Robert Henderson
Ship: 585 tons
Captain: McDonald
Surgeon Superindendent:
Sailed Glasgow on September 10th 1870 - arrived Dunedin December 23rd 1870

This smart little ship was a contrast to the general run of vessels sent out to the colony in the early days. Fore her size - her tonnage was only 586 - she made a remarkable run out to Otago on her first voyage. In all Robert Henderson made eleven voyages to New Zealand; one to Auckland, one to Lyttelton and the balance to Otago.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Address Occupation
Allan Marion Ballridge Burn, Dumfermline Domestic servant
Anderson Mary Hillhousefield, North Leith Nurse
Bathgate Alexander Dalmahoy, Mid-Calder Woodman
Mrs Eliza
Brown Margaret Belturbet, County Cavan Domestic servant
Burke Mary Lishenoran, Drumgriffen, Galway Domestic servant
Carmicheal Mary 16 Carrick St, Anderstone, Glasgow Farm servant
Clarke James 60 William St, Anderstone, Glasgow Farm servant
Gillespie Mary Rae Craigend Muir, Springburn, Glasgow Domestic servant
Goodlet John 8 Carnegie St, Edinburgh Labourer
Grab David 36 Seafield Rd, Dundee Cooper
Mrs Margaret
Elizabeth Ann
Gifford Jane
Hales Walter Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent Labourer
Hamilton Catherine Largiebeg, Arran, by Ardrossan Domestic servant
Howden James Woodlands, Oldhamstocks, Cockburnpath Domestic servant
Marion Woodlands, Oldhamstocks, Cockburnpath
Jamieson Thomas Killaughay, Donaghadee, Ireland Farm servant
Keane Micheal Monatray, Youghal, Cork Farm servant
King John Garrowood Grange, Keith Farm servant
King William 63 Chapel St, Aberdeen Farm servant
Lawton Patrick Ballyslough, Youghal, Cork Farm servant
Macaulay John Bosta, Bemara, Lewis Crofter and fisher
MacNab Betsy 15 Meadow St, Dundee Domestic servant
McDonald James 73 Alma Place, Govan Carpenter
Mrs Jane
McGiverin Mary Ann Kilbeggan, County Westmeath Cook
McHoul Elizabeth 3 Salisbury St, Glasgow Domestic servant
McKinnes Malcolm Sinclair St, Thurso, Stome cutter
Mrs Mary Ann
Muir John Roe, Burness, Orkney Farm servant
Mrs Betsy
Murray Mrs Ellen Bussey, Lerwick, Shetland
Jane Domestic servant
Helen Domestic servant
Nelson Ann 10 Frederick Lane, Glasgow Domestic servant
Parkhill Janet 5 Guildry Court, Gt Clyde St, Glasgow Domestic servant
Robertson John East Hermiston by Currie Farm servant
Mrs Margaret Dairy woman
Andrew E
Sandison Jessie Sutherland St, Therso Domestic servant
Shaw Thomas Stenton, Thornton, Fife Ploughman
Shearin Helen 277 Eglinton St, Glasgow Domestic servant
Sinclair James Hellock, Dunrossness, Shetland Farm servant
Mrs Margaret
James William
Straiton Peter Leuchars, Fife Farm servant
Sutherland John Cowgate Lane, Therso Stone cutter
Telfer Robert 47 Upper Ann St, Greenock Blacksmith
Walker Alexander Cumbernauld, Glasgow Labourer
Isabella Domestic servant
Wallace John Alexander Curragh Camp, Farm servant
Mrs Elizabeth
Wilson David 22 Reigo St, Edinburgh Engineer
Wyse John Prinlaws, Leslie, Fife Baker
James Ploughman
Mary Servant
Christian Servant
Charles Bleacher
Margaret Servant

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Source: Otago Gazette