91st PA--orders, 3 August 1864

Orders, 3 August 1864

[source: regimental orders book]

Head Quarters Army of the Potomac
August 3rd 1864
Special Orders No 207

2 Leave of absence is granted to the following named officers

Surgeon William G Kier 91st Penna Vols for Seven (7) days
x x x x
By command of Major Genl. Meade
(Signed) S. Williams
Asst Adjt. Genl.
Head Quarters 5th Army Corps
August 3rd 1864
(Signed) Fred. T Locke
Asst. Adjt. Genl.
Head Quarters 1st Division 5th Army Corps
August 3rd 1864
(Signed) E. B. Mervine
Asst. Adjt. Genl
Head Quarters 2nd Brig. 1st Div 5th Corps
August 4th 1864
E. C. Bennett
A.A.A. Genl.
Head Quarters 91st Reg. Pa Vols 2nd Brig 1st Div
5th Corps August 6th 1864
B. J. Tayman

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