91st PA--formation from the Philadelphia Home Guard

Home Guard Regiment

[source: 'The Philadelphia Home Guard Regiment' [and 'Head-quarters Home Guard'], Philadelphia Inquirer, 13 August 1861, page 5]

THE PHILADELPHIA HOME Guard Regiment, for active service, Col. E. M. Gregory, has been accepted by the War Department, and will be mustered in by Companies and fully equipped as soon as ready. The officers or representatives of the six companies already connected with the Regiment, will report at 6 o'clock, P.M., this day, at Head-quarters, Sarauak [?] Hall N.E. corner of Eighth and Callowhill streets, at which time Commanders of Companies now forming, and not attached to any other regiment, are respectfully invited to attend, with the view of filling up the regiment immediately.

HEAD-QUARTERS HOME Guard, City of Philadelphia.--August 7th, 1861--To Captain E. M. Gregory, Company A, First Regiment Infantry of the Line of the Home Guard--Captain:--You will be so good as to announce to such members of the Home Guard as may be desirous of entering upon active service with the Government of the United States against the existing Rebellion, that not only will no impediment be placed in their way by me, or the authorities of the city, in the gratification of this laudable desire, but that on tendering to me their respective resignations of membership for such object, honorable discharges from further service with the Home Guard will be forthwith issued to them. Receive my best wishes for the success of this your most patriotic effort, and believe me to be very truly yours, &c.,

Brit. Genl. Comm'g Home Guard

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