Ship: 1116 tons
Captain: Wood

Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Russell
Sailed London 21st November 1879 - arrived Lyttelton 21st Febuary 1880

None of the Shaw Savill and Albion Company's fleet of sailing vessels has a better record than the Westland, a full-rigged ship of 1116 tons, which for some years attracted world-wide attraction among ship-masters on the Pacific and Atlantic. Built by Duncan, she was one of the last ships ordered for the Shaw Savill Company. Westland made 25 voyages to New Zealand visiting all the major ports including Bluff.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Allan Alexander 44 Selkirk Gardener
Margaret 44
Helen 19 Selkirk Domestic Servant
Robert 17 Selkirk Labourer
Thomas 15 Selkirk Labourer
Isabella 12
Alexander 10
Allan Charles 28 Worcestershire Tin Plate Worker
Jane 30
Charles 4
Minnie 1
Bell Robert 40 Durham Carpenter
Sarah E 34
Sarah E 9
George R 5
Edward J 5 months
Brown James 45 Middlesex Railway Porter
Amelia 30
James 8
Herbert 5
Arthur 3
Jessie A 8 months
Burgess Thomas D 41 Somerset Bootmaker
Mary A 43
Herbert 10
Ethel K 9
Edith M 6
Helen A 3
Annie M 1
Carpenter Daniel 32 Glostershire Bricklayer
Mary A 28
Davie 2
Clarke James 35 Antrim Farmer
Mary 25
Margaret 18 Antrim Domestic Servant
Mary 7
James 5
John 3
Margaret 2
Daniel 8 months
Cooper George 30 Monaghan Agricultural Labourer
Eleanor 30
Davis George 44 Glostershire Brickmaker
Mary A 40
Clara J 21 Glostershire Cook
Fanny M 19 Glostershire Housemaid
Donaldson Thomas 40 Lanarkshire Labourer
Helen 39
Jane 15 Lanarkshire General Servant
Agnes 13 Lanarkshire Nurse
Robert 11
Maggie 9
Agnus 7
Doun John 35 Caithness Railway Porter
Ann 29
James 1
Dulop Alexander 40 Down Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 41
Gribben John 29 Cornwall Agricultural Labourer
Fanny 31
Edward W 9
Hillary John 40 Durham Painter
Elizabeth 38
William A 17 Durham Mason
John 15 Durham Mason
Albert 11
Edith S 5
Frederick 3
Herbert 9 months
Howard Henry 34 Warwickshire Carpenter
Rose 32
Howard Joseph 21 Durham Goods Porter
Agnes 23
Jennings Michael 30 Kings County Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 25
Mary 1
Bridget 2 months
Jewell James 22 Devon Agricultural Labourer
Martha 24
Johnston Hugh 20 Invernesshire Agricultural Labourer
Mary 19
Margaret 9 months
Ker William 24 Roxburgh Carpenter
Elizabeth 20
John W 2
Ling James 30 Suffolk Labourer
Mary A 30
Anne J 3
Alice 1
Low Charles 25 Middlesex Painter
Caroline 21
Charles 1
Low Cuthbert 26 Middlesex Painter
Lydia 20
George C 5 months
McCullogh William J 40 Antrim Engine Driver
Sarah 39
John A 20 Antrim Tin Smith
Margaret 18 Antrim Domestic Servant
James 11
Sarah 7
Francis 4
McFelan Thomas 26 Fermanagh Agricultural Labourer
Mary A 24
Mary A 5
Catherine 2
McGrath James 28 Tipperary Agricultural Labourer
Judy 26
Patrick 1
McLenaghan David 29 Derry Agricultural Labourer
Mary 29
John 6
Johnston 4
Elizabeth 1
Moore James 44 Glostershire Labourer
Selina 44
Benjamin 16 Glostershire Labourer
David 8
Neill Charles A 28 Surrey Printer
Elizabeth 28
Horace 2
Nicholson Benjamin 26 Northumberland Agricultural Labourer
Christiana 24
Dorothy 5
Elizabeth 5 months
Norrie John 43 Forfar Agricultural Labourer
Catherine 42
William 21 Forfar Agricultural Labourer
John 19 Forfar Agricultural Labourer
Isabella 14 Forfar Domestic Servant
Robert 12 Forfar Agricultural Labourer
Daniel 10
James 8
David 6
Patterson Thomas 34 Westmorland Agricultural Labourer
Louisa 26
William 5
Payne John 30 Durham Agricultural Labourer
Ann 26
Lily 5
Thomas 3
Florence 1
Powell William 39 Ayr Labourer
Janet 40
William 13 Ayr Labourer
James 7
Margaret 5
Richards Robert D 39 York Engine Fitter
Caroline 31
John 14 York Stoker
Roberts Richardson 28 York Agricultural Labourer
Hannah 25
William E 4
Sarah E 1
Robinson Matthew 34 Northumberland Engine Man
Eva 25
Robert P 4
John 2
Robinson William 28 Staffordshire Blacksmith
Elizabeth 23
Hannah 4
Mary A 1
Rogers George S 26 Northamptonshire Carpenter
Elizabeth 24
George S 2
Scales Robert 29 Fermanagh Farmer
Eliza 27
Thomas 2
Shears Benjamin 32 Surrey Brickmaker
Annie 28
Benjamin 5
James 3
Annie 1
Skinner Daniel 31 Somersetshire Agricultural Labourer
Georgina 27
Smith Jeremiah 27 York Painter
Jane A 26
Walter 5
Florence 3
Louise 1
Laura 4 months
Spencer James 42 Herefordshire Agricultural Labourer
Mary 40
Emily 17 Herefordshire General Servant
Alice 15 Herefordshire General Servant
Lizzie 11
Amy 5
William 3
Strong George 49 Middlesex Compositor
Christina 48
Helen 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Isabel 11
Theophilus 8
Stubbs John 29 Staffordshire Joiner
Georgina 29
Agnes 5
Eliza 3
Nellie 1
Tarling James 33 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
Susannah 29
James 6
William 5
John 1
Watson Gavin 35 Lanarkshire Joiner
Elizabeth 35
Thomas 14 Lanarkshire Joiner
Peter 12 Lanarkshire Joiner
John 10
Janet R 7
Margaret 5
Whiting Isaac 45 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 40
Joseph 18 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
Lucy 17 Glostershire Servant
Alfred 15 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
John 13 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
Ann 11
Martha 7
Witts Robert 40 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
Jane 40
Willie 8
Elizabeth 5
Single Men
Bell Joseph 20 Derry Agricultural Labourer
Burnet John 22 Roxburgh Agricultural Labourer
Burnes William 20 Fermanagh Agricultural Labourer
Chapman Robert 23 Lanark Agricultural Labourer
