Ship: 1032 tons
Captain: John Foster
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Willis
Sailed London June 15th 1858 - arrived Lyttelton 20th September 1858

There was another ship (this ship) bearing the name which came out to the Dominion in the 'fifties, and she was also a fine vessel of 1032 tons. She was sent out by Willis, Gann and Co., and ran to Lyttelton on her maiden voyage in 1858 bringing out 400 immigrants from London. Captain Foster commanded the ship on each occasion when she came to New Zealand. The first Zealandia made six voyages to New Zealand.
White Wings Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Chief Cabin
Burton J H
Condell Mrs
Edgington Miss
Garden F A
Garrick C B
Gordon Mr
4 children
Harston Mr
Meade F
Stephens K C
Whitcombe Mr
3 children
Second Cabin
Izard Mr
Jackson Mr
Langdon Mr
Scandlan Mr
Titchmarch Mr
Ambler Frederick 21 Dewsbury Mason
Mary 21
Infant son Born on board 07/08/1858
Auckland Jane Anne 26 Nottinghamshire Carpenter
Ayres Thomas 41 Bedfordshire Bricklayer
Elizabeth 39
Samuel 12 T/F to single men
Sarah 7
Thomas 3
Rebecca Infant
Bean Richard 21 London Domestic Servant
Emma 21
Walter Stanley Infant
Berry Thomas 25 London Printer
Hannah 22
Thomas 2
Sarah Hannah Infant
Berry William 47 Oxfordshire Dairyman
Sarah 48
Walter 16 T/F to single men
Sarah Ann 15 T/F to single women
Frederick 11
Emma 9
Bramley Aaron 28 Leicestershire Millwright
Louisa 23
William 18 months
Brook John 30 Yorkshire Agricultural Labourer
Alice 25
Sarah 2
Mary Ann Infant
Bruce James 25 Scotland Blacksmith
Diana 21
Bundle William 36 Streatham Carpenter
Dinah 30
William 7
Lucy 5
Ann 5
Burnett William 31 London General Labourer
Mary Ann 31
Mary Ann 8
William John 6
Elizabeth Susan 4
Chambers Charles William 30 Hertfordshire Carpenter
Mary 32
Jessie Mary 1
Clarke Alexander 37 Scotland Carpenter & Wheelwright
Catherine 31
Christina 8
George 6
Ann 4
Margaret 2
Alexander Infant
Clarke George 27 Nottinghamshire Carpenter
Jane 24
Norah 3
Anna Infant
Clarke Joseph 58 Worcestershire Dairyman
Harriett 46
Augusta 22 T/F to single Women
Thomas 6
Cross Joseph 39 Cambridgeshire Farm Labourer
Martha 38
Joseph 12
George 6
Thomas 4
John 2
Dobson William 22 Wicklow Agriculturalist
Kate 20
Downs John 32 Worksop, Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 39
Mary Infant
Drayton Alfred 28 Nottinghamshire Blacksmith
Ann 21
George 1
Infant son Born on board 18/09/1858
Duncan George 60 Scotland Gardener
Christina 52
Abnes 11
Edmonds William 28 Kent Shoemaker
Maria 22
Infant daughter Born on board 18/08/1858
Gibbs William 35 Turvey, Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Ann 34
George 14 T/F to single men
Arthur 6
Elizabeth 1
Goodger Thomas 44 Sussex Cab Driver
Mary Ann 36
Mary Ann 14 T/F to single women
Matora 8
Jerry 6
Harry 3
Phoebe 9 months
Goodman Samuel 47 London Shoemaker
Betsy 43
Betsy 20 Note on passenger list: William Harris is to be married to Betsy Goodman before he quits England.
