St Pauli
Ship: 380 Tons
Peter Schacht.
Surgeon Superintendent:
Dr Jacob Friedrich Göders
Sailed Hamburg 26th December 1842 - arrived Nelson 14th June 1843

St Pauli brought the first batch of German immigrants to Nelson. She has an a somewhat adventurous passage of 148 days from Hamburg. Three weeks after sailing smallpox broke out, and the vessel put into Bahia where she remained three weeks, but the passengers must have been well looked after as only four deaths occurred - four children.
White Wings. Sir Henry Brett

In the diary of Johann Wilhelm Christof Heine (a steerage passenger on board) it was stated that St Pauli put into Bahia due rather to lack of water than because of the smallpox. Thanks to Jo Foster & Steve Crosby for this piece of information. One other couple (apart from those mentioned on this passenger list) were married during the voyage. We do not have the names of this couple.

Further information on the St Pauli. Thanks to Don Allan.
Arrival of the St Pauli

Name Age Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Beit Johann Nicholas Agent for New Zealand Company
Eight Children
2 Beit men names unknown
2 Beit women names unknown
Göders Jacob Friedrich Surgeon on board
Riemenschneider Johann Carl 25 Lutheran Missionary
Wohlers Johann Friedrich Heinrich 31 Lutheran Missionary
Adam Dorothea 30 Servant
Ahrens Peter Wilhelm 37 Agricultural Labourer
Assmann Adolph 31 Joiner
Wilhelmine 30
Barth Theodor 24 Butcher
Beckmann J. Heinrich Franz 38 Joiner
Anna Maria 37
Franz Heinrich 9
Maria 8
Katrina Christina 7
Peter Paul Carl Born on board 25/01/1843
Behrends Karl 20 Yeoman Disembarked at Bahia, Brazil 23/03/1843
Bensemann Cordt Heinrich 32 Carpenter
A. M. Elisabeth 31
A. Katarina Maria 8
Johann Albert 5
Johann Heinrich 3
Buschl Michael 42 Yeoman
Maria 41
Anna 11
Michael 9
Johann 7
Kreszens? 2
Dieckmann H. 35 Smith and Farmer Married Sophie Subritzky on voyage 02/04/1843
Eisemann Phillip Johann 28 Joiner
Fesefeldt Betty 28 Servant
Frank Jacob 50 Miller and vine-dresser
Christina 45
Clara Josef 22
Jacob 15
Christof 12
Peter 9
Frieke Dietrich 37 Shoemaker and Yeoman
Haase Friedrich Wilhelm 29 Shoemaker
Friderike 28
Hansen Peter 36 Ship Carpenter
Margarete 32
Hasenbein August 25 Bricklayer
Heine Johann Wilhelm Christof 28 Missionary
Helmer Wilhelmine 29 Servant Married Karl Jung during voyage 02/04/1843
Hempel Johann George Ch. 32 Joiner
Meta Adelheid 25
Christel Eduard 2
Friedrich Julius 1
Huter Josef 38 Joiner Couple were married while anchored in Elbe River 26/12/1842
Konradine 27
Jaensch Ferdinand Robert 24 Yeoman
Jung Karl Friedrich Wilhelm 34 Yeoman Married Wilhelmine Helmer during voyage 02/04/1843
Karsten J. C. M. 33 Joiner
Katarine Elizabeth 37
Johanna Caroline Maria 7
Johanna Dorothea F. 3
Wilhelmine 2
Kirber Johann Heinrich Samuel 48 Shoemaker
Maria Elisabeth 40
Jurgen Heinrich Reinhard 17 Shoemaker
Johann Carl Josef 14 Shoemaker
LaMotte C. W. Ferdinand 21 Joiner Disembarked at Bahia, Brazil 23/03/1843
Lange Conrad Johann Fredriech 36 Smith and Farrier
Marie Josefine 44
Johanna Sophia Dorothea 9
Anna Maria 7
Martin Johann Carl Heinrich 10 Son of Mrs Maussen
Maussen G. Heinrich Conrad 23 Gardener
Johanna Katarine Elisabeth 32
Caroline Louiza Henrietta 1
Meyer Doris-fried Henriette 17 Servant
Mohr Herman 28 Sawyer
Anna 32
Anna Maria 8
Franz Heinrich 7
Wilhelm 4
Dorothea Infant Died on board 13/02/1843
Muller J.D.F. 40 Locksmith
C.F. 40
Johanna W. C. 11
George F. C. 9
Christine W.D. 8
Dorothea 1
Orge Justus Wilhelm 37 Joiner
Pahl Johann Friedrich Carl 34 Saddler
Anna Magdalena 33
Margarete Elisabeth 4
Magdalena Dorothea 1
Pahl Wilhelm 36 Cooper
Elisabeth 34
Friedrich 9
Magdalena 7
Heinrich 4
Elisabeth 1 Died on board 13/04/1843
Post Philip 40 Vinter and vine dresser
Elisabeth 38
Velentia 6
Philip 2 Died on board 05/02/1843
Rahdel Mr 22 Yeoman
Scheucher Georg 39 Agricultural Labourer / Shoemaker
Anna Dorothea 31
Johann Heinrich Eberhard 3
Schieb Jacob 52 Cooper
Clara Josefa 32
Maria Josefa 4
Antonia 1
Schneider Peter 28 Labourer
Anna Schroder 41
Schuler Dorothea Henriette 38 Servant
Schumacher Friedrich 28 Joiner Couple were married while anchored in Elbe River 26/12/1842
Maria 24
Sextus Johann Friedrich Andreas 20 Smith
Sextus Johann Carl Christof 18 Printer
Sextus Johann Wilhelm Heinrich 16 Labourer
Sextus Johann Andreas 14 Labourer
Sextus Johann Gottfried Georg 12 Labourer
Spanhake Johann Heinrich Friedrich 22 Agricultural Labourer Couple were married while anchored in Elbe River 26/12/1842
Sopia Margarete (nee Subritzky) 24
Otto Freidrich Rudolf 1 Died on board 20/01/1843
Spring Heinrich Simon 41 Cordwainer Disembarked at Bahia, Brazil
Stade Johann Heinrich Joachim 30 Mason
J.M.F. 21
Subritzky Sophie Elisabeth 43 Mercer Married H Dieckmann on voyage 02/04/1843
Subritzky Johann Heinrich Rudolf 17 Agricultural Labourer
Subritzky Wilhelm Heinrick 14 Agricultural Labourer
Subritzky Johann Anton 12
Treban Alois 37 Yeoman
Trost Johann Heinrich 39 Lutheran Missionary
Ulrich Berthold 25 Yeoman
Wilson Alexander Boarded St Pauli at Bahia, Brazil

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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p 207