91st PA--GAR

'Indignant GAR men'

['Indignant G.A.R. men', Philadelphia Inquirer 31 December 1892, page 1]
[transcribed from GenealogyBank]

An Election Surprise, in Which John W. Frazier Suffered Defeat, the Prime Cause.

Withdrawals from Colonel E. D. Baker Post, No. 8, G.A.R., which it is [sic] said to have taken place in considerable numbers lately, threaten to bring that once powerful organization to a point far below the time when the muster roll numbered 800 members.

At the last meeting three of the oldest and most active members withdrew: Colonel Eli G. Sellers, Major Harry G. Williams and Hugo Schauer. Last night Colonel Sellers said: "For two years there has been a bad feeling among certain members of the post. The feeling grew out of the candidature of John W. Frazier for the office of commander. Mr. Frazier had worked harder than any other man for the post, and was entitled to recognition. Once he brought fifty new members into the post on one night. Frazier has held office for thirteen years in the Department of Pennsylvania, and he will join some other post in this city."

Hugo Schauer indorsed all Colonel Sellers had stated. He said: "Frazier was promised the command of the post. On the day of the election a new candidate was sprung and Frazier was defeated. The objection to him was that he had never seen service. This is true. He enlisted in a three years' regiment but before reaching the front was seized with smallpox."

The cause for three withdrawals Thursday night, was that W. G. Mason, the new commander, assumes office. Mason is especially obnoxious to a certain element, owing to his opposition to Frazier. Mr. Schauer stated that he had no ill feeling against the post, but he believed that the membership is doomed to dwindle rapidly.

The handsome quarters of the post are on Broad street, near Columbia avenue. The adjutant and past commander, Thomas F. Walters, said last night that the gentlemen who had withdrawn are angry because they cannot have everything their own way. He claimed that the post is in every way prosperous. All the gentlemen who have recently withdrawn are past commanders.

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