91st PA--orders, 30 July 1864

Orders, 30 July 1864

[source: regimental orders book]

Head Quarters 5th Army Corps
July 30th 1864
Special Order No 186

1--The following Non-commissioned Officers and musicians are detailed for duty in the Hospital of the 5th Army Corps at City Point

Each detail under the non-commissioned Officer in charge will report without delay to Surgeon Dalton U.S.V. Senior Medical Officer at City Point

1st Sergt John R Garden Co "K" 91st Pa Vols in charge
x x x x x
Jos Widdifield Co "D" 91st Penna Vols
Wm Coyle [sc. Thomas Coyle?] " "G" " " "
Jno Falls " "H" " " "
Samuel Daherty " "I" " " "
Wm Kilpatrick " "K" " " "

By Order of Maj Genl Warren
(Sgd) Fred T Locke A A. Genl (over)
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Head Quarters 1st Div. 5 Corps
July 31st 1864
Sgd C B Mervin
A A Genl
Hd Qrs 2nd Brig 1st Div 5 Corps
July 31 1864
Official; The above named detail will report at these Hd Qrs at 8 A.M. Aug 1.64
By order of
Col E M Gregory
(Sgd) E C Bennett
Hd Qrs 91st Regt P.V 2nd Brig 1st Div 5 Corps
August 1st 1864
Official S. B J Tayman

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