91st PA--Edgar Gregory in the Freedman's Bureau

The city

['The city', Houston Tri-Weekly Telegraph 27 September 1865 page 7]

The City

--General Gregory, Superintendent of the Freedmen's Bureau for this State, made [a] speech to the colored people at their [ch]urch, on Sunday afternoon. He assured [th]em that all their rights should be respect[ed] and they could hold property the same [as] white people, and the same laws that [go]vern white people also governs [sic] them. [He] informed them that when they made [co]ntracts they must fulfil them, and if they [ref]used to do it, the military authorities [wo]uld compel them to do so. He exhorted [th]em to be honest, faithful and industrious, [and] they would then be happy: but assured [th]em that they should not be a burthen to [sic] [th]e Government, and must earn their living [th]e same as white people If they did this, [all] would be well; if not, they would be [c]ompelled to do so. The General's advice [ga]ve great satisfaction to his audience, and [sh]ould do them much good.

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