John 15 T/F to single men
James 10
Thomas 7
William Harris 4
Grimwood Robert 48 Suffolk Labourer
Ann 44
John 20 T/F to single men Labourer
Robert 18 T/F to single men Labourer
Betsy 16 T/F to single women
James 13 T/F to single men
Emma 7
Harry 5
Frederick 1
Harris William
Betsy 20
Hollingdrake Ephraim 39 Bradford, Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 34
Johnson Stephen 26 Worksop, Nottinghamshire Sawyer
Ann 22
Walter 1
Alfred Infant
Jones Thomas 27 Colchester Carpenter
Hannah 27
Ladbroke Jacob 40 Suffolk Farm Bailiff
Eliza 32
Eliza 6
Richenda 1
March William 35 Somersetshire Agricultural Labourer & Baker
Ann 25
Ann Eliza 2 Died on board 20/09/1858
Bronchitis & diarrhoea
Mehrtens Claus 32 Hanover Sugar Baker
Elsebe 30
George 4
Catherine Infant
Morey Alfred H 30 London Smith's Engineer
Elizabeth 27
Alfred 9
Nielsen Peter Ludwig 33 Denmark Saddler
Anna Maria 29
Frederikka Maria 3
Christina 2 Died on board 19/08/1858
From an accident (scald) received on 12th August
Paddy William 28 Surrey Baker & Labourer
Susan 32
Emily Susan 4
Maria Churches 1
Anthony Franks 11
Paget John 38 Somersetshire Labourer
Mary 44
Samuel 10
William 8
Charles 6
Henry 4
Edwin 2
Parker James 47 Kent Farm Bailiff & Farm Labourer
Charlotte 37
John Julius 10
Julius 9
Charles 8
Julia 6
James 2
George Infant
Prince Thomas 28 Cheshire Labourer
Elizabeth 30
Joseph 3
Ranby John 21 Nottinghamshire Blacksmith
Mary 20
Robinson John 28 Dulwich Carpenter
Ann 31
Lucy 4
Ellen 1
Ross James 42
Elizabeth 44
John 9
William 7
Thomas 5
Mary Ann 1
Sears Henry 29 Hertfordshire Labourer
Catherine 30
Sarah Elizabeth 2
James Ambrose 4 months
Skevington Charles 29 Turvey, Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Ann 27
Mary Ann 5
Charles Edward Infant
Slater Daniel 32 Leicestershire Carpenter & Millwright
Susannah 32
Joseph Daniel 7
Eva 5
Mary 3
Francis 1
Small James 40 Suffolk Labourer
Emma 37
Smart Samuel 36 Nottinghamshire Carpenter
Catherine 33
Betsy 5
William 4
Sarah 2
Mary 1
Infant son Born on board 07/08/1858
Died on board 08/08/1858
Smith Thomas C 30 Yorkshire Carpenter
Mary 23
Smith William 41 London General Labourer
Louisa 31
Tayler Henry 42 England Carpenter
Elizabeth 41
Terry Henry 33 Kent Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 24 Second wife
Thomas 15 T/F to single men
Frances Ann 12 T/F to single women
Henry 10
Walter 7
George Henry 2
Trotman Charles 38 Glostershire Agricultural Labourer
Ann 42
Tankard Hanry 33 Yorkshire Wheelwright & House Carpenter
Sarah 33
Agnes 11
Frederick 9
Charley 5
Tom 3
Martha Jane Infant
Veysey Thomas 37 Somersetshire Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 35
Elizabeth 6 months
Walker William 36 Bradford Policeman
Ann 37
Mary Ann 13 T/F to single women
Martha Ann 7
John Washington 5
William Henry Infant
Charles Edward
Walton William 27
Mary Ann 27
William Henry Infant Nottinghamshire Labourer
Ward Bartholomew 43 Middlesex Assistant Harness Maker
Mary Ann 42
Emily 16 T/F to single women
Mary Ann 14 T/F to single women
Susan 12 T/F to single women
Alfred 9
Bartholomew 7
Alice 5
Ann 3 months
Warman David 40 Cambridgshire Labourer & Engine Driver
Sarah Ann 40
Westfield Charles 30 Germany Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 37
Jane 9
Winskill George 30 Penrith Blacksmith
Ann 30
Mary Ann 9
Margaret 7
Witchell Samuel 30 Glostershire Gardener
Mary Ann 32
Wooding Henry 38 Turvey, Buckinghamshire Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 36
