Ship: 1247 tons
Captain: Fullerton
Sailed from Clyde 4th June 1879 - arrived Otago 28th August 1879

The Nelson was one of six clipper ships built in 1874 by Robert Duncan for Patrick Henderson. She was specially built to carry passengers, and her accomodation was all that could be desired. At first she ran in opposition to the Shaw-Savill Company, but later, when the amalgamation took place, sailed under their flag. The nelson was a vessel of 1247 tons, and traded to the colony from 1874 until 1902. She was still afloat in 1917, sailing as a barque under the Chilean flag, and owned by Oelckers, of Valparaiso. As late as 1916 she was in Sydney Harbour.
White Wings Vol One - Sir Henry Brett
NB - Nelson made 23 voyages carrying immigrants

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Baccus Daniel 22 Lanark Farm Labourer
Mrs 20
Ballantyne James 40 Rosshire Shepherd
Barbara 42
James 11
Dodds Andrew 37 Haddington Farm Labourer
Marion 35
Thomas 6
Gillie John 24 Haddington Shepherd
Jessie 24
Hall William 31 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Mary 29
Peter 9
McVie Gavin 23 Lanark Farm Labourer
Janet 20
Gavin 1 month
Newlands Henry 30 Linlithgow Farm Labourer
Christina 28
Niven Robert 21 Fife Ploughman
Mary Ann 22
Somerville James 26 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 22
Daniel 2
Somerville William 42 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Agnes 41
Mary 19 T/F to single women Farm Servant
Robert 17 T/F to single men Farm Labourer
Barbara 15 T/F to single women Housemaid
David 13 T/F to single men
Agnes 11
Elizabeth 9
Janie 7
Margaret 4
Christina 21 months
Thomson William 25 Ayr Farm labourer
Elizabeth 21
Susannah 1
Walker William 35 Lanark Farm Labourer
Mrs 35
Woodrow Robert 23 Dumbarton Ploughman
Jane 23
Reid James 24 Inverness Ploughman
Families & Children - Colonial Nominated Cases
Callon Richard 36 Surrey Labourer
Emily 30
Richard 17 T/F to single men Labourer
Samuel 10
Thomas 7
Emily 4
John 1
Clempson Edward 36 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 32
Mary A 14 T/F to single men
Esther 4
George 10 months
Cosgriffe John 20 Tipperary Ploughman
Margaret 21
Douglas John 35 Lanark House Carpenter
Sarah 35
Foster James 27 Lanark Farm Labourer
Mrs 26
Annie 4
Elizabeth 1
Heslop Alexander 52 Midlothian Labourer
Catherine 50
William 23 T/F to single men Labourer
Euphemia 20 T/F to single women Carter
Robert 17 T/F to single men Domestic Servant
Hogg George 40 Fife Coal Contractor
Agnes 39
William 22 T/F to single men Labourer
George 20 T/F to single men Labourer
Alexander 18 T/F to single men Labourer
Robert 16 T/F to single men Miner
Andrew 14 T/F to single men
Mary 12 T/F to single women
Thomas 10
Adam 9
Mitchell Jane 30 T/F to single women Came with Hogg family
Moncrieff John 28 Lanark Farm Labourer
Mrs 28
John 6
Alexandra 2
James 6 months
O'Connell John 38 Stirling Farm Labourer
Agnes 38
John 14 T/F to single men
Thomas 10
Margaret 7
Patterson Joseph 30 Northumberland Brickmaker
Ann 28
Catherine 3
Elizabeth 1 month
Scott Antony 42 Durham Miner
Margaret 38
William 7
Margaret 5
Bertha 9 months
Sharp Thomas 24 Lanark Miner
Mary 21
James 18 months
Templeton William 33 Antrim Porter
Isabella 41
Wilcox John 44 Surrey Carpenter
Emma 40
Elizabeth 13 T/F to single women
John 10
Charlotte 8
William 6
Grace 5
Edwin 4
Williams William T/F to single men Travelled with Callon's
Single Men
Allan John 25 Linlithgow Joiner
Anderson Andrew 24 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Angus William 25 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Beaton John 24 Perth Ploughman
Callon Richard 17 Surrey Labourer
Connelly James 21 Galway Farm Labourer
Devlin Joseph 20 Lanark Farm Labourer
Dingwall George 27 Banff Farm Labourer
Donald Thomas 23 Ayre Farm Labourer
Dow Edward 21 Dumbarton Farm Labourer
Fortune Robert 24 Berwick Ploughman
Fortune William 22 Midlothian Ploughman
Fortune Betsy 20 T/F to s/w Outdoor Worker
Foster Thomas 25 Glamorgan Farm Servant
Graham Peter 21 Stirling Farm Servant
Jamieson William 19 Wigtownshire Ploughman
