Orders, 4 September 1862

Orders, 4 September 1862

[source: company E orders book]

Head Quarters 91st Regt P.V.
Camp Wade near Alexandria Va Sept 4th 1862
General Order No 46

I The discharge of fire arms in the vicinity of the Camp is strictly forbidden except for Arlarm [sic] as shall hereafter be ordered or in case of an attackt [sic] of the Enemy and it is hereby made the duty of all officers and gaurds [sic] to arrest any person or persons violating this order

II The Commanding officers of Companies and Gaurds [sic] are requested to enforce discipline and maintain strict order in their respective Commands. We come here to be Soldiers to that end we must bind our energies.

III All orders from these Head Quarters must be published at Company roll calls on the day of their reception if possible and their reciept [sic] acknowledged and a certificate of their having been so published must appear upon the morning reports of the following day

IV Commants [sic] of Companies will State on their morning report following the reciept [sic] of this order whether the Articles of War have been read to their respective Commands particular attention is Called to Art. 41 & 42 of Said Articles

By Command of
E. M. Gregory
Col Commanding
B J Tayman

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