91st PA--underage recruits (including writs of habeas corpus and guardians)

91st PA--writs of habeas corpus


On 12 September 1862, Lieutenant J A Gregory was appointed guardian of Thomas Brooks (B) and enlisted him.

Habeas corpus

According to Bates, 21 men were discharged on writ of habeas corpus. Add Mark Fogel (C) to that list.

name co.date reason
Jones, Mahlon (A)12 Oct 61minor
Langabartle, John (A)7 Oct 61 disability
Buckley, Cornell (F)  minor
Cox, Edward (F)  minor
Lee, Samuel (F)  minor
May, Howard (F)14 Dec 61 
Ritter, Monroe J (F)  [uncertain]
Greenig, Daniel (H)   
Miller, William (H)[unknown date; uncertain whether it's true
Muldoon, Michael (H)   
Myers, Winchester (H)  minor
West, John (H)Nov 61 minor
Smith, William (G)16 Nov 61minor
Cathcart, John (D)14 Oct 61minor
McKenna, Thomas (I)30 Nov 61 
Weaver, Peter (K)1 Dec 61 minor
Holmes, Edward (G)5 Dec 61  
Weaver, Peter (G)14 Dec 61 
Stackhouse, Thomas(G)14 Dec 61 
McNutt, George (K)23 Dec 61minor
Andrews, Benjamin (A)8 Jan 62 minor
West, John (D)14 Oct 62minor; see John West above

Also, Michael Cunningham (C) was discharged by order of the Court of Quarter Sessions on 10 October 1861 (because he was underage).

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