Elizabeth 4
John 1
Woodard John 24 Edmonton Shoemaker
Elizabeth 20
Worth Charles F 25 London Plasterer
Sarah 28
Richard Charles 5
Emily Sarah 3
Edward Gibson F 1 Died on board 12/09/1858
Prostration consequent on bronchitis & diarrhoea
Female infant
Wright William 44 Nottinghamshire Shoemaker
Sarah 41
Adah 17 T/F to single women
Arthur 15 T/F to single men
Walter 11
Peter 9
Amos 6
James 3
Vince William 10 months
Wright William 35 Suffolk Agricultural Labourer
Haphzibah 30
Anna 2
Alice Infant
Youngman James 43 Kent Sawyer
Mary Jane 40
Edward Benjamin 14 T/F to single men
Harry 11
Elizabeth 9
William 6
James Infant
Zweibruck Diedrich 26 Hanover Suger Baker
Meta 28
Anna Margareta 5
Diedrich Infant
Single Men
Ayres Samuel 12 Bedfordshire
Berry Walter 16 Oxfordshire Dairyman
Bromley Benjamin 22 Wiltshire Carpenter
Bramley W
Brooks Thomas 18 Sussex Ploughman
Brown William 17 London Printers Labourer
Bundy Daniel 22 Northamptonshire Carpenter
Cooper George 22 Loughborough Smith
Cross George 39 Kennington Farm Labourer
Davis William 24 Wales Carpenter
Drayton George 21 Nottinghamshire Blacksmith
Duncan Andrew 24 Scotland Gardener
Gibbs George 14 Buckinghamshire Labourer
Goodman William 15 Kent Chemical Works
Goodwin William 18 Kent Labourer
Hopkinson William 22 England Police Constable
Howe William Henry 18 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
McJenkins Charles 27 Ireland Labourer
Jervis Charles 23 Suffolk Bootmaker
Johnson Eli 19 Worksop, Nottinghamshire Sawyer
Jones William 22 Glostershire Porter
Kerr James 19 Ireland Labourer
Lambert Thomas 38 England Painter
Land Archibald George 20 Hounslow Agriculturalist
Lewis Richard 25 Portsmouth Carpenter
Mervin John 23 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Norman C
Paget George 16 Somersetshire Labourer
Pope Henry Angood 20 Gloucestershire Labourer
Prince Charles 36 Essex Schoolmaster
Rhodes John 21 Sussex Labourer
Scrutton James 40 Middlesex Gardener
Seifert Herman 27 Germany Carpenter
Terry Thomas 15 Kent Labourer
Thin James 21 Scotland Engineer
Walker John 24 Warwickshire Labourer
Youngman Edward B 14
Single Women
Adams Eliza 48 Plymouth Nurse
Adams Mary Ann 20 London Domestic Servant
Aldridge Christina 15 England House Servant
Angood Mrs Emily 22 Glostershire Domestic Servant
Edward Henry 2 Glostershire
Berry Sarah Ann 15
Brighting Mary Ann 46 London Nurse
Clarke Augusta 22
Cross Susan 21 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Goodger Mary Ann 14 Sussex
Goodman Mary Ann 14
Goodwin Mary 15 Kent Domestic Servant
Margaret 11 Kent
Goodwin Mrs Mary
Grimwood Betsy 16
Kerley Mary Jane 23 England Domestic Servant
Markham Rachael 65 Turvey, Buckinghamshire Widow
Marlow Sarah 48 Widow
Mary 22
Elizabeth 20
Money Julia Davis 23 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Paget Hannah 14
Sarah 13
Patrick Margaret 32 Ayr Domestic Servant
Stanton Mrs Elizabeth 38 Turvey, Bedfordshire Lacemaker - Widow
Child 13
Child 2
Swales Elizabeth 40 Norfolk Dressmaker
William 9
Mary 7
Sarah Ann 4
Walker Mary Ann 13
Ward Emily 16 Middlesex
Mary Ann 14 Middlesex
Susan 12 Middlesex
Watson Hannah 23 Buckinghamshire Domestic Servant
Wright Adah 17 Nottinghamshire


Margaret GOODWIN:
