91st PA--letters and orders, 9 January 1865

Letters and orders, 9 January 1865

[source: regimental letters book]
[related file?: ordnance]

Hd Qrs 91st Pa V Vols
January 9" 1865
Lieut L C Bartlett
A A A Genl

I have the honor to report that the Patent Expansive Tompion is Considered a great improvement and far superior to the wooden one

I am Lieu very Respt &c
Eli G Sellers
Lt Col Commdg
[source: regimental letters book]

Charge & Specification preferred against Private John Blum Co K 91st P. V. Vols

Charge Absence with [sic] leave

Specification:--In this. that Said John Blum Private Co "K" 91st Pa V Vols did on or about the 10th day of October 1864 receive a furlough for 10 days to visit his home in Bermingham Allegheny [sic] Co Pa on account of sickness in his family at the expiration of which the said John Blum did fail to report to his company & regiment unlit [sic] arrested as a deserter and forwarded under guard to his regiment Jany 9" 1865

All this at or near Petersburg Va on or about the 9" day of January 1865

Eli G Sellers Lt Col Witness
Geo G Coster 1 Lt Witness
Eli G Sellers
Sgd Lieut Col Commdg
[source: regimental orders book]

Hd Qrs 91st Pa V Vols
January 9" 1864 [sc. 1865]
Special Orders No 4

Musician Geo Black Co H 91st Pa V Vols being [?] discharged by reason of Expiration of Service, Private John Fall of same Co is hereby ordered to fill ['fill' appears to be lightly crossed out] the vacancy

By Command of
Eli G Sellers
Lieut Col Commdg
sgd J R Allen
Lt. & Actg Adjt

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