91st PA--Edgar Gregory *


  • [re appointment of General Gregory to the Freedmen's Bureau], The Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 11 August 1865 page 4
  • ]
    The Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 11 August 1865 page 4 It is stated in the papers that General Gregory, an officer of high executive reputation, has been appointed as the Superintendent of the Freedman's Bureau of Texas. We sincerely trust that some good man may take hold of it soon, for it is needed most sadly. All employers of negroes are waiting for the announcement of the system the Bureau intends to adopt, before entering into any permanent arrangements for the future. Moreover, the saving of the growing crops depends upon the proper regulation of the negro labor of the country. And there is but little time to lose, as the cotton picking season is now upon us. We are surprised that the organization of this Bureau should have been so long delayed after the order of emancipation.

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