Johnstone William 22 Rossburgh Ploughman
Lawrie Matthew 30 Ayr Farm Labourer
Lind George 22 Linlithgow Shepherd
Lloyd James 29 Glamorgan Farm Labourer
Malley William 21 Galway Farm Labourer
McFarlane Aud 20 Perth Farm Labourer
Moor Simon 19 Orkney Farm Labourer
Prentice James 28 Ayr Shepherd
Riddle William 25 Midlothian Ploughman
Riley Peter 20 Mayo Farm Labourer
Patrick 15 Mayo Farm Labourer
Roy Robert 21 Banff Ploughman
Shanks John 21 Lanark Farm Labourer
Somerville Robert 17 Lanark Farm Labourer
David 13 Lanark
Walker Peter 26 Linlithgow Farm Labourer
Williams William Surrey Labourer
Wilson Aud 23 Berwick Farm Labourer
Single Men - Colonial Nominated Cases
Beaton John 21 Lanark Farm Labourer
Archibald 15 Lanark Farm Labourer
James 13 Lanark
Black William 26 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Bulling Max Sweden Farm Labourer
Donn Alexander 67 Caithness Farmer
John 17 Caithness Farm Servant
Doyle Patrick 20 Roscommon Farm Servant
Dunne James 19 Waterford Farm Servant
Fallon John 18 Roscommon Farm Servant
Heslop William 23 Midlothian Labourer
Robert 17 Midlothian Carter
Hogg William 22 Fife Labourer -
His name crossed out
George 20 Fife Labourer
Alexander 18 Fife Labourer
Robert 16 Fife Labourer
Andrew 14 Fife Labourer
Holland Martin 21 Galway General Labourer
Horue Edward 20 County Down General Labourer
Howatson Andrew 16 Ayr Farm Labourer
Lawless Kate 53 T/F to s/w Dairymaid
Stephen 29 Galway Farm Labourer
James 27 Galway Farm Labourer
Thomas 25 Galway Farm Labourer
Moncrieff Thomas 16 Lanark Farm Labourer
O'Connell John 14 Stirlingshire Farm Labourer
O'Driscoll Daniel 21 Cork Farm Labourer -
Travelled with Shea
Roach James 17 Cornwall Confectioner
Thomas 14
Shea John 20 Cork Farm Labourer
Patrick 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Ellen 22 T/F to s/w Domestic Servant
Margaret 21 T/F to s/w Domestic Servant
Small Patrick 27 Limerick Farm Servant
Johanna 29 T/F to s/w General Servant
Kate 23 T/F to s/w General Servant
Taylor John 20 Orkney Farm Servant
Thompson David 23 Edinburgh Farm Servant
Single Women
Berry Jane 19 Lanark General Servant
Black Selina 17 Lanark General Servant
Cairus 19 Lanark General Servant
Corcoran Anne 21 Dumbarton General Servant
Jane 18 Dunfries General Servant
Creaton Mary 23 Midlothian General Servant
Dalziel C 22 Shetland Domestic Servant
Davidson Helen 32 Forfar Housekeeper
Devlin Jane 19 Ayr House Maid
Devlin Elizabeth 17 Durham Dairymaid
Dyer Mary 18 Sligo Dairymaid
Early Bridget 20 Sligo Cook
Ferguson Agnes 19 Lanark Domestic Servant
Ferry Hannah 20 Donegal Domestic Servant
Fitzimmons Mary 25 Ayr Domestic Servant
Fortune Betsy 20 Midlothian Outdoor Worker
Gibson Abigail 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
Gillespie Elizabeth 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
Greig Agnes 20 Lanark Housemaid
Henderson Batsy 42 Forfar Professional Nurse  - MATRON on board
Hillhouse Martha 20 Ayr Dairy maid
Kirkwood Rachael 21 Lanark Housemaid
Knox Maggie H 23 Lanark General Servant
Lincond Jane M 23 Ayr Housemaid
Mahon Kate 18 Leitrim Housemaid
Macinahou Mary J 18 Edinburgh Nurse
Mackenzie Christina 20 Ross Housemaid
Matheson Christina 25 Ross Housemaid
McBride Esther 22 Lanark General Servant
McDuff Helen 24 Orkney General Servant
McGill Jessie 21 Renfrew General Servant
McKean Mary 20 Donegal Domestic Servant
McLaughlan Fanny 18 Lanark General Servant
McLay Alexina 19 Edinburgh General Servant
McSourly Mary 21 Lanark General Servant
McWhirter Jane 28 Ayr General Servant
Miller Amelia R 19 Wicklow General Servant
Morrison Jane 21 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Munro Ann 25 Ross Housemaid
Neil Eliza A 21 Ayr Domestic Servant
Nelson Annie 28 Roxburgh General Servant
Nichol Mary 23 Wigtonshire Domestic Servant
Oliver Maria 24 Edinburgh Domestic Servant
Patterson Eliza J 25 Tyrone Cook
Peers Alice S 24 Edinburgh Cook
Pruice Eliza 21 Jersey Cook
Louisa 20 Jersey Housemaid
Rae Annie 25 Lanark Domestic Servant
Rankin Jane 24 Quinbarton Nurse
Riley Bridget 45 Mayo



