Wild Deer
Ship : 1060 tons
Captain : Malcolm

Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Gregg
Sailed Greenock October 30th 1874 - arrived Otago January 20th 1875

Launched at Connell's shipyard in December of 1863, Wild Deer began life as a china tea clipper. In this capacity she made some very speedy voyages and was once in a race back to England with Douglas Castle and Peter Denny. Wild Deer beat both ships in this thrilling race, ably described by Basil Lubbock in his book "The Colonial Clippers". Wild Deer was applied to the New Zealand run in 1871 and this comfortable immigrant ship was to make 10 successful voyages to New Zealand. At the commencement of her 11th voyage in 1883 she ran aground on the coast of Ireland and was lost. Thankfully, no passengers or crew were lost and the immigrants completed their voyage on board the Caroline.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

History of the Wild Deer
Arrival of the Wild Deer

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Benson Mr
Four Children
Brown William
Stoddart Mr
Stoddart James
Families and Children
Baldwin Thomas 23 Stafford Carpenter
Eliza 28
Arthur L 2
Alice 1
Frank 8 months
Bellchambers Stephen 38 Kent Bricklayer
Ann 39
Elizabeth 10
Stephen 8
Julia 4
Blair James 22 Aberdeen Stone Cutter
Rebecca 24
Brook Philip 31 Devon Farmer
Mary A 30
Mary E 9
George 7
Jane 6
John 4
Emma 3
Thomas 10 months
Child George 26 Surrey Labourer
Victoria 25
Ada M 6
Louisa R 3
Georgina 1month
Credigington Thomas 39 Stafford Painter
Ellen 41
mary J 11
Thomas 9
Alfred 7
Emily 5
Arthur 3
Lucy 1month
Denne Clement 30 Kent Blacksmith
Alice 27
Doose Frederick 40 Denmark Miner
Emma 27
Dorne George 24 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Kate 23
Annie 4
George 2
Kate 6 months
Dyer William 21 Gloster Navvy
Elizabeth 22
Not Baptized 5 weeks
Ellis Charles 23 Essex Coachmaker
Jessie M 20
Charles 3 months
Gill John 32 Middlesex Labourer
Mary Ann 24
Green Richard 42 Oxon Farm Labourer
Harriet 41
Anne 9
Harry 4
Minnie 2
Hanham James 32 Essex Coachmaker
Matilda 30
James 8
Rose 6
Florence 4
Annie 1
Hughs Walter 50 Galway Carpenter
Catherine 48
Hunt John F 36 Hants Farm Labourer
Sarah A 36
Thomas I 8
Florence D 5
Joyce Edward 40 Dublin Tailor
Fanny 39
Keen Joseph 43 Berkshire Labourer
Ann 43
Belchah 10
Alfred 6
Agnes 3
Lane Alfred 22 Berkshire Labourer
Hannah 26
Rose R 3 months
Lowe Jacob 37 Berkshire Labourer
Maelia 30
Mahon Thomas 33 Galway Farm Labourer
Mary 33
Ellen 9
Patrick 7
James 5
John 3
Thomas 9 months
McLoughlin Owen 40 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Ellen 35
Margaret 11
James 10
Susan 8
Ellen 7
Bridget 6
Philip 5
Daniel 3
Hugh 2
Rose Ann 6 weeks
Newman George 36 Hants Carter
Ann 34
Mary A 8
Jasper 5
Lucy 2
Peters John 25 Dorset Quarryman
Susan 25
Mary W 5
Susanna 1
John 8 days
Retallick Edward 30 Cornwall Labourer
Louisa 23
Richards Charles 43 Berkshire Baker
Ann 37
Fred 10
Susan 8
Smith Joseph 34 Middlesex Goods Guard
Emma 28
Edith 3
Alice 1
Snell George 29 Suffolk Shoemaker
Rebecca C 28
George 6
Joseph 4
Catherine 1
Stokes John 50 Huntingdon Labourer
Rebecca 50
Rosa 6
Stone Thomas 37 Dorset Quarryman
Ellen 35
Isabella 6
Ellen E 4
Thomas 1
Sturgeon Henry 50 Essex Farmer and Miller
Sarah 50
Maud 11
Agnes 11
Taylor Robert 25 Perth Blacksmith
Jane 30
Jane 4
Janet 2
Theresa 7 months
Vickery William 27 Middlesex Carpenter
Harriet E 28
William F 3
Percy H 1
Wallis Abraham 40 Dorset Quarryman
Sarah A 40
Sarah A 7
Abraham 5
James J 3
Jane F 1
Way Thomas 25 Dorset Quarryman
Mary A 21
Mary A 5 months
Wheeler Edward 34 Gloster Navvy
Sarah 33
Annie 10
Charles 7
Willson John 27 Down Farm Labourer
Harriett 27
Woodley William 40 Berkshire Labourer
Fanny 42
Mary Anne 14 T/F to single women Both girls were daughters by Fanny's first marriage and had the surname Chesterman.
Rosetta 9
William F 4 months
Woods John 35 Surrey Labourer
Martha 30
John 8
Jane 3 months
Single Men
Barrett Albert 19 Gloster Labourer
Bellamy Edward 22 Surrey Mason
Blimden William 21 Hants Tailor