Cookson Samuel 16 Lancashire Agricultural labourer
Criglington John 17 Down Labourer
Diamond Joseph 24 Derry Agricultural Labourer
Dickson Benjamin 22 Down Carpenter
Falconer Joseph 18 Antrim Agricultural Labourer
Fitzgerald John 34 Kerry Agricultural Labourer
Fitzpatrick Patrick 20 Tyrone Agricultural Labourer
Ford Thomas 22 Galway Agricultural Labourer
Forster Edmund 18 Gloster Carpenter
Green Walter 21 Westmorland Butcher
Herlihy Denis 22 Cork Agricultural Labourer
Hoare James 24 Kerry Agricultural Labourer
Kearin Patrick 20 Kerry Agricultural Labourer
Keville James 20 Galway Agricultural Labourer
McDonald Herbert 17 Surrey Agricultural Labourer
McSweeny Edmund 20 Kerry Labourer
  Daniel 27 Kerry Labourer
Molony Martin 24 Galway Agricultural Labourer
  John 22 Galway Agricultural Labourer
Morley Charles 32 Surrey Horse Collar Maker
Mustchin John 21 Sussex Carpenter
O'Kane John 24 Derry Agricultural Labourer
Pearce William 19 Cornwall Agricultural Labourer
Pepper Gardner 25 Derry Agricultural Labourer
Purcell Lawrence 23 Carlow Agricultural Labourer
Robinson Thomas 25 York Stonemason
Ronayne Maurice 35 Waterford Labourer
Shearsby Joseph 25 Warwick Labourer
Gilroy Thomas 20 Leitrim Labourer
Sullivan Martin 22 Kerry Agricultural Labourer
Travers Joseph 25 Wicklow Shepherd
Travers James 20 Wicklow Agricultural Labourer
Slown Hugh 25 Tryone Agricultural Labourer
Single Women
Baldwin Emma 39 Kent Nurse
Behan Alice 30 Wexford General Servant
Bendett Georgina 19 France General Servant
Caddy Elizabeth 27 Cornwall Housemaid
Caddy Johanna 25 General Servant
Cameron Catherine 26 Lanark General Servant
Cameron Janet 27 Lanark General Servant
Chapple Alice 13 Middlesex
Chapple William 12 Middlesex
Cole Martha 32      Middlesex Matron
Commins Bridget 36 Limerick General Servant
Cookson Elizabeth 36 Lancashire Housewife
Crompton Emily Hyde 23 York General Servant
Curtin Mary 21 Kerry General Servant
Daldry Kate 29 Essex General Servant
Donaldson Lizzie 19 Lanark General Servant
Donnelly Catherine 18 Kerry General Servant
Dann Annie 23 Fermanagh General Servant
Dann Elizabeth 21 Fermanagh General Servant
Ford Honora 18 Galway General Servant
Ganey Kate 20 Kerry Cook
Ganey Margaret 19 Kerry Dressmaker
Hartleton Agnes A 19 Warwick General Servant
Hayes Margaret 20 Limerick General Servant
Howard Annie 23 Durham General Servant
McGrath Mary A 21 Tyrone General Servant
Sarah J 18 Tyrone General Servant
Marsh Sarah A 19 Durham General Servant
Milligan Jane 33 Down General Servant
Mary A 31 Down General Servant
Morley Matilda 54 Surrey
Morley Flora 23 Middlesex Dressmaker
Morley Harriet 30 Middlesex Machinist
Nelson Jane E 17 Armagh General Servant
Nelson Lucilla 19 Armagh General Servant
O'Connell Mary A 22 Derry General Servant
O'Connell Sarah 25 Derry General Servant
O'Connor Kate 20 Kerry General Servant
O'Sullivan Julia 19 Kerry Dairymaid
Palmer Eliza 22 Surrey Cook
Pitts Catherine 24 Worcestershire Housewife
Pitts Maud 20 Worcestershire Kitchenmaid
Rhodes Agnes 27 York Weaver
Rhodes Rebecca 4 York
Rooney Margaret 19 Kerry Dairy Maid
Sheard Sarah 51 York Widow
Sheehy Helen 20 Durham General Servant
Slown Catherine 20 Tyrone General Servant
Stenhouse Catherine 35 Kerry
Stenhouse James 11 Kerry
Stenhouse George 8 Kerry
Stenhouse Margaret 3 Kerry
Sullivan Ellen 24 Kerry General Servant
   Mary 22 Kerry General Servant
Thorn Clara 18 Somerset General Servant
Thorn Sarah 22 Somerset General Servant
Warren Elizabeth S 25 Dorset Housekeeper
Wellington Eliza 37 Cornwall To Husband
Wellington Joseph 10 Cornwall
Wellington Emily 7 Cornwall
Wellington Ada G 4 Cornwall
Willmot Hannah 31 Leicester To Husband
Willmot Emma E 12 Leicester
Willmot Jemima 10 Leicester
Willmot William G 8 Leicester
Willmot Mary A 5 Leicester
Willmot Thomas H 3 Leicester
Willmot Josephine 1 Leicester
Woodward Ruth 16 Wiltshire General Servant
Morley Sarah 25 Middlesex General Servant
WATSON family:
Gavin Watson, his wife Elizabeth (nee McCallum) and five children were aboard the Westland which arrived in Lyttelton on the 21st December 1880 whereupon it was put into quarantine because of a Measles and Scarlatina outbreak. Gavin came from Larkhall in Lanarkshire, Dalserf Parish, southeast of Glasgow, Scotland. He followed in his father Thomas’s footsteps as a joiner, and carried this craft to New Zealand. His two eldest sons, Thomas (14) and Peter (12) are noted on the passenger list as also being joiners. John (10), Janet Rae (7) and Margaret Rae (5) completed the family. On arrival in Christchurch Gavin Watson was the Managing Machinist for a few years for a Mr. Daniel Reese, Builder, at the corner of Lichfield and Durham St. before buying the business and forming Gavin Watson & Son, Joiners and Sawmillers later described as Timber Merchants. The N.Z. Post Office directories show Gavin and his youngest son John, continued at the Lichfield address from 1887 to 1925. John was Vice President of the Christchurch Sawmillers Association. After 1925 Gavin’s eldest son Thomas used the property for Parking Storage and a Car Washing Company. The second son, Peter Watson married Annie Scott and owned a stud farm at Halswell, known as Oaklands from where he raced well-known trotting horses such as Travis Axworthy, winner of the New Zealand Trotting Cup in 1933. Peter Watson also owned the Christchurch Dairy Company which he passed down to his son Gavin, and later grandson also Peter Watson. If anyone would like further information on the Watson Family, please contact Lesley Wootton.