Kate 16 Mayo Domestic Servant
Ross Mary J 27 Wigtonshire Domestic Servant
Scanlan Mary 20 Sligo General Servant
Sharp Mary H 20 Leicestershire Nurse
Shea Johanna 19 Kerry General Servant
Somerville Mary 19 Lanark House Maid
Barbara 15 Lanark House Maid
Sorbie Jane 22 Midlothian Dairymaid
Starford Jane 24 Warwickshire Nurse


Annie 22 Warwickshire General Servant
Stevenson Mary A 22 Lanark General Servant
Stewart Elizabeth 19 Lanark General Servant
Stewart Margaret 22 Renfrew General Servant
Stewart Agnes 19 Renfrew House Maid
Sturrit Agnes 22 Ayr General Servant
Elizabeth 17 Ayr General Servant
Templeton Lizzie 18 Antrim General Servant
Turley Rose Ann 23 Dumbartonshire General Servant
Watson Elizabeth 24 Lanark House Maid
Single Women - Colonial Nominated Cases
Arundel Betsy 24 Yorkshire Housemaid
Beaton Mary 40 Lanark
John 21 T/F to s/m
Archibald 15 T/F to s/m
James 13 T/F to s/m
Climpson Mary A 14 Staffordshire
Comber Thomas 4 Travelled with Coyne
Coyne Margaret 25 Galway Domestic Servant
Doherty Mary 23 Lanark Domestic Servant
Harris Alice 26 Surrey Lady's Maid
Heslop Euphemia 20 Midlothian General Servant
Hogg Mary 12 Fife General Servant
Horue Mary E 22 Down General Servant
Howatson Elizabeth 46
Marion 22
Jeanie 20
Jessie 18
Andrew 16 T/F to s/m
Lizzie 9
David 7
Isabella 3
Johnston Susan 20 Kings County General Servant
Maria 17 Kings County General Servant
Lawless Kate 53 Galway
McDonough Hanna 19 Limerick General Servant
Mitchell Jane 30 Fife General Servant
Moncrieff Ann 44 Lanark
Ann 22 Lanark Domestic Servant
Maggie 19 Lanark Domestic Servant
Thomas 16 T/F to s/m Farm Labourer
Pitcairn Ann 33 Fife Domestic Servant
Eliza 31 Fife Domestic Servant
Quinn Catherine 20 Limerick Domestic Servant
Roach Alice 46 Cornwall
James F 17 T/F to s/m Confectioner
Thomas H 14 T/F to s/m
Alice 4
Shea Helen 22 Cork Domestic Servant
Margaret 21 Cork Domestic Servant
Small Johanna 29 Limerick Domestic Servant
Kate 23 Limerick Domestic Servant
Sullivan Eliza 19 Kerry General Servant
Wilcox Elizabeth 13 Surrey


CLEMPSON family:
Edward Clempson and his wife Sarah Potts left Glasgow in April 1878 and arrived in Otago in August the same year. They had previously lived at Bilston, in Staffordshire, England. Edward worked as an ironfoundry man and then set up as a herbalist after arriving in New Zealand. Out of 16 children they succeeded in raising 6, Edward died in 1902 and Sarah in 1904. Their children's, children are all in New Zealand except my husbands grandfather George, who came to Australia and settled in Donald Vic. in 1921. If you have a connection to this family or are interested in knowing more please contact Lizanne Clempson.


THOMSON family:
William Thomson and his wife Elizabeth found times hard on their small farm a
t Closeburn, Dumfrieshire and decided to emigrate. With their daughter Susannah they sailed on the Nelson on June 4th 1897. The Thomson family settled in Oamaru where William was employed by the Railways. Their son James was born in 1880 in Oamaru. Both children married and had families. They also cared for the Hunter children after the Brunner mine disaster,and brought up Willie Hiddleston and Maggie Moore. William died in 1929 and Elizabeth in 1947. If you have a connection to this family or are interested in knowing more please contact Kirsty Bell

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