Boldini Luigi 40 Italy Engineer
Boldini Gualterio 12 Italy
Boldini Alfredo 7 Italy
Bushnall John 20 Oxford Blacksmith
Casserley Thomas 23 Galway Labourer
Casserley Thomas 22 Galway Farm Labourer
Casey Patrick 20 Limerick Farm Labourer
Crawley John 20 Middlesex Tailor
Credigington Herbert 14 Stafford
Cooksley Thomas 32 Devon Mason
Cop Elias 22 Devon Farm Labourer
Cronaghen John 21 Limerick Tailor
Dorees Frank O 14 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Douglas Robert S 20 Glasgow Mechanical
Edwards Alfred H 23 Somerset Carpenter  &Wheelwright
Finn Jeremiah 23 Limerick Farm Labourer
Franklin Michael 23 Limerick Labourer
Glass James 18 Clackmannon Coppersmith
Gibson Charles 21 Antrim Joiner
Gilroy Patrick 26 Cavan Farm Labourer
Gliddon James 29 Devon Coachman
Green Frederick 14 Oxon
Harrison Alfred 18 Gloster Farm Labourer
Hatt Henry 29 Oxon Navvy
Hickey John 21 Limerick Farm Labourer
Holt William 25 Devon Plasterer
Hughes John H 14 Lancashire
Johnson George 24 York Groom
Joyce Walter 23 Sussex Tailor
Joyce Edward 18 Dublin Tailor
Keen Joseph 16 Berkshire Labourer
Philip 14 Berkshire
Noah 12 Berkshire
Landerkin John 36 Cromarty Farm Labourer
Lawless John 22 Galway Labourer
Lawless Thomas 24 Galway Labourer
Lee Timothy 20 Galway Labourer
Lowe Giles 12 Berkshire
Maloney Patrick 29 Limerick Ploughman
Middleton Alexander 22 Donegal Ploughman
Mourissey Thomas 40 Tipperary Labourer
Mulligan Mark 19 Westmeath Farm Labourer
Mulligan Thomas 22 Westmeath Farm Labourer
Newman George 16 Hants Carter
Charles 12 Hants
O'Brien Michael 37 Limerick Labourer
O'Brien Daniel 18 Limerick Farm Labourer
O'Brien John 21 Limerick Farm Labourer
Perriam Charles 30 Devon Farm labourer
Peters Robert 18 Dorset Quarryman
Potter John 30 Limerick Labourer
Reddcliffe Richard 20 Devon Farm Labourer
Richards William C 14 Berkshire
Rourke John 22 Kerry Labourer
Sheehan Michael 20 Limerick Cooper
Smallman James 23 Waterford Tailor
Smith Alexander 21 Edinburgh Printer
Sturgeon James B 19 Essex Blacksmith
Taylor Robert 30 Fermanagh Labourer
Tobin William 20 Limerick Bookmaker
Wallis William 15 Dorset Quarryman
John 12 Dorset
Welch John 20 Limerick Farm Labourer
Wheeler Rufus 12 Glostershire
White Charles 25 Middlesex Painter
Williams James 23 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Single Women
Bellchambers Clara 12 Kent
Bridges Jane E 30 Malta
Emily 3
Jane 4 months
Casserley Ellen 17 Galway Servant
Casey Mary 16 Staffordshire Housemaid
Collins Maria 19 Galway Servant
Donnellan Anne 40 Clare Servant
Kate 18 Clare Servant
Mary 16 Clare Servant
Ford Harriett J 18 Sussex Housemaid
Franklin Catherine 17 Limerick Housemaid
Green Ellen 21 Oxon Servant
Harriett 18 Oxon Servant
Emily 16 Oxon Servant
Hogan Ellen 19 Galway Servant
Hughes Bridgett 20 Galway Dressmaker
Margaret 16 Galway Servant
Joyce Fanny 19 Dublin Servant
Mary 15 Dublin Servant
Emma 13 Dublin
Keen Sarah A 18 Berkshire Servant
Lewis Esther 17 Gloster Servant
McLoughlin Mary 13 Fermanagh
Mullen Mary 20 Galway Servant
Pearse Elizabeth 29 Gloster Housemaid
Peters Elizabeth 17 Dorset Servant
Pickup Eliza M 35 Monmouth Servant
Rourke Florence 21 Kerry Servant
Richards Mary A 17 Berkshire Cook
Scahill Catherine 21 Galway Servant
Smith Mary Ann 20 Essex Nurse
Stokes Anne S 16 Huntingdon Servant
Stone Rebecca 14 Dorset
Jane 12 Dorset
Sturgeon Sarah 21 Essex Nurse
Elizabeth 20 Essex Nurse
Mary J 14 Essex
Stutley Elizabeth 33 Middlesex Servant
Town Eliza 19 Oxon Servant
Tucker Fanny 17 Kent Housemaid
Tucker Ellen 23 Kent Housemaid
Wallis Charlotte 13 Dorset
Stephen 7 Kent
Welch Margaret 16 Galway
Wilkins Catherine 27 Kent Servant
Willenden Annie 29 Sussex
Annie H 9 Sussex
Mary J 7 Sussex
Emily 6 Sussex
George 1 Sussex
Willis Lydia 21 Suffolk Cook
Woodley Mary Anne 14 Berkshire
Workman Elizabeth 17 Gloster Servant
Worsdell Fanny 40 Hampshire Servant
Agnes 21 Hampshire Servant
Elizabeth Ellen 18 Hampshire Servant
Married William Wenlock July 1876
Anne 16 Hampshire
Katie 14 Hampshire
Fanny 13 Hampshire
Edward J 7 Hampshire
Lottie 5 Hampshire


