91st PA arrives in Philadelphia in July 1865

The 91st PA arrives in Philadelphia at the end of the war

[source: Public Ledger, Thursday 13 July 1865, page 1, column 2, under 'Local Affairs']

The Ninety-first regiment of veteran volunteers, under command of Lieut. Col. Eli G. Sellers, reached this city early yesterday morning from Washington, and was entertained at the refreshment saloons. It is comprised of 39 [2nd digit uncertain] officers and 640 men, some of whom have served almost during the entire war. The regiment was recruited in the first year of the war, and went out under the command of Col. E. M. Gregory, who retained the command until his appointment as Brigadier General. It subsequently enlisted for the war, and its thinned ranks filled up by recruiting and by consolidation with other small regiments. The Ninety-first was in the battles before Petersburg, and lost a number of men in that sanguinary fight.

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