91st PA: Veterans' furlough

Letter about veterans' furlough for the 91st PA and other regiments.


JANUARY 6, 1864.

I have the honor herewith to transmit a statement showing the regiments and companies thus far ordered home from this army as veteran volunteers under the orders governing the subject, three-fourths of the same having re- enlisted. It will be seen that these organization number in the aggregate about 6,000.

General Orders, No. 376, of November 21, 1863, from the War Department, taken in connection with the circular of December 15, 1863, from the War Department, requires that the volunteers sent home as organized bodies shall report through the governors of the States to the superintendent of the recruiting service; they are consequently placed beyond my control and may be kept from my command for an indefinite period, and perhaps transferred from it altogether. In view of the large number of volunteers that have been and may be furloughed in organizations as veteran volunteers in this army, I respectfully request that the superintendent of the recruiting service may be instructed to give those organizations immediately on reporting the thirty days' furlough provided for in General Orders, No. 376, and that on reassembling at the appointed placed of rendezvous the regiments and companies be allowed not to exceed three weeks for recruiting and reorganization, and that at the expiration of that term they be sent back to this army. If those regiments and companies are permitted to remain in their States beyond the period indicated, it is probable that many other men who have re-enlisted or may re-enlist as veteran volunteers, with the understanding that they are to receive furloughs this winter, may by the absolute necessities of the service be kept with the army. I am clearly of the opinion that it is in every way for the best interests of the service that the regiments and companies that may be sent home as organized bodies be promptly returned to the field very soon after the expiration of their furloughs, and I shall be glad to learn that instructions to that effect have been given. I also ask that the men furloughed by me individually may not be permitted to be kept from the army after the expiration of their furloughs, by details or otherwise.

Very respectfully, &c.,

GEO. G. MEADE, Major-General, Commanding.

JANUARY 12, 1864.
Unless otherwise directed they will return to their proper commands.
H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief.

[p.358] [Inclosure.] Veteran volunteers sent to their respective States to the 5th day of January, 1864, inclusive.
1st Delaware Infantry 223
8th Illinois Cavalry 415
1st Maryland Cavalry (seven companies) 169
3d Michigan Infantry (three companies) 72
5th Michigan Infantry 154
7th Michigan Infantry 164
16th Michigan Infantry 270
4th New Jersey Infantry 330
1st New York Artillery 44
6th New York Cavalry 411
9th New York Cavalry (eight companies) 231
40th New York Infantry (eight companies) 346
43d New York Infantry (four companies) 184
59th New York Infantry Battalion 114
61st New York Infantry (seven companies) 51
63d New York Infantry (two companies) 96
66th New York Infantry 150
69th New York Infantry Battalion 84
86th New York Infantry 415
93d New York Infantry (seven companies) 236
1st Pennsylvania Rifles (two companies) 33
5th Pennsylvania Reserves (one company) 25
53d Pennsylvania Infantry 182
57th Pennsylvania Infantry 165
91st Pennsylvania Infantry 231
95th Pennsylvania Infantry (two companies) 79
105th Pennsylvania Infantry 278
2d U. S. Sharpshooters (eight companies) 189
5th Vermont Infantry 302
6th Vermont Infantry (one company) 27
6th Wisconsin Infantry 226
7th Wisconsin Infantry 201
Total infantry 4,827
Total cavalry 1,226
Total artillery 44
Aggregate 6,097

[Official records series 1 volume 33 pages 357-358.]

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