BLAIR family:
James Blair, a stone cutter and Rebecca Pirie, a wool spinner, married in Aberdeen on October 2nd 1874. At the end of the month (October 31st) they left for New Zealand. On their arrival they settled in Reynolds Town, Port Chalmers where they had 3 sons and 2 daughters. James left New Zealand about 1886 to work on the Swing Bridge over the Maribynong River in Melbourne, Australia and the family followed him in 1888. Another son was born there in 1891 but lived only 3 months. James and Rebecca lived in Footscray for 50 years until their deaths. Alexander, their eldest son, had 4 daughters. The 4th daughter, named after the World War One heroine Edith Cavell, was to die at only a few days of age in 1916. As each of the three remaining daughters married, the surname Blair, proudly carried by these immigrants from Scotland, died out.
If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Beverly Watson.


Ann Richards was born in Alvescot, Oxfordshire in c 1839. In 1875 she emigrated to New Zealand on this sailing of the Wild Deer with her Husband Charles and four children. After their arrival at Port Chalmers they travelled straight to Queenstown where they were to remain. About a year following their arrival at Queenstown, Charles died and Ann, in order to support her family, established a Boarding House on Eastern Terrace which was to become well known and very popular. Ann re-married Mr Thomas Mantle and died in 1919 at the age of 84. Click here to read a copy of her obituary and the report of the death of Charles Richards. Fanny Woodley, also on this voyage and formerly Fanny Chesterman (nee Richards) and the wife of William Woodley, was the sister of Charles Richards. Mary Ann and Rosetta Woodley reverted to their correct surname of CHESTERMAN after they arrived in New Zealand and both were married with the maiden name CHESTERMAN as they were from Fanny's previous marriage. If you have a connection with the Richards or Woodley families or would like to learn more please contact June Keating.


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