CROMPTON Emily Hyde:
A single woman passenger on the Westland which departed London for Lyttelton 21 November 1879, Emily Hyde Crompton, the sixth child and second daughter of Richardson Crompton and his wife Hannah, nee Clubley, was christened at Flamborough, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on 5 October 1855. The UK 1851 census shows the family living at the 124 acre South Lea Farm, Flamborough. Her father died on 24 August 1859. The 1861 census shows that her mother, Hannah, was running the 130 acre Moon Farm, Flamborough.
Sometime after 1861 Hannah married Richard Huddleston and four of her children emigrated to the Christchurch area of New Zealand. Firstly Stephen Clubley Crompton (SE Crompton?), the eldest child christened in Flamborough on 28 October 1846, arrived Lyttelton on the Dona Anita (3 January 1865). Later her fourth brother, James William rompton, christened in Flamborough on 10 August 1854, arrived in Lyttelton on 9 December 1871 in the Zealandia. The ship on which her second brother, Thomas Richardson Crompton, christened in Flamborough on 19 October 1848, and who died at Clarendon Farm, Winchester in the
County of Geraldine on 19 March 1919, sailed has yet to be traced. Nothing is known of Emily Hyde's life in New Zealand. However she was a beneficiary in the will of Stephen Clubley Crompton who, when he died on 15 July 1924, at Ashburton in the Provincial District of Christchurch, left 'the residue of my estate (approximately UKP 150) to my sister Emily Hyde Leurs of East Eyreton.' Should anyone wish to contribute to the growing family tree of Emily Hyde Leurs (nee Crompton) please contact Richard Crompton or view the family website at


