Wild Deer
Ship : 1060 tons
Captain : Whitson

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow February 9th 1872 - arrived Port Chalmers May 9th 1872

Launched at Connell's shipyard in December of 1863, Wild Deer began life as a china tea clipper. In this capacity she made some very speedy voyages and was once in a race back to England with Douglas Castle and Peter Denny. Wild Deer beat both ships in this thrilling race, ably described by Basil Lubbock in his book "The Colonial Clippers". Wild Deer was applied to the New Zealand run in 1871 (this voyage) and this comfortable immigrant ship was to make 10 successful voyages to New Zealand. At the commencement of her 11th voyage in 1883 she ran aground on the coast of Ireland and was lost. Thankfully, no passengers or crew were lost and the immigrants completed their voyage on board the Caroline.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Wild Deer.

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Brown Captain
Brown Mr
Caldwell Mr
Martin Mr
Steerage Passengers
Families & Children
Jones Robert 55 Carnarvonshire Miner
Elizabeth 55
Robert 18 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 15 Trans to s/w
Catherine 27 Trans to s/w Widow
William 8 months
Single Men
Beatson Andrew 21 Fifeshire Blacksmith
Canie Michael 22 Mayo Labourer
Evans Lewis 40 Merionethshire Farm Labourer
Haire William 21 Mayo Labourer
Haveran William 21 Mayo Labourer
Jones Robert 18 Carnarvonshire Farm Labourer
Renurick James 44 Farm Work
James 18 Knitter
Eliza 12 Trans to s/w
Robert 10
Sutherland Robert 19 Caithnessshire Labourer
Single Women
Anderson Hanatta? 25 Monaghan Needlewomen
Jane 24 Monaghan General Servant
Jones Elizabeth 15 Carnarvonshire Dairy Maid
Catherine 27 Carnarvonshire Widow
William 8 months
Kane Margaret 22 Antrim General Servant
Hessy 17 Antrim General Servant
McKenzie Jane 22 Inverness General Servant
Jessie 15 Inverness General Servant
Renurick Eliza 12

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Archives New Zealand  IM15/8
Otago daily Times May 10th 1872

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