91st PA--14 December 1861 newspaper articles

14 December 1861

['Another union meeting in behalf of the soldiers', Philadelphia Press, Saturday 14 December 1861, page 3]
[source: ActivePaper Archive, Penn State University (viewed 8 November 2008)]
[see religion and YMCA]

ANOTHER UNION MEETING IN BEHALF OF THE SOLDIERS.--The thirteenth meeting to aid in diffusing religious reading in the camps and promoting the spiritual interests of the soldiers, will be held on SABBATH EVENING, (Dec. 15th), at 7-1/2 o'clock, in the Union M.E. Church, FOURTH Street, below Arch. Addresses will be delivered by the pastor, Rev. Anthony Atwood, Rev. Thos. Brainerd, D. D., Col. E. M. Gregory, Ninety-first Regiment, P.V., and Geo. H. Stuart, Esq. A collection will be taken. Seats free to all. Under the direction of the ARMY COMMITTEE of the Young Men's Christian Association of Philadelphia.

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