91st PA--Edgar Gregory

The Colored Lincoln Monument Association

['The Colored Lincoln Monument Association', Philadelphia Inquirer, 6 July 1865, page 4]

The Colored Lincoln Monument Celebration,

On the grounds of the White House, was well attended. Addresses were delivered by Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts; Senator Hahn, of Louisiana; Brigadier-General Gregory, of Philadelphia, and Wm. H. Day (colored) of New York.

Senator Wilson gave notice that he would introduce on the first day of next Congress, a bill to secure personal liberty to every freedman on this continent. Letters were read from J. C. Fremont, Gov. Andrew, of Massachusetts, Fred. Douglas, Dr. Channing, Horace Greeley, and others.

Deaths of Pennsylvania Soldiers.

The following Pennsylvania soldiers died last week in the hospitals around Washington, and were interred in the National Soldiers' Burial Ground.

Wm. M. Heller, F. [?] 91st; [...]

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