Peter Denny
Ship: 998 tons
Captain: Adams

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 20th July 1871 - arrived Port Chalmers October 27th 1871

The Peter Denny, one of the Albion Company's ships, built in 1865 by Duthie, of Aberdeen, was engaged bringing passengers to Dunedin for several years before and after Sir Julius Vogel's immigration scheme was brought into being. During the first five voyages of the Peter Denny, from 1865 until 1872, , she brought out a total of 376 passengers, but in 1873 she landed 348, and in 1874 she brought out 384.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Address Occupation
Gardner Thomas 2 Chapel Row, Warwick Farm Servant
Mrs Harriet
Hales Elizabeth Calverly Pk, Tunbridge, Wells Cook
Jacob William 19 Wilton Square, London Plasterer
Mrs Sarah
Elizabeth Dressmaker
Henry Plasterer
Ladd Eliza Cleveland Villas, London Cook
Ladd Thomas 7 Victoria Place, London Plumber
Mrs Sarah
James T
Lloyd Hugh 14 Douglas Tce, London Shipbuilder
Mrs Jane
Staines Matilda 20 Bernard St, London Domestic Servant
Elaine 20 Bernard St, London Domestic Servant

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