Consolidated morning report, 91st PA, 21, 22, and 23 February 1864--detachments

Consolidated morning report, 21, 22, and 23 February 1864--detachments

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[Numbers in square brackets and with grey shading are missing or illegible in the manuscript.]

CONSOLIDATED MORNING REPORT of Detachments Regiment of [blank] commanded by Colonel [blank]

NOTE.--Regimental and Battalion Staff Officers, when belonging to companies, will be reported in such companies as "on detached service," and be accounted for in "Field and Staff." They will, however, be dropped from aggregate of "Present and Absent" in Field and Staff, and be accounted for in the aggregate of their respective companies.

Date February 21st 1864. Chester22 [February]23 [February]
Companies 28th95thBatteryInvalid [?] 28th95 BatteryInv  28th95thBattInv
[The above are written over the company names I have eliminated several unneeded columns]
For duty Field Officers
Assistant Surgeon
Regimental Staff Officers
Battalion Staff Officers
[In some reports, including 23 Oct 63, 'Battalion Staff' is crossed out, and something is written over it, perhaps 'Surgeon']
Captains 111 1 1 1 1 1
First Lieutenants 1
Second Lieutenants
Regt'l Non-comm'd Staff
Batt'n Non-Comm'd Staff
Hospital Stewards
First Sergeants
Company Q.M. Sergeants
Sergeants 2
Corporals 7
[some morning reports--including 3 September's--have 'Bugler' written in.]
Field Music
Artificers & Blacksmiths
[In some morning reports, 'Artificers & Blacksmiths' is crossed out and 'Pioneers' written in.]
Privates 2061024439 3739 48 39
Special dutyCommissioned Officers
Extra and daily dutyNon-commissioned Officers
[23rd, 28th, has a mark that could be a '1'.]
SickCommissioned Officers
[22nd, Battery, has a mark that could be a '1'.]
Non-commissioned Officers 1
Field Music
Artificers, Blacksmiths, Saddlers &c.
[some morning reports, including 10 March 1863's, have "In Hospital"]
Privates 2 2 2 2 4 2
[some morning reports, including 10 March 1863's, add "in quarters".]
In arrest or confinementCommissioned Officers
Non-commissioned Officers
Field Music
Artificers, Blacksmiths, Saddlers and Wagoners
Horses Serviceable
[some morning reports have 'Unserviceable' crossed out and 'Mules' written in]
Total commissioned 111 1 1 7 1 1 1 1 1
Total enlisted 2061024641204634941 52 41
Absent 28th95thBatteryInvalid [?] 28th95 BatteryInv  28th95thBattInv
On detached serviceCommissioned Officers 1
Enlisted Men 1
With leaveCommissioned Officers 6 1 1 1 1 1
Enlisted Men 1 1 1
Without leaveCommissioned Officers
Enlisted Men 1 55
SickCommissioned Officers
Enlisted Men 1 1
[in some reports, entries are written in the gutter, with 'In hospital' written in as the heading.]
[in some previous reports, this column is headed "old men not mustered"]
In hands of civil authorityCommissioned Officers
Enlisted Men
In arrest or confinementCommissioned Officers
Enlisted Men
Total commissioned 6 1 1 2 1 1
Total enlisted 2 1 57 1 1
Present & absent 28th95thBatteryInvalid [?] 28th95 BatteryInv  28th95thBattInv
Commmissioned officers 172 2 1 3 2 1 2 1
Total enlisted 2061044642 1204942 52 42
Aggregate 2231064843 1235143 54 43
Aggregate last report 1821024043 1064843 54 43
[the "alterations" below suggest Batt should be 4 higher than in the previous report on the 23rd]
Total of horses
Alterations since last report
Commis'd officersBy Promotion or Appoint
By Transfer 8 1
['Transfer' is crossed out, and 'Joined [?]' is written in]
Enlisted menRecruits from Depots
Enlisted in the Regiment
By Transfer 334 8 163 3
['Transfer' is crossed out, and 'Joined [?]' is written in]
From Missing In Action
From Desertion
Commis'd officersResigned or Disbanded
Missing In Action
Died in action or of wounds received there
Died of Disease &c.
Enlisted menDischarged Expiration of service
Discharged For Disability
Discharged By Sentence G.C.M.
Discharged By Order
Discharged By Civil Authority
Died In action or of wounds received there
Died Of Disease, &c.
Missing In Action
MemorandaWounded In Action
No. of Recruits required
No. of Horses required
[In some reports, "Guns" is written over "Horses required"]

Remarks (Alterations since last Report to be accounted for by name.) [blank]


Commanding the Regiment

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