91st PA--Philadelphia Home Guard

Home Guard elections

[source: 'Home Guard elections', Philadelphia Inquirer, 26 June 1861, page 8]

HOME GUARD ELECTIONS.--We found considerable trouble, last evening, in obtaining the result of the vote for Field Officers of the Home Guards, in consequence of some of the companies closing their polls at a very early hour for a street parade, and leaving behind them no record of their vote. Others, again, kept their polls open until a very late hour before the count was commenced. It was midnight before the general vote could be obtained. The following, although imperfect in a few instances, will, we believe, give a fair idea of the relative positions of the contending candidates:--

Co.A--John M. Bickel..2E. M. Gregory ....89
Co.B--John M. Bickel..76....
Co.C--John M. Bickel..57....
Co.D--John M. Bickel..3E. M. Gregory....67
Co.E--John M. Bickel..114E. M. Gregory....3
Co.F--John M. Bickel..11E. M. Gregory....68
Co.G--John M. Bickel..50E. M. Gregory....2
Co.H--John M. Bickel..6E. M. Gregory....51
Co.I--John M. Bickel..39E. M. Gregory....12
Co.K--John M. Bickel..50E. M. Gregory....5
Total...........408 297
[I did not transcribe the vote totals for Lieutenant-Colonel and Major]

From the above, it will be seen that JOHN M. BICKEL is elected Colonel; and that there is a strong probability of the election of S SNYDER LEIDY as Lieutenant-Colonel. Messrs. MYERS and FOUST are no doubt elected Majors.

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