Roman Emperor
Ship: 798 tons
Captain: Dewar
Surgeon Superintendent: M. J. T. Rouse
Sailed London 1st October 1859 - arrived Lyttelton 27th January 1860

The Roman Emperor, one of the line of provincial emigrant ships, arrived in harbor on Thursday a little before midnight. She has had a lengthened passage of 117 days. No incident of importance occurred during the voyage and the passengers are landed in good condition. the report of M. J. T. Rouse, Surgeon superindendant of the ship, shows that no sickness of consequence appeared on board, though a few cases of chronic malady and some severe seasickness occupied the time fully. The births on board were three, equal in number to the deaths, one of the latter being an adult, a single women who was carried off by consumption of long standing. The matron Mrs Qualtrough, lands, we regret to say, in an extremely precarius state of heath.

Chief Cabin
Beaven Mr
Buss Mr
Buss Miss
Butler Mr
Collins Mr
Cripps Mr
Downe Miss
Inman Mr
Lockyear Mr
Newton Mr
Phillips Mr
Second Cabin
Baron Mr
Kenny Mr
St. George de Rythe Mr
Webber Mr
Paying Steerage Passengers
Callaghan Mary
Chainey William
Cowlus George
Gilbert John
Howell Charles
Johnson Reuben
Myers Peter
Noy Henry
Phillips Edwin
Rathjan Frederick
Smith Henry
Taylor George
Watkins Stephen
Provincial Government Immigrants
Families & Children
Baker Walter 32 Waterford Farm Labourer
Ellen 30
William 10
Henry 8
Watson 4
James 2
Bailey Henry 36 Durham Toolmaker
Ann 33
Henry 2
Robert 6 mths
Bamford Matthew 41 Cheshire Silk Weaver
Elizabeth 32
James 13 Trans to s/m
Daniel 10
Samuel 7
Sarah Ann 5
William 2
Beaumont James 30 Durham Farm Labourer
Hannah 27
Mary Ann 6
James 1
Carter John 42 Durham Wheelwright
Mary 35
Ellen 12
John William 10
Mary Ann 9
Hannah 8
Robert Henry 6
Richard 4
Isabella 1
Cookson Henry 24 Stafford Gardener
Jane 22
Cookson Joseph 56 Stafford Gardener
Sarah 56
Edward 20 Trans to s/m
William 19 Trans to s/m
George 18 Trans to s/m
Caroline 14 Trans to s/w
Dunn Charles G. 28 Kent Carpenter
Celia 27
Ann 5
Fisher Nathan 28 York Bricklayer
Mary Ann 30
John Ellis 5
Susan 3
? Ann 9 mths
Gratham Thomas 37 Middlesex Gardener
Elizabeth Dix Deborah 36
Eliza 16 Trans to s/w
Sarah Ann 13 Trasn to s/w
Thomas 11
Grace 8
Emma 6
Robert 4
Groves George 21 Leicester Labourer
Ann 21
William 6 mths
Harrison William 52 Surrey Baker
Frances 57
Hemmingway John 25 York Mason
Henrietta 21
Hill John  35 Notts Farm Labourer
Ann 34
Rowland 13 Trans to s/m
Susannah 14 Trans to s/w
James Bryant 11
Amelia 9
Frederick L. K. 7
Hill Carry 32 Trans to s/w Sister to John Hill
Howroyd Jesse 26 York Plasterer
Martha 25
Henry 2
Lister John 30 York Farmer
Francis 27
Mary Jane 8 mths
Machin George 43 York Farm Labourer
Hannah 42
Machin George 23 Bricklayer
Anne 22
Anne 2
Mather Benjamin 26 Durham Blacksmith
Sarah 30
Mary E. 10 mths
Stoddart Rebecca 22 Trans to s/w Travelled with Mather
Cousin to Mather
McKibben Hugh 25 Down Farm Labourer
Mary 21
Anna 10 mths
Middleweek William 41 Devon Shoemaker
Charlotte 40
Emma 11
Mary Jane 10
Ellis Ann 25 Trans to s/w Travelled with Middleweek
Newton Robert 36 Lincoln Cabinet Maker
Eliza 37
Elizabeth Sarah 12 Trans to s/w
Mary Ann 11
Emily 8
Rebecca 4
John Robert 2
Paterson William 27 Stirling Ploughman
Mary 26
James 3
Elizabeth 11 mths
Self Caleb 27 Berks Engine Driver
Martha 24
Shand James 28 Caithness Farm Labourer
Margaret 24