Margaret Goodwin, daughter of William Goodwin & Margaret Harrington, was born on 29 Sep 1846 in Greenwich, England. Margaret died in Christchurch, NZ on 2 Aug 1934, she was 87. Buried in Sydenham Cemetery.  She arrived in Lyttelton with her brother William and sister Mary on the 'Zealandia' on 21 Sep 1858 (Gravesend-Lyttelton). Margaret married Enoch Smart, born on 16 Oct 1844 in Moulton, Northamptonshire. Enoch had arrived in New Zealand with his parents, brothers and sisters on the ‘Randolph’, one of the first four ships to bring settlers to Canterbury, on 16 Dec 1850.  Enoch died in Christchurch on 10 Mar 1907, he was 62. Buried on 12 Mar 1907 in St Saviour's Ch, Templeton. Enoch worked as a general labourer in Templeton, Prebbleton and Kirwee.  Enoch apparently served 6 weeks hard labour in Christchurch Gaol for larceny, released Jan 1869.  Described as 5'7" tall, slight build, fair complexion, light brown hair, blue eyes, with a scar on left arm. Margaret and Enoch married in St Peter's Ch, Riccarton on 1 May 1867. They had twelve children:

1) Eleanor Mary: Born on 13 Jan 1868 in Templeton, NZ. Eleanor Mary died  ca 1946, she was 77. Eleanor Mary was baptized in Templeton, NZ on 23 Feb 1868. Eleanor Mary married Herbert Peach Brake and they had one child.
2) Frank: Born on 28 Aug 1869 in Christchurch. Frank died in Christchurch on 3 Oct 1870, he was 1. Buried on 7 Oct 1870 in St Saviour's Ch, Templeton. Frank was baptized in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 23 Nov 1869.
3) Lucy Jane: Born on 26 Feb 1871 in Prebbleton. Lucy Jane died in Auckland. Lucy Jane was baptized in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 31 Mar 1871. Occupation: Nun: Sister Mary de Sales, Wellington.
4) Grace: Born on 5 Nov 1872 in Stoneycroft, nr Christchurch. Grace died in Christchurch on 10 Mar 1874, she was 1. Buried on 13 Mar 1874 in St Peter's Ch, Riccarton.
5) Grace Delia 'Bridget': Born on 4 May 1874 in Stoneycroft, nr Christchurch. Grace Delia 'Bridget' died in Darfield on 11 Jun 1902, she was 28. Buried in 1902 in Darfield Cemetery. Grace Delia 'Bridget' was baptized in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 27 May 1874.
6) May: Born on 7 Apr 1876 in Templeton, NZ. May died on 6 Apr 1877 in Christchurch. May was baptized in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 20 Apr 1876.
7) Alice May: Born on 25 May 1878 in Christchurch. Alice May died in Christchurch on 30 Aug 1948, she was 70. Buried in Darfield Cemetery. Alice May was baptized in roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 15 Jun 1878. On 6 Feb 1907 when Alice May was 28, she married George Kennedy Hosking, in Christchurch. They had three children.
8) Amy Gertrude: Born on 3 Feb 1880 in Hornby, Christchurch. Amy Gertrude died in Wellington on 16 Jan 1938, she was 57. Buried in Karori Cemetery. Amy Gertrude was baptized on 28 Feb 1880. On 18 Nov 1902 when Amy Gertrude was 22, she married Thomas Gregan. They had six children.
9) Arthur Horton: Born on 23 Nov 1881 in Hornby, Christchurch. Arthur Horton died in Kirwee in Nov 1945, he was 63. Arthur Horton was baptized on 21 Dec 1881.  In 1914 when Arthur Horton was 32, he married Elizabeth Page. They had two children.
10) Elizabeth Florence:  Born on 26 May 1883 in Hornby, Christchurch. Elizabeth Florence died in Templeton, NZ on 22 Aug 1976, she was 93. Buried in 1976 in St Saviour's Ch, Templeton. At the age of 5, Elizabeth Florence was baptized in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 23 Jun 1888.  She was known as Beau. In 1906 when Elizabeth Florence was 22, she married Thomas Griffith, in Christchurch. They had two children.
