morrison Alexander 21 Dundee Ploughman
Pointon Ephraim 21 Berks Farm Labourer
Preece Thomas 30 Shropshire Farm Servant
Sawyer R Labourer
In newspaper not on passenger list.
Shaw Edward 24 England Wheelwrigh
David 20 England Wheelwright
Slater T Carpenter
In newspaper not on passenger list.
Smith Henry 17 Middlesex General Labourer
Colonial Assisted Single Men
Brown John 22 Perth Ploughman
Clark William 18 Leicester Labourer
Glendinning Joseph Roxburgh Shepherd
Hayton Edward 38 Middlesex Stone Mason
Hayward Harry 13 Boatman
Johnston James 19 Aberdeen Blacksmith
William 16 Aberdeen Farm Servant
George 14 Aberdeen Farm Servant
Miller Malcolm Dumbarton Shepherd
Whyman Thomas 17 Boatman
Single Women
Argent Harriet 27 Housemaid
Bonniface Mrs J. 38 Hants Sempstress
Mary 11
Sarah Ann 9 Died on Board January 4th
Edwin 4
Burt Ellen 13 Domestic Servant
Cann Jane 43 Matron
Cawkwell Stella 24 Domestic Servant
Sarah 20 Domestic Servant
Janet 11
Caroline 10
Clark Mary Ann 16 Housemaid
Hornblow Elizabeth 19 Domestic Servant
Leonard Kate 22 Liverpool Servant
Oliver Pricilla H. 14 Domestic Servant
Elizabeth Sweet 12 Domestic Servant
Rowley Mary A. 16 Domestic Servant
Smith Ruth 17 Domestic Servant
Stokes Mary Ann 19 Domestic Servant
Stott Jane 13 Domestic servant
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Bartley Amy 16 Domestic Servant
Bennet Emma 15 Domestic Servant
Bruce Margaret 26 Forfar Domestic Servant
Isabella 18 Forfar Domestic Servant
Cowe Ann 30 Clare
Margaret 6
William Henry 3
Charles 4 mths
Eales Mary Ann 18 Devon Domestic Servant
Hewitt Matilda 15 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Lambert Eliza 14 Surrey Domestic Servant
Lockhead Janet 24 Domestic Servant
Maloney Elizabeth 29 Domestic Servant
Martin Sarah 18 Domestic Servant
Frances 14 Domestic Servant
May Eliza 32 Berkshire Servant
Owen Ann 14 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Pryor Eliza 16 Domestic Servant
Pulham Harriet 16 Domestic Servant
Shaw Elizabeth 17 Farm Servant
Ann 13 Domestic Servant
Taylor Caroline 14 Domestic Servant
Ward Mary 43 Leicester Field Servant
William 5
Wayland Eliza            15 Suffolk Domestic Servant
Maria 14
Wilson Frances 31 Middlesx Laundress
Amy 16 Middlesx Domestic Servant
Ellen 13 Middlesx Domestic Servant
Henry 8 Middlesx
Whyman Jane 15 Domestic Servant
Catherine 31 Domestic Servant


HUNT family:
Stephen Hunt, born 1832 in Romsley, Worcestershire married Harriet Martin who was born in 1841at Tipton. Their first child Susannah was born a year later in 1857. They came to New Zealand on the Mystery together with Stephen's brother Jeremiah and his wife Hannah Bailey. Unfortunately during the journey the baby Susannah died. Stephen and Harriet settled at French Farm on the Akaroa Harbour and they had 12 children. In 1875 Harriet died during childbirth and after 3 months Stephen remarried to 17 year old Victoire Libeau of Akaroa and they had 15 children. In all Stephen fathered 28 children. He died in 1906 and is buried in the Akaroa cemetery with his first wife. His second wife Victoire died 1932 and is buried in the Duvauchelle cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Kevin Violich.


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Lyttleton Times March 30th 1859
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