Smith Arthur Alfred 28 Surrey Labourer
Sarah ann 24
Sutherland John 33 Caithness Farm Labourer
Janet 28
John 2
Margaret Infant
Taylor John 37 Durham Carpenter
Jane Ann 37
Thomas Vaux 11
Ann Christy 3
Hannah 6 mths
Pattinson Mary 18 Trans to s/w Travelled with Taylor
Urry Richard 58 Notts Wheelwright
Ann 42
Sarah Ann 23 Trans to s/w
Ruth 14
Charlotte 11
Watts James 38 Wilts Domestic Servant
Susan 37
Mary 4
Alice 3
Fanny 8 mths
Chivers Benjamin 21 Trans to s/m Travelled with Watts
Nephew to Watts
Doell Susan 15 Trans to s/w Travelled with Watts
Weaver Arthur 36 Surrey Tailor
Eliza 34
Mary 4
Ellen Martha 18 mths
Single Men
Adams George 24 Stirling Ploughman
Bamford James 13 Labourer
Baxter James
Bingham Samuel
Britt Richard 32 Waterford Farm Labourer
Brooke William 25 York Mechanic
Carpenter George 20 Essex Labouree
Chesterfield William 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Chivers Benjamin 21 Farm Labourer
Cookson Edward 20 Gardener
William 19 Gardener
George 18 Gardener
Couch William 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Donovan Richard 25 York Farm Labourer
Duckmanton Samuel 22 Notts Farm Labourer
Ellis William 20 York Ploughman
Fletcher George
Gelken Conrad 21 Hanover Farm Labourer
Giller Henry Augustus 34 Monmouth School Master
Hill Rowland P. 13 Farm Labourer
Hillier William
Johnstone Samuel 24 Middlesex Labourer
Maffey John 23 Wilts Farm Labourer
Richard 17 Wilts Farm Labourer
Maunder James
Maxwell James 25 Down Farm Labourer
McLennan William 25 Ross Farm Labourer
Duncan 22 Ross Farm Labourer
More James
Norfolk Henry 13 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Noy Henry 22 Cornwall Smith
Richard 19 Cornwall Smith
Owen William 20 Carnavron Mill Wright
Sparrow Arthur 13 Suffolk School Teacher
Thin William
William Edward
Single Women
Aldridge Mary Ann 25 Essex
Atkins Eliza 18 Surrey Domestic Servant
Atkins Elizabeth
Bingham Mary 19 Down Domestic Servant
Buxton Anne 28 Stafford Domestic Servant
Harriet 21 Stafford Dressmaker
Carter Ellen 12 Domestic Servant
Cookson Caroline 14 Domestic Servant
Davidson Margaret 35 Stafford Laundry Main
Davidson Mary
Doell Susan 15 Domestic Servant
Duckmanton Mary 26 Notts Domestic Servant
Ellis Ann 35 Laundress
Ellis Ester 18 Cork Domestic Servant
Flenry Ellen 30 Cork
Henry 6
Fisk Emily 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Edna 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Grantham Eliza 16 Domestic Servant
Sarah 13 Domestic Servant
Grealy Mary Ann 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Hall Mary 56 Middlesex Upholsterer
Hill Susanna 14 Domestic Servant
Carey 32 Domestic Servant
Hillier Mary Ann 40 Surrey Laundress
Elizabeth 18 Surrey Domestic Servant
Mary Jane 14 Surrey Domestic Servant
Emily 14 Surrey Domestic Servant
Juden Emily 20 Middlesex
King Lucy 32 Suffolk Domestic Servant
Newton Elizabeth Sarah 12 Domestic Servant
Nurse Mary 19 Glostershire Glostershire
Osborn Mary 37 Inverness Laundress
Ann 20 Inverness Domestic Servant
Phoebe 15 Inverness Dressmaker
Mary 18 Inverness Glostershire
Patterson Mary 18 Domestic Servant
Qualtrough Margaret 29 Middlesex MATRON
Raymond Mary 26 Dumfries Domestic Servant
Stoddart Rebecca 22 Domestic Servant
Urry Sarah Ann 23 Domestic Servant
Ruth 14 Nurse

Copyright Denise and Peter 2001

Lyttelton Times 28th January 1860
Archives New Zealand IMCH4/18

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