91st PA--official regimental orders

Regimental orders, 29 July 1863

[source: regimental orders book]

Head Quarters 91st Reg. P. V.' [sic]
Camp near Beverly Ford Va July 29nt 63 [sic]

I [sic] accordance with provisions in orders from Brig. Hd. Qr. Company Commanders will at once ascertain if their men are provided with Shelter tents. If any deficiencies exist they will make a requisition upon the Qr. Mr. for what will be needed.

The order requires that the "allowance of tents will be confined to the following" for each commissioned officer one tent and for every two (2) men. Com officers, musicians, and privates, one tent. All [one word is written over another; I can't read them] or A tents will at once be turned in at once to Qr. Mr.

By Order of
Joseph H Sinex
Lieut Col Commdg.
B. J. Tayman

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