11) Frank Sydney: Born on 4 Jul 1884 in Hornby, Christchurch. Frank Sydney died in Wellington on 6 Jul 1948, he was 64. Buried in Karori Cemetery. Frank Sydney was baptized in Roman Catholic Cathedral, Christchurch on 30 Jul 1884. In 1917 when Frank Sydney was 32, he married Ada Maidens. They had one child.
12) Lilly Taroice: Born on 5 Sep 1888 in Kirwee, nr Christchurch. Lilly Taroice died on 5 Sep 1888 in Kirwee, nr Christchurch.
If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Julian & Jane Hayes.


NIELSEN family:
Peter Ludwig and Anne Maria Neilsen were my Great, Great Grandparents and died in Hawera Taranaki 1898 and 1914 respectively. Of the children who came with them on the Zealandia, little Christina died on the voyage and Fredrikke lived to marry Andrew Blackett. Peter and Anne had 2 daughters born in Christchurch - Albertina Louise (did not Marry) born about 1859 died c1930 and Esther (Married Samuel Thompson in Rangiora 1884) She was born in 1863 and died in 1954. These two are buried in New Plymouth. Esther came to Hawera with her 2 young sons after Sam died about 1887. Peter Ludwig was a councillor in Kaiapoi for a time. Esther was my great-grandmother and I remember her living on Bayley Road New Plymouth facing the waterfront. That part of the road is no longer there.


William Hopkinson was born to John and Anne Hopkinson on 4th February 1836 at Sweet Clough, Colne. Lancashire, and was christened on 24th April that year. Of the six children in the family there were three boys and three girls, Ann, John. Betty, Susannah, William and Hargreaves. William's father John Hopkinson, who shows in Parish records as a weaver, married Ann Bracewell on 4th April 1825 in Colne. John had been previously married three years earlier to Mary Bannister but was now widowed. Ann was also a widow, previously married to a William Hartley. At the age of 22 William left Gravesend, Manchester, England on the maiden voyage of the Zealandia arriving at Lyttleton on the 20th September 1858. His entry to New Zealand appears dodgy as he did not know anyone in New Zealand who could sponsor his passage but he illegally bought the much needed nomination bill from a Samuel Smith, much to the concern of the ships captain. None the less, William got his passage to New Zealand being registered in the ships log as a single male, aged 22 his occupation being recorded as a police constable. Aside from the fact that William illegally bought the necessary nomination bill, he was an assisted immigrant and his passage cost the Canterbury Provincial Government 17 pounds. William's ambition was to obtain land in this thinly populated country and in April 1865 he applied to the Waste Lands Board to purchase 25 acres in the Geraldine area at 2 pounds per acre for which he paid cash. On the 1st January 1866, William married Mary Fergusson Quaid. Mary aged 23 was the widow of Thomas Quaid. She was born in Dowally. Perthshire, Scotland on 9th November 1842. She was one of 12 children to Daniel & Catherine Fergusson, another early pioneer family and the first school master in the district. (For further information on the Daniel Fergusson family refer to the ship Cresswell sailing of May 27th 1859) ( For more on the Quaid connection refer to the ship "Amoor" sailing of 8th April 1864) When William, a bachelor aged 29, married Mary he also took on the responsibility for her two infant children, James & Jessie Quaid. William was a talented business entrepreneur. He had purchased more land and owned 110 acres of land ad Fairfield. As well as being a landowner and farmer he undertook earth moving projects and in the gold mining rush was involved in transporting heavy mining equipment, mining outfits and stores to Gabriels Gully and the Clutha. Not only was he a contractor but also a bridge builder, building a number in the district. In the years 1878 to 1887 he was described as a wagoner/carter carrying wool, timber, and firewood to Temuka & Timaru from Geraldine and the back country. His wife Mary died giving birth to Ellen, their 11 child, leaving William to raise the children on his own. By 1894/95 William was a Threshing Machine owner and was later joined in this business by a Jim Goldsmith. William also ran a timber sawing plant that was later taken over by his son Daniel. William remarried in 1904 to Eliza Ellen Double and retired in 1906 from his business enterprises. He died peacefully at the age of 90 on 7th June,1926 and was buried in the Temuka Cemetery. If you have a connection to this Hopkinson family line or would like more information please contact Richard Hopkinson


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