91st PA survivors' association

Survivors' association--1885 meeting

[source: 'War Veterans Banqueting'. Philadelphia Inquirer 15 December 1885 page 8.]
[see Survivor's Association]

War Veterans Banqueting.

Sunday was the anniversary of the battle of Fredericksburg, and last evening a number of veterans who participated in the battles for the Union gathered around the banquet board and revived the stories of those stirring times. Survivor's Association of the Ninety-first Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers met at Don Wallings' restaurant, Broad and South Penn Square, and enjoyed themselves immensely.

The officers of the association are Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph H Sinex, Colonel Eli G Sellers, Captain Peter D Keyser were among those who made speeches [sic]. Mr. A. D. W. Caldwell is secretary and Matthew Paul [sc. Matthew Hall] treasurer of the association.

The Seventy-second Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, the Philadelphia Fire Brigade, held their fourth annual banquet at Marnarchor [??] Hall, Franklin street and Fairmount avenue, last evening. Frederick L Mannes is president and William Prior secretary of the association.

The One-hundred-and-fourteenth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers held their reunion at the Colonnade Hotel.

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