91st PA--letters, 2 October 1863

Letters and orders, 2 October 1863

[source: regimental letters book. Another copy, missing the signature block, is in the orders book, but crossed out, with "in letter Book" written in the margin. The two copies differ in trivial punctuation and abbreviations, and the orders book version has "properly accounted for" instead of "accounted for"]

Head Quarters 91st Regt. Pa Vols.
Octbr 2nd 186[3]
Capt A. S. Marvin Jr
Asst Adjt. Genl

I have the honor to make the following Report in Compliance with Circular from Brig H. Qrs Oct 1st 1863, regarding loss of Public Property during Month of September & not accounted for

     One Axe      Capt. Bowman

No other property was lost in this Regiment during the Month of September.

I am Capt
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Servant
E. M. Gregory
Col. Comdg

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