TARLING family:
James Tarling, the son of Thomas and Sarah TARLING, was born in 1846 in the village of English Bicknor, Glostershire, England. Whilst still in Britain they had three children: James (1873 born Wales), William (1875 born Wales) and John (1878 born Wales). The family emigrated to New Zealand on board this sailing of WESTLAND. On board they experienced the joy of a birth (Dec 10th 1879) and the agony of two deaths: the newborn (Dec 14th 1879) and young John (Feb 12th 1880). On their arrival in New Zealand the family lived in Addington and later in South Malvern. If you have a connection to this family please contact Stuart Moverley


JEWELL family:
James and Martha JEWELL were friends of the TARLING family and James wife, Martha, was a sister to Sarah TARLING. The family arrived in New Zealand on the same sailing of Westland in 1880. The JEWELL family had four children born in New Zealand. On April 4th 1889, James JEWELL was killed in a mining accident. Martha later re-married in 1897 to a Richard LUKE but on her death (July 14th 1932) was buried with her first husband at Coalgate, South Malvern If you have a connection to this family please contact Stuart Moverley


WITTS family:
Robert WITTS was born in Staunton Gloucestershire in 1839. At Newnham in 1861 he married Jane Hannah WEBB, who was also born 1839. They had two children William (born 1871) and Elizabeth (born 1874). They came to New Zealand on this sailing of the Westland to Lyttelton and settled in Brunnerton near Greymouth. Two further children were born Edith (born 1882) and Isabella (born 1884). Robert was a coal miner. Jane died in 1902 and Robert in 1910 and both are buried in the Brunnerton cemetery. If you have a connection to this family or wish to know more please contact Kevin Violich


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