William Davie1872

William Davie
Ship: 841 tons
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow April 6th 1872 - arrived Otago July 7th 1872

The William Davie, a speedy craft of 841 tons, was built by Stevens at Glasgow for the Albion Shipping Co. She ran, with one exception, exclusively to Dunedin, and up till 1875 brought out an average of 150 passengers each voyage.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

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Arrival of the William Davie

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Hollis Mr E
Ingram Mr G
McKay Robert
McLaren Mr
Murray Reverend H M Presbyterian Minister for Canterbury
Shanks Mr
Stewart Reverend Thomas Presbyterian Minister for Auckland
Families and Children
Banks James 30 Lancashire Fitter and General Machine Man
Mary Ann 28
Coll Edward 42 Donegal Ploughman
Catherine 34
Bridget 17 Trans to s/w
Cicely 15 Trans to s/w
John 9
Catherine 7
Edward 6 weeks
Davis John 29 Flintshire Engine Fitter
Susan 29
Anne 10
Samuel 5
Henry 3
Ernest 1
Martin John 45 Wigton Ploughman
Elizabeth 43
John 18 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 21 Trans to s/w
McCombie James 42 Kinross Labourer
Marion 40
Margaret 19 Trans to s/w
John 13
Jessie 11
Christina 8
Isabella 5
Elizabeth 11 months
Marion Grainger 1 months
Mulloy Hugh 24 Donegal Ploughman
Eliza 26
Hugh 2 weeks
Neil Jane 43 Lanark
John 18 Trans to s/m
Mary Ann 15 Trans to s/w
Robert 13 Trans to s/m
Isabella 11
William 8
Archibald 5
James 3
David 1
Tulley Thomas 41 Cambridge Bootmaker
Mary 39
Mary 20 Trans to s/w
Rose 7
Lily 7
Thomas 4
Wills Henry 37 Lancashire Navvie
Margaret 33
Single Men
Austin James 22 Cheshire Copper Smith
Clive Peter 19 Wigton Labourer
Clouston James 16 Orkney Farm Labourer
Dickson John 34 Lanark Cooper
Fitzgerald William 28 Waterford Labourer
Henderson William 26 Lanark Blacksmith
Gallacher James 17 Fermanagh Labourer
Gray Robert 24 Lanark Labourer
Martin John 18 Wigton Ploughman
McCombie John Kinross Labourer
McInnes Charles 49 Argyle Labourer
Charles 26 Argyle Labourer
Hugh 22 Argyle Labourer
Peter 15 Argyle Labourer
McMullen Hugh 21 Down Farm Labourer
Monzies George Lanark Teacher
Neil John 18 Lanark Labourer
Robert 13 Lanark Labourer
Nicholson Andrew 22 Lancashire Machinist
Robertson Peter 24 Perth Van Driver
Shields Matthew 18 Down Labourer
Sinclair William 22 Orkney Farm Labourer
Single Women
Beckett Mary 22 Wigton General Servant
Best Barbara 35 Argyle Housekeeper
Brownlie Agnes 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
Buchanan Elizabeth 24 Tyrone General Servant
Clouston Mary 20 Orkney General Servant
Coll Bridget 17 Donegal Dairymaid
Scicelly 15 Donegal Dairymaid
Collie Eliza 23 Banff General Servant
Curl Elizabeth 28 Edinburgh Domestic Servant
Gallacher Ann 19 Dermanagh Domestic Servant
Gornley Ellen 22 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Hay Christina 24 Lanark Dairymaid
Ann 17 Lanark Dairymaid
Jane 25 Lanark Dairymaid
Hammill Phynia 23 Down`
Hamilton Joan 26 Edinburgh General Servant
Macdonald Margaret 28 Lanark Domestic Servant
Macdonald Jessie 25 Inverness General Servant
Mahony Mary 20 Cork Domestic Servant
Marr Elizabeth 18 Lanark General Servant
Martin Elizabeth 21 Wigton Dairymaid
Matthews Sarah 22 Middlesex Cook
McCombie Margaret 19 Lanark Dairymaid
McInnes Ann 24 Argyle Dairymaid
Julia 16 Argyle Dairymaid
Elizabeth 13 Argyle Dairymaid
McMation Jane 18 Lanark General Servant
McMillen Sarah 20 Down General Servant
mary Jane 19 Down General Servant
Moodie Sarah 31 Ayr Dairymaid
Movis Barbara 25 Dumbarton Domestic Servant
Munro Jane 30 Caithness Domestic Servant
Murray Jane 23 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Nicholson Elizabeth 23 Dunfries Domestic Servant
Rebecca 20 Lanchashire Domestic Servant
Neil Mary Ann 15 Lanark Domestic Servant
O'Connor Ellen 22 Waterford Dairymaid
Nano 20 Waterford Dairymaid
Shields Theresa 24 Down Housemaid
Smith Jessie 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
Snedden Marion 18 Stirling Domestic Servant
Taylor Wilhelmina 24 Inverness Domestic Servant
Isabella 27 Inverness Domestic Servant
Tulley Mary 20 Cambridge Domestic Servant

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