Men of the Forest Rangers
who recieved the
New Zealand War Medal
1860 - 1870

Name Rank
Allen Thomas Private
Babington W. H. Private
Bertram A. J. Sergeant-major
Bell William Private
Bidgood John Private
Bond William Sergeant
Butter Alexander Sergeant
Bygum Hans Private
Carren Henry Sergeant
Clinton P. J. Private
Clotworthy George Private
Clifford Henry G. Corporal
Codling Elijah Private
Cole George L. Private
Crispe Heywood Sergeant
Cunningham James Sergeant
Cunningham Robert Private
Davidson Alexander Private
Dunckley W. Private
Fallon Joseph Corporal
Finlay james Private
Gilander John Private
Hannay John Private
Hardy Adolphus F. Private
Hay W. M. Ensign
Hendry C. F. H. Private
Hill H. W. Lieutenant
Hill George Private
Holden Thomas Sergeant
Jackson William Major
Jennings James Private
Johns William Corporal
Long Henry Sergeant
Mahoney Stephen Private
Martin J. W. Private
Mellsop James Ensign
McClymont A. G. Private
McGuirk James Corporal
Neil Robert Private
Newman William J. Private
Nolan John Private
Nolan Martin Private
Osborne James Private
Pilmer A. A. G. Lieutenant
Pierce Octavius Private
Pohlen Heinrich Private
Raven W. J. Private
Rivers Edward Private
Russell F. N. Private
Ryan James Private
Selby William Private
Sherret A. Stephen Lieutenant
Shuker William Private
Skinner William Henry Private
Smith Ezra Private
Smith Peter J. Private
Smith John Sergeant
Sumsion Charles Private
Temple charles Private
Vaughan Matthew Private
Walter James Sergeant
Ward John Sergeant
Ward George Private
Westrupp Charles Major
Whitfield Robert Ensign
Williams James Sergeant